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Even when one is in "Eretz Mitzrayim one has to remember that they Bnei Yisroel 6 243
Debate and correlation between the contradictions in the writings of the Arizal and Chassidut regarding the level of Moshe Rabbeinu 6 245
Prophecy of Moshe 6 246
Who is greater - Moshe or Moshiach 6 247
Explanation of what is written in Shulchan Aruch (YD 242:36) "A person is punished with Malkus (d'Rabanan) for saying to his friend, "Even if you would be Moshe Rabbeinu, I would not agree with you!" Such talk is considered a disgrace to Moshe" is not in contradiction to the statement in the Talmud that one can compare to Moshe. 6 248
Explanation of Moshe' statement "Please allow us to take a three day journey etc. Ex 5:3) 6 249
The reason that many of the Tzaddikim before Matan Torah were born from the marriage between relatives 6 250
Different Midrashot in the manner that Amram re-married Yocheved 6 251
Explanation of Zohar (2:148a) that Moshe fulfilled the Mitzvah pf Peru u-Rivu (be fruitful and multiply) even though he had two sons (like the opinion of Beit Shammai - Mishnah Yevamot 6:3) 6 252
From the conduct of the “Hebrew midwives” one can learn regarding the conduct of the students of Beis Rivka” 11 191
Debate if Messiah is greater than Moses 16 491
Explanation of the words of Sefer "Ma'arechet Elokut" that the Ein-Sof (the Infinite aspect of G-d) is not alluded to in the Torah where etc. 16 493
The difference between the names Ab, Sag Mah and the Name Ban 16 494
Virtue of Moshiach over Moshe Rabbeinu 21 351
Virtue of Jewish women in the footsteps of Moshiach (בעקבתא דמשיחא) 21 351
Why do the females precede the males in the verse 4:20: "And Moshe took his wife and sons";   21 351
Source for what is written in the general letter for Passover 5717 that Yisroel did not change their food in Egypt 31 229
Level of Moshe according kabbalah 31 231
Explanation of the expounding of the Sages on the verse (Kohelet 8:5) "Whoever keeps the commandment shall know no evil thing, and the heart of a wise man knows time and justice" that it refers to Moses and Aaron, Joshua and Moses, Esther and Mordechai 31 232
Debate regarding what year Moshe stood before Pharaoh, and if the death of Moshe, Aaron and Miriam was in the same year 36 217
Teaching from birth of Moshe that his education etc. was connected with Yocheved and Miriam, and concerning girls' education in "Beis Rivkah" 36 219

Chof Dalet Tevet

Lesson from the name "Shneur" regarding the virtue of Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim 6 259
Special power of Chof Dalet Tevet that it should be for all those who follow in his path "a unique cleaving" (״בחד קטירא אתקטרנא כוי״) 6 260
Enabling one to serve G-d in a manner of "Shnei Or" , revealed and pnimiyut of Torah and their attachment 6 261
Method of Chabad - the head ruling the heart (מוח שליט על הלב) and bringing unity to the Land - A cure for the ills of the period 6 262
The story of the "sound of a child crying" and the lesson for each and every person 6 263
Chof Dalet Tevet 11 192
Auspicious day to make good resolutions, especially for kohanim 11 193
Explanation of the wording of the Tzemach Tzedek concerning the passing of the Alter Rebbe “G-d will hasten the coming of our Redeemer” (ה׳ יחיש ביאת גואלנו) 11 194
Gathering for the benefit of Tomchei Tmimim – in light of the saying of the Alter Rebbe that Bnei Yisroel make spirituality from physicality 11 195
The aforementioned gathering - Ahavat HaShem, Torah and Yisroel 11 196
As above – the virtue of the Avodah of Chinuch, and the story of the Tomchei Tmimim regarding this. 11 197
Gathering of those who received “Hora’ah” (certification) for Schechitah on Chof Dalet Tevet 11 198
Learning from the directives of the Alter Rebbe (Baal Hillula) to Chabad girls 16 494
Chof Dalet Tevet, 5738 21 273
Par 1. Lesson from the name of a Baal hillula "Shneur Zalman", good for Heaven and good for mankind. Torah and charity 21 274
Par. 8: Farbrengen on the Yahrzeit-hillula 21 276
Par 12: Connection to the Parsha of the week - Parshat Shmot and P. Va'era 21 278
Par. 14: Explanation in the beginning of Hilchot Talmud Torah of the Baal hillula ("although a minor is exempt") 21 279
Par. 17: Explanation in the beginning of Shulchan Aruch of the Baal hillula ("Yehuda Ben Teima said etc. (יהודה בן תימא אומר כוי). 21 281
Par. 23: The aspect of boldness in holiness and the lesson for the prohibition against returning the territories in the Holy Land that would be Pikuach Nefesh 21 290
On this day the merit of the Alter Rebbe, Tevet overpowers to draw blessings though the actions of the descendants as is his hope. 21 352
 Virtue of learning reading material about the Alter Rebbe his life and views 36 220
 Method of organizing the sefarim of the Alter Rebbe by the Rebbe Rayatz 36 221
Virtue of the sefer "Mamarei Admur HaZaken 5662" even regarding the Maamarim in Likkutei Torah 36 222
Excerpt of the handwriting of the Alter Rebbe 36 223
Completing the Talmud each year on Yud-Tes or Chof-Dalet Tevet 36 223
Not to change the pattern of Tanya from the Vilna edition 5660 36 223
Answer to the question regarding the prohibition on giving explanations in Tanya (איסור אמירת ביאורים בתניא) 36 223
Debate regarding "from sefarim and from authors" in Tanya (מפי ספרים ומפי סופרים״) 36 224
Correction of typographical errors and a sefer of notes on Tanya 36 224
Rejection of a different explanation in the words of Rabbah: "I, for example, am a Benoni" (״כגון אנא בינוני״) 36 224
Explanation of "Chinuch Katan" (preface to Shaar HaYichud VeHaEmunah) and the order of studying Chabad philosophy 36 225
Studying Torah Or and Likkutei Torah on the Parsha 36 225
Debate in Iggeret HaKodesh Ep. 1 regarding: "The level of the arms and the body" (״בחינת הזרועות והגוף״) where he omits the word "head". And also where he writes "she advises that her merchandise is good" (טעמה כי טוב סחרה״) 36 225


