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Daas: lit. 'knowledge' The third of the Ten Sefiros, or divine emanations; the third stage of the intellectual process (cf.Chabad), at which concepts, having proceeded from seminal intuition (cf. Chochmah) through meditative gestation (cf. Binah), now mature into their corresponding dispositions or attributes of character (middos). 1. Da'at is the third and last conscious power of intellect in Creation, counted as one of the ten sefirot when keter, the superconscious, is not counted. 2. the unifying force within the ten sefirot

Dalet: The 4th of the Hebrew alphabet.

Davven: to pray; Davvenen prayer

Days of Awe: The days around the holidays of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, so called because they are days of judgement.

Derher: (yid) Sense. As opposed to just hearing

Dernemen: (yid) Permeate. overtake

Derush: The non-literal, homiletic interpretation of Scripture, as in the Midrash or Talmudic Aggados.

Devarim: Deuteronomy

Deveikut: a state of union wherein two parties lose awareness of themselves as separate entities and experience themselves as one undifferentiated essence. Deveikut may occur both between the soul and G-d, as it is written, "and you who cling unto G-d your G-d?" (Deuteronomy 4:4) and between husband and wife, as it is written, "and cling unto his wife" (Genesis 2 24).

Devorim:  'Deuteronomy'.

Din  pl. dinim: lit. Judgment 1. a synonym and/or manifestation of gevurah. 2. Laws in Shulchan Aruch and Halacha.

Divrei HaYamim: Chronicles

Dibbuk: The restless soul of a deceased individual which takes possession of the living body of a man or a woman.
Divrei Torah: A discussion of Torah subjects.

Diyuk: Precise wording. An inference based on specific words. To examine closely

Domem (inanimate), tzomeach (vegetative),chai (living) and medaber (speaking): Four categories of species.

Drash: A method of Biblical interpretation ascribing moral or ethical meaning to verses in the Torah. A sermon

Drigt zich (ois) (דריקט): yid. elicits , calls forth, touches, manifests itself , emphasizes