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 435  Devarim

 Instructions and suggestions concerning arranging a new icommentary on Tanach
Menachem Av 439
Allusion in the name  "Menachem Av " 
Netilat Yadaim at the conclusion of Tisha b'Av
Vaetchanan 440
Notes in Shar HaYichud vHaEmunah; Knowledge of the negative(Shlilah)
Connection to the Siyum of Shas  (Ein Yaakov) and the start - Unity and Peace 
Advantage of donning tefillin /
Reason for our custom that a child does not make a blessing when starting to put on tefillin /
Advantage  of tefillin of Rebbeinu Tam/
Segulah for healing - Checking Tefillin etc.
Checking Mezuzot /
Advantage of  the work of a Sofer Sta"m/
Advantage of a donation that enables the printing of the Sefer Sichot of the Rebbe Rayatz.
447 Tu b'Av
General letter 5739 - increasing in Torah
Eikev 450
Raising the Kos shel bracha  a tefach  above the table/
G-d's blessing comes through the fulfillment of Mitzvot, in particular in the Holy Land / 
Laying of the cornerstone for Kfar Chabad Beit/ 
Laying of the cornerstone for Yeshivat Torat Emet in Jerusalem /
Directives to travel to the Holy Land/
Changing one's nussach to that of the Arizal / 
Changing the knot of tefillin to the knot that is the Chabad minhag
Leading prayer in nussach Arizal even when the congregation daven in another nussach
Carefulness when davening /
Reason for our custom that a mourner says fifteen Kadeishim every day / 
Reciting a chapter of Psalms when there is a pause returning the Torah to the Ark and the Kadish before Mussaf
Time to take off tefillin on Rosh Chodesh according to our custom / 
Caution from speaking duriing Kriat HaTorah; 
Virtue of Avodah Pnimiyut over that of Kaballat Ol and decrees
Conduct of the Shliach Tzibbur during the High Holy Days/
Nussach and punctuation(Nikud) of  "L'Chayei Haolamim" 
Davening with a Sefardic  or Ashkenazi  accent / 
Beating the breast during "Selach lanu" when the conclusion of Mincha is after after Shlkiya(sunset) / 
Nusach of "Mi Shbeirach" for a female /  
Reciting the prayer for rainfall for one who is from Eretz Yisroel and is abroad / 
Text of the Birkat HaMazon  - "shHaSimcha b'meono shAcalnu miShelo"
Punctuation of "Yisgadal vYiskadash" / 
Ups and downs in Avodat HaAdam/ 
Advice regarding Hitbonenut (meditation) during prayer etc. / 
Cancelation of  evil thoughts / 
Source of the expression "HaGoy sheYesh beChol Echad vEchad" /
If a Mitzvah that cannot be performed by others exempts Torah study / 
Advice to nulliffy the lack of peace of mind / 
Connecting (hiskashrus)  through Torah study / 
Wasy to connect (hiskashrus) / 
Learning the Rebbe Rayatz's maamorim ; 
Caution with health/
Unity among Chassidim/  
Through  conduct according to the will of the  Nasi HaDor we receive his blessing and effluence/  
Manner of establishing Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim /
Caution againt the advice of the Yetzer not to participate in "Ma'amad" / 
Reliance on the advice and instructions of the Rebbe in physical matters and certainly in spritual matters / 
About residing in Kfar Chabad /
Advantage of the connection to the Jews of Russia /
"Ma'amad" /
Directives to the Rebbe's emmissary
Re'eh 478
Trust in G-d nullifies trials (nisyonot) / 
Observing the human condition brings one to the conclusion that there is  Master for this capital and that one must trust Him etc. / 
The Middah of trust: Tzedaka- a segulah for Parnassa/
"Melach Mamon Chasser," which literally means, "Salt money by diminishing it."