Role of women in Yetzias Mitzrayim and in our generation 11 199
My river is mine and I made it “, alternatively “I made myself“ (יאור לי ואני עשיתי - את יאור ואני עשיתני) 11 199
Explanation of Rashi "Va’era - I appeared to the Patriarchs" and the lessons regarding Chinuch and especially education of girls 16 496
Telegram regarding the laying the cornerstone of a Mikvah 26 399


Answers concerning the criticisms in connection with "Mivtza Tefilin" (Tefilin campaign) 6 270
Correlating "Mivtza Tefilin" as a Segulah with the words of Rambam (Hil. Mezuzah 5:4) concerning the protection of a mezuzah 6 271
Necessity to engage in "Mivtza Tefilin" and its segulah 6 272
Virtue regarding the members of the military 6 273
Virtue of the Mitzvah of Tefilin - the view of our holy Torah that intellect, emotion and deed must be together - and this is openly visible in this Mitzvah 6 274
A child's putting on Tefilin before the bar Mitzvah for Chinuch 6 275
Blessing to those beginning to put on Tefilin 6 276
Bo 11 199
The aspect of “Machar Chodesh” is a hint to our Avodah at the end of Galut 11 200
Time for putting on Tefilin without a blessing before the Bar Mitzvah 11 201
Organizing a Bar Mitzvah for the Sephardic children in the Holy Land 11 202
Beginning of putting on Tefilin two months before the Bar Mitzvah 11 203
Scrupulousness in putting on Tefilin each day 11 203
Virtue of the “Tefilin campaign” (Mivtza Tefilin) and its protection, especially for those in the army 11 204
Source for the ruling of the Alter Rebbe and other sources in the law of the obligation to perform Pidyon HaBen 11 204
Resolution of the question of R' Yosef Korkus on the Kesef Mishneh (Hil. Bikkurim 12:6) regarding the time of thirty Days for Pidyon HaBen 16 498
Measurement of Atzbayim al Atzbayim (2 thumb widths) for Tefilin 16 500
Barrier (chatzitzah) of air between the Tefilah Shel Rosh and the head 16 500
Explanation of the commandment of Tefilin in the Sefer "Eleh HaMitzvot" authored by R'Moshe Chagiz (commandment 378) 16 500
Reason for the necessity of the "Tefilin Campaign" (Mivtza Tefilin) even after the conclusion of the war in the Holy Land 16 501
Necessity and the Virtue of "Mivtza Tefilin" 16 501
Virtue of the commandment of Tefilin and in particular for the military; 16 503
Debate in the form of the (Torah) letters in Ktav Chabad (style) e.g. Tet and Tzaddik 16 503
Proper manner of Tefilin Checking 16 503
Teachers in girls' schools - resemble Moses and Aaron 16 503
The name "Agudas Chassidei Chabad" and its aspects 21 357
Covering the Tefilah Shel Yad during prayer 21 358
Length of the Head Tefilin straps 21 358
Time to start putting on Tefilin before the Bar Mitzvah (when the Chol HaMo'ed is two months the Bar Mitzvah) 21 358
Checking Tefilin 21 359
Tefilin of Rabbeinu Tam 21 359
Time put on Tefilin d'Rabbeinu Tam 21 359
Advisable to (also) put on Tefilin d'Rabbeinu Tam 21 359
The Kavana (intent) of Tefilin d'Rabbeinu Tam 21 360
Rectification for one who forgot to put on Tefilin d'Rabbeinu Tam 21 360
Tefilin of Shimusha Rabba and Ra'avad 21 360
Pharaoh said “Not so; let the men go now and worship the Lord” and Moshe (of every generation) replies “With our youth and with our elders we will go etc.” 26 401
Torah and Tehillim - Before Chatzot (midnight) and after Chatzot (Talmud Berachot 3a) 26 402
Aspect of the plague of the firstborn () at midnight and its connection to the number twenty-five (So says the L-rd/כה אמר  ה׳) 26 403
The lintel corresponds to Avraham and the two doorposts to Isaac and Yaakov (Shmot Rabba end of chap 1, 17:3) and rectifying it with what is explained in many places that the right side corresponds with Avraham, Isaac with the left side and Jacob with the middle 26 404
“And you shall tell your son” – contemplating the condition of the student 26 405
Debate if according to the Zohar one must make two blessings of Tefilin 26 405
Debate in the shape of letter Tzadi in Torah writing (Sta”m) 26 407
The necessarily the laying Tefilin of Rabbeinu Tam in this time; in the writing of the Arizal 26 407
Explanation of the saying of R’ Shimon ben Elazar (Talmud Shabbat 130a) that “Yisroel did not devote themselves to Tefilin” 26 408
Aspect of Pidyon HaBen in spirituality – Drawing Yisroel (my eldest son) to their Father in Heaven 26 408
The hint at the end of tractate Pesachim concerning the blessing of the Passover sacrifice and Pidyon HaBen and Shehechiyanu 31 233
Debate in the words of the Alter Rebbe in his Shulchan Aruch (553:14) that it is sufficient to keep the Mitzvah for the sake of 'seven days you shall eat Matzot' ; if according to this opinion there is a Mitzvah to eat Matzah each of the seven days 31 233
Explanation of the words of the Sages (Bava Kama 98b) that everyone is commanded to burn the Chametz even though the obligation to burn it is on the owners (שחמץ בפסח ״הכל מצווין לבערו אף שחובת הביעור היא על הבעלים) 31 233
Method of influencing military personnel to put on Tefilin 36 226

