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Echad ("One"):Echad means unity as it expresses itself in the totality of being.

Eichah:The Hebrew name for the book of Lamantations

Ein Sof:Without limit; term denoting G-d - the Infinite, unknowable and undefineable; See also Or Ein Sof.

Ekyeh:A Holy Name of G-d.

Eliyahu HaNavi:Hebrew for the prophet Elijah

Elokah:A Holy Name of G-d.

Elokim:A Holy Name of G-d.

Elul:The sixth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar.

Elul:Sixth month of the Jewish year

Emet ("truth"):Emet is the spiritual state associated with the sefirah of yesod.

Emunah ("faith"):1. Emunah is the spiritual state associated with the inner experience of the highest of the three "heads" of keter, the riesha dlo ityada("unknowable head"). 2. the belief that no matter what G-d does, it is all ultimately for the greatest good, even if it does not appear so to us presently. See bitachon.

Eretz Yisrael:the Land of Israel.

Erev...; lit.,:evening':The eve of shabbat or a festival.

Eruv:A legal act that causes different residences to be considered as one.

Etrog ("the citron fruit"):The Etrog is one of the four species taken up on the holiday of Sukkot. See Lulav.

Etz Chaim ("The Tree of Life"):Etz Chaim is a key symbol in the Kabbalah for the unfolding structure of reality.

Etzem v'hitpashtut:one of two fundamental dynamics in Creation, implying the extension of Divine energy and lifeforce from its source (etzem) into the domain of Creation (see he'elem v'gilui).

Etzem:An entity which is one integral essence.