Note: The Talmud teaches, "Melach Mamon Chasser," which literally means, "Salt money by diminishing it." Before refrigeration, people would preserve meat by pouring large amounts of salt on it, which would drain the meat of all its juices. Although this had the effect of diminishing from the size of the meat, this procedure was necessary to ensure its preservation. If somebody refused to salt the meat in order to maintain its full weight and volume, he would ultimately lose the entire piece, because it would spoil. The Talmud here teaches that money is "preserved" in the same fashion. If a person wishes to "salt," to protect, his money, than he must "diminish it," he must give some of it to charity. Otherwise, his wealth, like an unsalted piece of meat, will be "spoiled" and lost.
"Gadol Hamaseh Yoser Min Haoseh" The person influencing the deed is greater than the doer / 
How to support Eretz Yisroel /
Tzedaka fior military personnel / 
Tzedaka  - Impact on others /
Beautifying Mitzvot (hidur Mitzvot)  -  expanding the conduits of Parnassa/ 
Explanation of the saying of the Sages: "ein Toanin Lemasit" - even though this is before the completion of the din
Elul 489
Letter of 5736 -  carefulness in all aspects Elul /
"Uri", .Yishii","Maoz Chayai"- three particulars and connection to the establishment of Yeshiovat Achei Tmimim
Four acronyms of Elul / Advantage of the month of Elul
5727 - invitation to the residents of Kfar Chabad / 
Synagogue in Nachalat Har Chabad - and the relationship to the month of Elul / 
Advantage of the month of Elul / 
Hachnasat Sefer Torah in  Tomchei Tmimim in Montreal  on Rosh Chodesh Elul / 
Connection  of the month of Elul  to the  advantage of Kollel Chabad charity
Blessings for livelihood and  sepecial days of  of the month of Elul  /
Avodah in the month of Elul in Yeshivah after  vacation days.
Shoftim 500
Allusions in Avodat HaAdam in Parshat Shoftim
Instructions to a military rabbi in his work with soldiers /
Lessons from the duty of a military person man for Avoday HaShem / 
Activities with military personnel and special directives for them
Teitzei 506 
Debate in the wording of Rashi (Talmud Kiddushin 23a) s.v. vChashakta /
Extra effort  in livelihood -spoils it - as opposed to Torah and Mitzvot/ 
Regarding the prohibition of a Pitzua Daka / 
Law of a messenger  to accept a Get / 
Prefacing a name that was added because of  sickness in a Ketubah
Debate in the decision of the Tzemach Tzedek (Even Ezer 153)  in the law of  a Get giiven by a Shoteh /
Aspects of marriage for a  widow and divorcee/ 
Marriage of a Kohen's daughter to a Yisrael 
Marriage of two brothers to two sisters /
Gifts to a Kallah before the wedding - not  a ring /
Negations of wasting money for an engagement partiy "Vort" / 
Not to extend time between the engagement and marriage / 
Regarding one who beame a mourner in the week before the wedding of his daughter
Wedding in the month of Elul / 
Not to confuse one's son or daughter unless there is a specific proposal:
Negation of the idea to delay a marriage due to financial straits/ 
Advice and help for one having difficulties in Parnassa  and it is difficult for him to marry his child / 
Searching for a  match must be quick /
Virtue of time before the wedding / 
General directives from the aspect of marriage particularly for a kohen  and Levi/ 
Shalom Bayit
Directives for one who became widowed R"L / 
Comments in the sefer Halachot Gedolot concerning the Mitzvah of marriage, and the explanation of "Mishneh Halachot"/ 
Yechidus for groups of  brides and grooms - Tov Adar 5742
Tavo  520
The Tzedaka of Eretz Yisroel (Kollel Chabad) and the connnection to Parshat Tavo/ hint and teaching in the verse "I tell you today"
Necessity to serve G-d with joy/
Negation of sadness and depression,  meditiation on G-d's kindness/ 
Nullification of undesirable moods /
Negation of  depression/ 
Necessity to serve G-d with joy and keeping the body healthy /
Lack of response is no cause for sadness /
Meditiation on G-d's kindness/
Negation of highlighting one's shortcomings
Despair comes inadvertently.