Rosh Chodesh Shvat

Rosh Chodesh Shvat 21 353
The aspect of Rosh Chodesh Shvat where: "Moshe began to expound this Torah" especially in the Hakhel year 21 354

S”P Shmot, MVCH Shvat 5746

Aspect of the month of Shvat where Moshe explained the Torah in seventy languages; ​​and the connection to the Rebbe Rayatz where the day of his Hilulah is in this month. 26 303
The connection to Parshat Shmot, the connection to Chof Dalet Tevet. 26 305

S”P Va’eira, MVCH Shvat 5744

Explanation of the term descendants of the Alter Rebbe according to the words of the Alter Rebbe in his Shulchan Aruch that descendants (צאצאינו) also refer to grandchildren etc. 26 309

S”P Va’eira, R”C Shvat 5746

Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh – nature and innovation and “orderly offerings” and “additions” (תמידים כסדרם ו״מוספים״) and their connection: 26 312
"Va’eira” and "Shvat" ; Translation of the Torah in seventy languages: Shvat is the month of Joseph and Asher 26 318

S”P Bo, 3 Shvat 5744

Endeavoring to print the Tanya in every town and city in which Jews live 26 322
The connection to the Parsha of the week 26 325

S”P Bo, 8 Shvat 5740

Special preparation for the upcoming hillula of Yud Shvat 21 299
Preparation of boys and girls through gatherings and by explaining to them the dearness of Yisroel and the Torah and making good resolutions in deed 21 300

S”P Bo, Yom 8 Shvat 5746

Directives in conjunction with the day of the Hilulah of Yud Shvat 26 331

Eve of Yom 3, 13 Shvat 5744

General Yechidut for guests 26 335
The lesson from the of Hilulah the Nasi - Achdus (“one thing for a generation”) through gatherings and conferences in all places 26 336
The lesson from Parshat Yitro - an expression of addition and increase in Jewish matters 26 337
Splitting of the Red Sea and the war of Amalek 26 338
Eliminating the boundaries of nature and nullification of doubts and coldness 26 339
“Kingdoms skirmish with each other” (). The world trembles (and the proof from the President's remarks) 26 340
Repairing the thing by increasing in Torah and Mitzvot 26 341
Yechidut of a group of brides and grooms 26 345
Yechidut of a group of Bar Mitzvah boys and their parents 26 347
Yom 4, Parshat Beshalach, eve of 13 Shvat 5746 26 349
General Yechidut for guests 26 350
Jewish unity through gathering them all in one place in connection with Nasi HaDor 26 351
Example from the Olei Regel (pilgrimages) at the time of the Temple 26 352
The hint in the Parsha of the week (Song of the Sea) and in the daily lesson of Rambam (Pos. commandment of Gemilut Chassadim) 26 353

