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Vav hachibur ("The connective vav"):Vav hachibur is the Hebrew letter vav when used as the conjunction "and." See vav.

Vav hahipuch ("The transformative vav"):Vav hahipuch is the Hebrew letter vav when used in Biblical Narrative Hebrew to transform the tense of a verb from future to past. See vav.

Vav:The 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Vayikra Leviticus:

Victory (Netzach):"Victory" is the seventh of the ten sefirot, and the fourth of the emotive attributes within Creation.

Vowel-letters:The four Hebrew letters alef, hei, vav, yud, which can serve as vowels as well as consonants. As the source of speech is the plain voice articulated through vowels, these letters are considered the essential "origins" of Hebrew, and the Names of G-d composed solely of these consonants are considered His "essential" Names.