Reciting the maamaer "Lecha Dodi" at the wedding
529 Chai Elul
Sixity years since the establishment of Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim
150th year since the histalkus of the Alter Rebbe
Bar mitzvahs of  the war orphans - 5729 / 
Proof that the Baal Shem Tov was a brilliant  Gaon in Nigleh 
The photo that is accreditied to the Baal Shem Tov / 
Melody of the four stanzas of the Alter Rebbe
Nitzavim 532
Reason Rambam did not learn  the Mitzvah of Teshuvah from the verse "v'Shavta"/ 
The order of the Future redemption according to the view of Rambam
Tishrei the 534
Month that is satieted / 
comments on several  Chabad customs for Selichot: 
Birkat kohanim (nesiat Kapaim) during Neilah 
Rosh HaShanah  536
Telegram - Erev Rosh HaShanah 5741 /
Blessings after reading the general "Pan" Erev Rosh HaShanah 5716, 5717, 5739, 5740, 5741
Instruction to Jewish women from the Torah reading and Haftorah of Rosh HaShanah - having children 
Explanation to the discourse (hemshach) 5703  that for Rosh HaShanah   that falls on Shabbat , there is no need for Tekiat Shofar (and not just that it is deferred)
Aseret Yemei Teshuvah  - time  of the illuminary approaching the spark approximation, especially when Rosh HaShanah falls on Shabbat / 
Chanukat HaBayit close to Rosh HaShanah 
Birthday  - a private Rosh HaShanah  
Aseret Yemei Teshuvah  544 
Inner explanation of the verse "And it was evening and it was morning, Yom Echad"'/ 
Blessings for a good Year, Gmar Chasimah Tovah
Vayeilach    546
Aspect of Hakhel year and in Avodat HaAdam and the connection to women / 
Shehechiyanu at the  completion of the Sefer Torah
As for Yom Kippur 548
After Mincha 5716 ;
After Mincha 5717 ; To students 5717 ;
After Mincha 5719 ; To students 5719 ;
After Mincha 5724 ;
After Mincha 5739 ;To students 5739 ;
After Mincha 5740 ;To students 5740 ;
After Mincha 5741 ;To students 5741 ;
Notes on the order of the Avodah of Yom Kippur  according Nussach of the Alter Rebbe
Birkat kohanim in Neilah 
Law of a mourner on Erev Yom Kippur  
Sukkot 564
General-letter between Yom Kippur and  Sukkot 5741: Darkness of galut does not have to interfere with the happiness of 
delight Yom Tov.
Middah of trust in the coming of Moshiach: through faith and trust - the true Hakhel  / 
Telegram for Sukkot - 5740 / 
Blessing to Anash of Kfar Chabad erev Sukkot 5739: To Torat Emet in Jerusalem and Hebron -5739: 
Blessing to Anash of Kfar Chabad erev  - 5740: 
Blessing to guests in the sukkah - 5739, 5740 /
Planting Etrogei Calabria in  Kfar Chabad
Caution regarding Orlah  in Etrogs / 
Method of selecting kosher etrogs in Italy / 
Difference between seedlings and seeds regarding grafted Etrogs /
Hashgacha on Etrogs
General letter  to Jewish children - Chol HaMo'ed  5741
Meditation on the aspect of "Hakhel" for Jewish children
"Shechechiyanu"  blessing plural tense
Connetion of Mikvah to Sukkot
Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah 578
Continuation of the joy throughout the whole year / 
Walking to others' synagogues to cheer them with Hakafot /
Telegram for Hakafot Shniot in the Holy Land 5732
Kinus Torah Chof Cheshvan  - 5732
Hakafot Shniot   - 5733, 5740, 5741
General Letters
Note: Must complete
Chai Elul  5738           589
End of the leap year and completion of Machzor katan (small cycle)
Avodah of Teshuva with completeness - in one moment completes and rectifies the past.
Erev Shabbat Kodesh , Shabbat Shuva"k, WH, 593 W. Tishrei H'tsl"s
H'ii Elul H'tsl"t 599
605 W. Tsdi H'ts"m
As"k Chai Elul H'ts"m F and 6
615 days of Selichot H'ts"m
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