Yud Shvat

Yud Shvat - the day of receiving blessings from the Baal Hilulah by "standing prepared" (״עמדו הכן כולכם״) 6 284
Virtue of the essence of Yisroel 6 285
Necessity for spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut outward (הפצת המעיינות חוצה) 6 286
Story about the Baal Hilulah that he had self-sacrifice to annul a decree against a Jew 6 287
Encouragement to N'shei Chabad (Chabad women's organization) regarding the Hilulah and the connection to Shabbat Shira whose ending and completeness is the song of Miriam and the women 6 288
Tenth year of the Hilulah 6 289
Virtue and segulah of the day 6 290
Auspicious day in being the twentieth year 6 291
Lesson for Jewish women on the twentieth year 6 292
"A twenty year old may sell his father's estate" (״מבן עשרים שנה מוכר בנכסי אביו״. BB 155a) and lesson from this is connection with the twentieth year 6 293
Encouragement to engage in the field of Chinuch 6 294
Debate of Rambam (Hil, Talmud Torah 2:7) "to make the Torah great and glorious (יגדיל תורה ויאדיר) 6 295
Educating children in the institutions of the Baal Hilulah 6 296
Words of the Rebbe Rayatz concerning his father, that he did not abandon his flock, are applicable also to him 11 205
Hiskashrut even after the passing, through studying his Torah etc. 11 206
Love and Achdus draw the power to fulfill his will 11 207
Awakening after the passing to increase in Avodah etc. 11 208
Before going to the Ohel, one does not eat but may drink 11 209
Request of the Baal Hilulah that his students be candle lighters. 11 210
Continuation of Hiskashrut even after the passing 11 211
The segulah of three months after the Histalkus – “yemei havchana” (a distinguishing period) 11 212
Primary virtue of the Baal Hilulah - Nasi, who dealt with influencing (hashpa’ah) in all matters 11 213
Reason for his custom to say Tachanun on the yahrzeit day of Tzaddikim 11 214
Segulah for the day of the Histalkus 11 215
Continuation of the trust in the blessings of the Baal Hilulah 11 216
His Mesirat Nefesh for the spreading of kosher education 11 217
Ending of the saying of Kaddish after eleven months 11 218
Strengthening Hiskashrut and the directives for the first yahrzeit occurrence 11 219
Segulah for the year of the Histalkus with regard to Hiskashrut, including via participation in the study of the entire Talmud divided among participants (chalukas haShas) 11 220
General directive in advance of the first yahrzeit 11 221
Specific directives and customs for the first yahrzeit 11 222
Concerning the Maamer Basi l’Gani 5710 11 222
Debate in many of the statements of the Sages regarding the objection (kapeida) of the Gedolei Yisroel to say a story in their name, after their passing 11 222
Virtue of printing the sefarim of the Mitteler Rebbe, especially after his passing 11 222
“Stand prepared” (“Imdu Hachein”) etc. 11 223
Blessing to aid one in his Avodat HaKodesh 11 223
Concerning the conclusion of the daily Mishnayot, the conclusion of the Kaddish recital and the conclusion of the tractate in approach of the yahrzeit 11 223
Visiting the grave of one’s father in the year of Aveilut (mourning) for one’s mother 11 224
Reciting the “ma’aneh lashon” on the graves of one’s parents, and when setting the tombstone 11 225
Segulah of the day of the Hilulah for those who were connected to him 11 225
Explanation of the phrase “Then the G-d fearing men spoke to one another, and the L-rd hearkened and heard it. And a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who feared the L-rd and for those who valued His name highly” (אָז נִדְבְּרוּ יִרְאֵי יְהֹוָה אִישׁ אֶל רֵעֵהוּ וַיַּקְשֵׁב יְהֹוָה וַיִּשְׁמָע וַיִּכָּתֵב סֵפֶר זִכָּרוֹן לְפָנָיו לְיִרְאֵי יְהֹוָה וּלְחֹשְׁבֵי שְׁמוֹ) 11 225
Farbrengen on the day of the Hilulah 11 226
An auspicious day (Yom segulah) for those who follow in his path 11 226
The beginning of the fifth year after the Hilulah 11 227
Directive to Neshei Chabad in approach of the fifth yahrzeit 11 227
Increasing in spreading Chassidut (Hafatzas haMayanot) the relationship to those that oppose 11 227
Hints on the day of the Hilulah from the verse “the tenth tribe shall be holy to G-d” 11 228
Directive to Neshei Chabad in approach of the Hilulah 11 228
Even when his soul has risen to heaven, he arouses great mercy for those that are connected to him 11 229
Encouragement to study his Torah 11 229
Good resolutions in approach of his day of Hilulah and its power 11 229
Virtue of Avodah in the Oholei Yosef Yitzchak institution 11 230
Blessings for successful effect in the institutions of the Baal Hilulah 11 231
Virtue of participating in a farbrengen on the day of the Hilulah, and the proof from Niglah from the Kaddish recital 11 232
Preparation for the day of the Hilulah 11 233
The aspect of opening up the treasure stores in the Maamer Basi l’Gani 11 234
The elevation of his soul and its effect on all who are attached to him 11 235
The segulah of the day 11 236
The precise wording “Mah zaro bachaim” and the lesson for the students of the yeshiva 11 237
Explanation of the wording of the Baal Hilulah in his letter concerning his father “The mighty of Yisroel, protectors of the land” (גיבורי ישראל מגיני ארץ) 11 238
Collection for the yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim 11 238
Strengthening in Teshuvah and good deeds 11 239
Day of remembrance and segulah for continuing in his deeds 11 241
Virtue of youth 11 239
Studying 25 chapters of Mishnayot in honor of the 25th year 11 240
Telegrams 5733 5734 11 241
Self-sacrifice of the Rebbe Rayatz (Baal Hilula) for Chinuch and spreading Judaism 16 504
A Tzaddik, after his passing, is found in this world, even more than when he was alive ( ״אשתכח בהאי עלמא יתיר מבחיוהי״ ) 16 505
Conducting the marking of the memorial in schools according to the age of the students 16 506
Virtue of the Ohel (gravesite) of the Tzaddik of the generation 16 507
Proper preparation for the day of the hillula and in particular when it occurs on Shabbat Shira 16 508
Merit of the Rebbe Rayatz stands for those that occupy themselves in his matters 16 509
״הנוטל פרוטה מאיוב מתברך״ - accepting a coin from Iyov (tzaddik) 16 510
Studying Chitas (שיעורי חת״ת) the Torah of the Baal hillula 16 510
Blessings of the Baal hillula with regards to Kfar Chabad 16 510
Time of contemplating the work of the Baal hillula and the resolution to deal in this 16 513
Connection of the Baal hillula and his Avodah with the aspect of Purim 16 513
Auspicious time for learning and Chinuch 16 513
Virtue of the institution - Beis Rivkah" 16 513
Virtue of the Lubavitch School (London) 16 513
Telegrams for Yud Shvat - 5738- 5740 16 513
Encouragement to engage in the work of the Rebbe Rayatz (Baal Hillula) according to the way he taught 21 361
Impact of the Baal Hillula after his passing. After nine months etc. 21 362
Recitation of Tehillim for the healing of the Rebbe Rayatz (in 5705) 21 363
Explanation of his connection to the aspect of healing according to Pnimiyut 21 364
Virtue of the girls’ educational institution: “Beis Rivkah" of the Baal Hillula 21 365
Role of qualified Jewish women in influencing other women 21 366
Utilizing ones strengths to educate children, especially in the Holy Land   21 367
A small benefit in Chinuch incomparably adds to the student afterwards 21 368
Thanks for the greeting for the Thirtieth year 21 369
Increasing in Chinuch and supporting Judaism 21 370
The hint that the saying of the Sages "Good for Heaven and good for mankind" (טוב לשמים וטוב לבריות) is in tractate Kiddushin 40a 21 371
Blessings to the incoming class of the technical school in Kfar Chabad 21 372
Summary of the contents of the letter. And primarily to utilize it for additional explanation in aspects that are alluded to, and for spreading Chassidut 21 373
(Torah) Aliyah on the day of the hillula each year also for those who follow in his ways 21 374
Making a public Siyum 21 375
Reciting Kaddish d'Rabbanan 21 376
Resolutions connected to the Hillula 21 377
Reproof concerning not to pause the work of spreading Chassidut 21 378
Telegram to Kfar Chabad - 5714 21 379
The way to get a response from the Baal Hillula after his passing 21 379
Telegrams to Anash in the years 5741, 5742, 5743 21 379
Yechidus 5742 21 379
If mourners should comfort one another 26 409
Telegram for Yud Shevat 5744, 5745, 5746 26 410
The effect of the farbrengen on Yud Shvat must be in actual deed. The body follows the head like the metaphor for the sun shining on the six hundred myriads of stars (כמשל השמש המאיר לסייר כוכבים) (Igerret HaKodesh Par. 27) 31 235
The Avodah of the Baal hillula in a manner of "May G=d give me another son/יוםיף ה״ לי בן אחר - transforming the "other" to a "son" and in a openly miraculous manner (ובאופן דנםי נסים) and in a manner like Yitzchak where G-d's name was united with him 31 236
General letter 5747: Making each Jewish home into a minor Sanctuary (הפיכת כל בית יהודי ל״מקדש מעט״) - a house of Torah, Avodah and Gmillat Chasadim ; and related to Tu B'Shvat - the New Year for trees, in a manner of growth 31 237
General letter to all Jewish children of Israel - to make their rooms a place of Torah, Avodah and Gmillat Chasadim in in a manner of growth; Sicha in continuation of this topic 31 238
After the year on one's passing one must strengthen devotion ( ההתקשרות) in a manner that each day should be as new (בכל יום יהיו כחדשים) (like Moshe's directive concerning Torah and Mitzvot) 31 239
Listening to a Maamer of the Rebbe Rayatz affects all five parts of the soul 36 227
Story of the saying of the Rebbe Rayatz regarding the four Amot which are near the top of the mountain and the explanation of this according to Nigleh 36 227
The version "Rava" (״רבא״) in Tanya chap. 87 36 227
Endeavor in "release Time" in connection with the day of the hillula 36 227
Yud Shvat is not a suitable day for taking "walks" 36 227
Connection of "Refuah" to the Rebbe Rayatz 36 227
Sources for the explanation of the aspects in the Maamer "Chayov Adam levareich 5638/ הענינים שבדיה חייב אדם ל ברך תרל״ח) of the Rebbe Maharash 36 227
Avodah regarding the benefit of Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim, especially after Yud Shvat and Chof Dalet Tevet, where the first sefer of the Alter Rebbe is "Hilchot Talmud Torah" 36 227

Customs for the Yahrzeit

                The number of Kaddishim 36 229
                The mourner davening before the Amud and Friday Night 36 229
                Learning Mishnayot starting with the letters of the name of the deceased 36 229
                Learning Mishnayot of a letter that is repeated 36 229
                What is better - (Learning Mishnayot) according to the letters of the name or learning in sequence 36 229
                Kriat HaTorah and Aliyah for Maftir 36 229
                Order of study: 36 230
                Charity before praying 36 230
                Zimun (prepared gathering) in Shabbat third meal benching and prayer before the Amud on the Motzai Shabbat before the yahrzeit 36 230
Kaddish after Mizmor Shir l'yom HaShabbat 36 231
Prayer before the Amud on the Shabbat before the yahrzeit 36 231
When the yahrzeit occurs on Rosh Chodesh in the middle of Aveilut 36 231
Determining the time of yahrzeit by the place of the passing 36 232
Time of passing and not burial 36 232

Yud - Tu B’shvat

Renewal each year in the aspects of the Baal hillula 26 413
The necessity to make ones private home a “small Temple” () through Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Chassadim and the connection to the New Year for trees 26 414
Letter to children in the above matter 26 415

S”P Beshalach, 15 Shvat 5746

Second completion of the cycle of study of Rambam 26 357


Explanation and lesson from the Targum Yonason ben Uziel on our Parsha (14:21) that the six Matriarchs were carved on Moshe’s staff 6 305
Conclusion and completeness of the song by the women and this is the preparation to Matan Torah 6 306
Directive in the Avodah of women and in our time 6 307
The Haftarah of Shabbat Shirah - specifically the song of Devorah 6 308
Beautification of Mitzvot (התנאה לפניו במצות) according to the view of the Alter Rebbe - is a Biblical commandment 11 242
Virtue of women – the song of Miriam and the song of Devorah, the Sicha of the Rebbe Rayatz on this 11 242
The Manna descending to all Yisroel, and also according to Pnimiyut HaTorah, its relation to all Yisroel 11 243
When one fulfills “Lechem Mishneh” (through another), if one is required to also make the HaMotzi blessing 11 244
Changing the place of the study of Chassidut; repeating Chassidic discourses (Da’ch) at the time of Seudat Shlishit and not extraneous talk 11 245
Opinion of the Alter Rebbe in the Siddur like the view of the Gaonim (not like the Shulchan Aruch that follows the opinion of Rabbeinu Tam) 11 246
Explanation of what is written the Responsa of the Tzemach Tzedek (Y.D. 204) in the doubt regarding Nolad that occurred before Shkiat HaChama (dawn) 11 247
Debate in the nature of Bein HaShamashot (twilight) and the view of the Alter Rebbe in his Siddur, and whether it is possible to rule contrary to the view of Rabbeinu Tam 11 248
Whether the obligations of Shabbat are on the activity itself or the result of the action 11 249
Debate in the correct pronunciation in the Torah reading of “Zecher Amalek” and the Maamer of the Alter Rebbe on this. 11 250
Debate in the saying of the Sages: ״אין מרובע מששת ימי בראשית־ (square creations) and Explanation of Mechilta (Beg. Parshat Beshalach on the verse ״וישובו ויחנו לפני פי החירות״ "And they camped in front of the Pi HaChirot" 16 514
Virtue of the aspect of song and the manner of introducing and producing Chabad tunes in our times 16 515
Notes to the writings of the Tzemach Tzedek (Or HaTorah Nach page 360) on the verse: ״כל המחלה אשר שמתי במצרים לא אשים עליך" (Every disease that I placed on Egypt, I will not put on you) - many levels in healing 16 516
Eating and drinking in the World to Come; status of the body that will arise at the resurrection of the dead (Techiyat HaMeisim) 16 517
Souls who have been reincarnated several times - which body will they rise in at Techiyat HaMeisim 16 518
Prohibition of scheduling a medical procedure three days before Sabbath 16 519
Nature of the obligation of ״לחם משנה״ (bread on Shabbat) 16 520
Shabbat is a time of pleasure (Oneg) not happiness (Simcha) 16 521
Mitzvah of repairng Eruvin (Shabbat ritual enclosures) 16 522
Twenty six hours of Shabbat 16 523
Necessity of eating the Shabbat day meal with family members (in addition to the farbrengen in shul) 16 524
Conducting "Seudat Shlishit" for the high school students 16 525
Blessing to the organizers of Seudat Shlishit for Tomchei Tmimim Montreal 16 526
Virtue of Mesibos Shabbos (Shabbat gatherings for children) 16 527
Virtue of "Melaveh Malka" meal and its effect on the coming week 16 528
Keeping Shabbat in a place where the day (and night) is more that twenty-four hours 16 529
Debate in Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch (Hil. Shabbat 357:1) concerning pouring water in a private domain that flows into the public domain 16 529
Necessity of Girls' education at this time because it is the time to act for the L-rd, and the establishment of women's groups for the ways of Tzniyut, and the reward in the future that "Once again elderly men and women will sit in the broad places (streets) of Jerusalem" 21 379
Our custom for Seudat shlishit meal 21 381
Tzedaka before Shabbat Candle lighting and the prohibition of moving (muktza) 21 382
Shabbat Candle lighting of young girls 21 383
Shabbat Candle lighting with oil 21 383
Shabbat Candle lighting of young girls against the custom of family members (newspapers, make-up) 21 383
Segulah after an undesirable event 21 383
Speakers (רם־קול) in a synagogue on Yom Tov 21 383
Debate in the saying of the Sages that in the Future the clouds will bring Yisroel to the Holiday on each Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh   21 386
Debate in the laws of Eiruvin and the aspect of a Public Domain (רה״ר) in our time 21 386
Conduct of Anash at the farbrengens 21 386
Correcting errors in Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch 336:18 and 271:23 21 386
Sabbath observance in business (with different locations) 21 386
Punctuation of "Zecher Amalek" (״זכר עמלק״) 21 386
Debate in what is written in Sefer Baal Shem Tov on Torah that the splitting of the Red Sea Torah was as if it was natural 31 246
Explanation of Targum Yonason (14:28) that the six Matriarchs are carved on Moshe's staff 31 246
"I am the L-rd your Healer" (״אני ה׳ רופאך׳) is an acronym for "Arich (anpin)" which is the source of Healing 31 246
Healing from G-d in a manner that "I will not put on you" (לא אשים עליך) 31 246
Explanation of the contradictions in Zohar regarding the sefirot that emanate in the three Shabbat meals 31 247
Care not to make Kiddush between the sixth and the seventh hour on Erev Shabbat and the custom of those in the Holy Land (and also regarding Nital) 31 248
Resolution of the contradiction between the Torat Chaim (Parshat Lech p. 272) and Parshat Vayakhel whether Shabbat food fattens (מגשמת) 31 248
A Yarzeit fast on Shabbat 31 248
 Haftarah of the Song of Devorah and the lesson from it for the Jewish women who are the mainstay of the house 36 234
 Debate in the clarification of the time that manna was eaten after the death of Moshe 36 234
 Conduct in the Holy Land during the missile attacks in the Gulf War 36 234

Tu B’shvat

Lesson from a tree in Avodat HaAdam - the roots, trunk of the tree and its fruits 6 309
Lesson in the virtue of children’s Chinuch 6 310
Education of children - metaphor from caring of trees 6 311
As above - a small deviation in one’s youth can have a great effect in one's old age 6 312
Time to increase in the study of the Torah - conquering the world with this increase 6 313
General learning from the three aspects of a tree - growth, producing fruit, fruit that will produce fruit - regarding man who is likened to a tree (Debate in the words of Rambam concerning parables in Torah 16 530
The views - ״לשיטתו״ - of Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai if potential ( ״בכח״ ) is greater or whether actuality ( ״בפועל״ ) is greater does NOT apply to all the laws of the Torah 16 531
According to Rambam that Tu B’shvat is biblical, can be explained in two manners: Halacha l’Moshe m’Sinai or transmitted to the Sages (like the laws pertaining to work on Chol HaMo’ed and so forth) 26 422
Man is a tree of the field; the roots – Faith, the trunk – Torah and Mitzvot, the purpose – to make fruits 26 423
Through faith one attains all the rest 26 424
Aspect of planting trees on Tu B'Shvat is not related to the customs and laws of the day 31 252
Auspicious day for the growth of Torah study and their fruits 36 235
Man is a tree of the field and must grow and thrive on matters of Judaism 36 235
Commencement of Beis Rivkah on Tu B'Shvat 36 236
Auspicious day for healing 36 236


Mitzvot between man and his fellow are dependent on Mitzvot between man and G-d 6 314
"For they are My servants" - "there is no free individual, except for one who occupies himself with the study of Torah" 6 315
The foundation for personal conduct in justice and honesty is - Emunah in G-d 6 316
Answers to questions on faith 6 317
The proof that Torah is from Heaven 6 318
Difference between Jewish traditions (מסורת ישראל) and other "traditions" (״מסורות״ אחרות) 6 319
The difference between Yisroel and the Nations 6 320
The "age of the world" (״גיל העולם״) according to science 6 321
Siyum of tractate Kiddushin: The distinction between the Mishnah and the Beraita in accordance with the division of generations, and the connection to the beginning of the tractate 6 322
“And Yisroel camped” as one person through bitul “at the foot of the mountain” and the special connection to women 11 251
Notifying the recipient of the mission. Targum Yonason’s (19:8) answer of the Mechilta’s question - “did Moshe need to take the words of the people back to the L-rd?” is answered 251 11 252
Virtue of women “so should you say to the house of Yaakov” and the connection to the Beis Rivka school 11 253
As above with regard to the yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim 11 254
Great importance of educating girls 11 255
Everyone is given the power to complete his Avodah and G-d says to him “I am the L-rd your G-d” in the first person 11 256
Example from the Kaballat Ol and dedication of military personnel for Avodat HaShem, and the special connection to the youth of our generation 11 257
Extra endeavoring to impart Torah (“Tofeach al menas lehatfiach”) and the lesson of “G-d descended on mount Sinai” 11 258
Additional proofs for the tradition (Masoret) of the Avot 11 259
Explanation of the image on the “title page” (sha’ar) of “talks and tales” (Sichot l’no’ar), the condition and form of the Luchot, the roundness of the earth, the three pillars 11 260
Explanation of the “parables” in Torat HaChassidut: the “Sach HaKol” (sum-total), “Ein od milvado” (There in none but Him) 11 261
Prohibition of joining organizations that have conservative or reform member 11 261
As above, organization for Torah classes for youth etc. 11 262
The role of rabbis, the negation of compromise 11 263
Complete negation of compromise 11 264
Question of listing the children of intermarriages and “Mihu Yehudi” 11 268
The term “chiloni” (secular) is not correct 11 270
Proofs for the existence of G-d 11 274
Continuation – the main thing is a personal accounting (cheshbon haNefesh) concerning one’s status with Yisroel etc. 11 275
Simple faith or examination (chakira) 11 276
Debate in the words of the Yerushalmi (Berachot 1:5) that “Hashem Echad” corresponds to “You shall not have” 280 11 277
Explanation of the words of the Rid (Shabbat 157b) regarding measuring on Shabbat: “I was merely occupying myself but had no intention of actually measuring” (מתעסק אני לשחוק) 280 11 278
Increase in blessings through lighting Shabbat candles 11 279
Blessing to one who has accepted upon themselves to light Shabbat and Yom tov candles 11 280
As above to a girl before Bat Mitzvah 11 281
Debate regarding candle lighting of small girls beginning at the age of Chinuch; the conduct of Rivka Imeinu 11 282
Debate in the words of the Shulchan Aruch (end of 63:7) “Jewish daughters are accustomed to bless etc. “ 11 283
The Shehechiyanu blessing for candle lighting at the first time; only one candle for girls; honor and pleasure (kavod v’Oneg) of Shabbat with candle lighting 11 284
Scrupulousness not to make Kiddush during the sixth hour (between six and seven) 11 285
Siyum of tractate Kiddushin: The difference between the wording of the saying of R' Nehorai: ״מניח אני כל אומנות כוי״ (I abandon every trade) in the Mishnah and the Beraita; Three ways to study Torah: 1) To making a living - is prohibited 2) for its own sake as well as for a living - is allowed 3) for its own sake and that work will be done by others - special individuals; Explanation of the aspects in Pnimiyut 16 534
Knowledge of the existence of G-d in a positive or negative manner 16 535
Difference between the acceptance of Torah - and to distinguish - other religions: 16 536
Reason that it is impossible to change the regulations of the Sages (תקנות חז״ל) 16 537
The holiness of the letters of the Torah 16 538
All Yisroel are believers 16 539
Virtue of citing sources in a book: 16 540
The part related with the emotion comes about through the author living in accordance with the spirit of the Torah 16 541
The lack of integrity in many "keepers of the faith" (שומרי מסורה״) must bring an awakening of hidden strengths 16 542
The deed is primary (in our time one must specifically go from physical Judaism to spiritual Judaism (בזמננו צ״ל הליכה מיהדות הגוף ליהדות הנפש דוקא) 16 543
Virtue of creating a compendium of Chabad Chassidic subjects (ערכי חסידות חב״ד) according to the alphabet and this will certainly influence the author to act accordingly 16 544
Necessity of protesting against the adverse events in Eretz Yisroel which arise from general victories 16 545
Virtue of citing sources: 16 546
Vigilance not to place in books about Gedolei Yisroel people who oppose each other 16 547
Vigilance against printing scribal Torah letters 16 548
Test to know if something comes from the "Yetzer" is if one has remorse afterwards 16 549
All those who deviated from the accepted (Jewish) way in the history of Yisroel ultimately did not have any remnant 16 550
Negation of making compromises: 16 551
If the relationship between the Nations and their seventy supernal angels is like the partnership of a father and son 16 552
Priority of the Jewish people - spirituality; those who think that path to this is primary and a replacement cause disastrous results 16 553
Youth will shame their elders ( נערים פני זקנים ילבינו) - can be utilized for good 16 554
Nullifying doubts in faith 16 555
Story of the Tzemach Tzedek concernng doubts in faith 16 556
How to behave with those who wish to destroy Jewish affairs 16 557
The connection to missionaries 16 558
The world is not lawless and therefore there must be faith etc. and the proof is from science 16 559
Even though one must avoid controversy - one must be careful not to quote or mention one who can cause "drinking bad waters (״שתיית מים הרעים״) 16 560
Gratitude to an enticer to idolatry (מסית) for his teaching is not applicable 16 561
How to respond to war against Judaism in the Holy Land 16 562
A Mitzvah that is unable to be accomplished by others supersedes Talmud Torah 16 563
The concept "Jewish consciousness" תודעה ישראלית״" and the danger involved 16 564
Encouragement to a Baal Teshuvah 16 565
The role of rabbis in our time 16 566
The connection to tests and difficulties 16 567
"Why does the way of evildoers succeed" (״מדוע דרך רשעים צלחה״) 16 568
Nullification of cloaking and concealment through sacrifice and dedication etc. 16 569
Dissemination of Judaism in Spain 16 570
Holy community (״קהילה קדישא״) - is associated with the sanctity of the Torah 16 571
The vessel and conduit for blessings - is Torah and Mitzvot, especially with one who came from the Holy Land 16 572
The characteristic of trust/ bitachon 16 573
Siyum of a Sefer Torah of a Yeshiva 16 574
Methods of learning the Oral Torah 16 575
Negation of using the term "Must" (הכרח) regarding G-d 16 576
The cantillations of Tanach 16 577
Aspect of the punctuations ( הנקודות) according to Kabballah 16 578
Free choice for the Nations 16 579
Writing the secular date 16 580
Regarding marriage and Talmud Torah there is no obligation to obey one's father 16 580
The nusach "For we were chosen" (״כי בנו בחרת״ ) in Kiddush 16 580
Kiddush over wine at the seventh hour 16 580
Tzedaka before lighting the Shabbat candles 16 580
Time to light the Shabbat candles 16 580
Girls lighting Shabbat candles before their wedding 16 580
Nusach of the blessing - ״של שבת קודש״ 16 580
Prayer before lighting the Shabbat candles 16 580
When depicting the Shabbat candles - add a small candle signifying the daughter's 16 580
"Our children are our guarantors" (בנינו עורבים אותנו״) 21 386
Directives in the manner of influence on children and youth in our generation 21 388
Despite the greatness of learning - its purpose is to facilitate action 21 389
Instructions to those who are in Military training (בצבא באמונים) 21 390
Jewish identity in is not given to choice but rather deed 21 391
One who chooses to live contrary to his essence causes severing from the source of his life 21 392
Directives for the youth branch of Agudas Israel 21 393
Source for Reincarnation (גלגולים) 21 394
Spreading Pnimiyut HaTorah outwards 21 395
Saving Jews in our time from the tide of ignorance ( מים העם הארצות) 21 396
Telegram for the main convention of Agudas Israel 5714; to the leaders - negating compromise 21 397
Utilizing the power of influence that one has undesirably and to transform it into positive 21 398
Not to be ashamed from scoffers 21 399
The way to return someone to Teshuvah is by supporting doubts in his errant ways (And the sign from a dream) without debate 21 400
Study is not primary but rather deed (לא המדרש עיקר אלא המעשה) 21 401
One who enters the garden of Chasidut should improve his condition with physical Mitzvot 21 402
Regarding the Holocaust "Sho'ah" as an example of an "operation" (ניתוח״") 21 403
Mixing religion and politics 21 404
Source for the Seven Rabbinic commandments 21 405
The order of the Alef-Beis and the Nekudot in the Siddur of Merkos L'inyanei Chinuch   21 406
The damage of publicizing the words of the Radak regarding the Kri and Ktiv that are in Tanach 21 407
Adoption of Children 21 408
On the Law of "Who is a Jew" (Mihu Yehudi) in the Holy Land 21 409
Prohibition of joining coalitions in the Israeli government and the necessity of participation in elections 21 410
Virtue and necessity of a Religious Front (חזית דתית) in the elections in the Holy Land 21 411
Lengthy explanation in Tanya Shaar HaYichud V'HaEmuna end of Chap. 4 end chap. 5. Many key questions regarding Yichud/unification that are answered by the explanation that Chayot are called Keilim 21 412
Lengthy explanation in Shaar HaYichud V'HaEmuna end of Chap. 10 regarding the distinction between an actual Sun and the light that is in it (גוף השמש וה״מאור״ שבו) 21 413
“Kafah aleihem har k'gigit” (G-d set the mountain upon them like a tub covering them forcing them to accept the Torah) (Shabbat 88a) and even so they answered “We will do and we will hear) which implies willingly 26 425
Sources for the number six hundred and thirteen Mitzvot 26 426
The Mitzvah of “Anochi/I am the L-rd) - to know or to believe 26 427
Whether “Anochi” is counted in the number of commandments 26 427
“Who brought you out of the land of Egypt”, and not “who created Heaven and Earth” 26 427
The Ten Commandments combined the upper and lower 26 428
Whether “Shamor v’Zochor” (“Keep and Remember”) is one command or two commands 26 428
Reason for the custom to mention the days of the month and not the days of the week notwithstanding the words of Ramban (Yitro 20:8) that Yisroel counts according to the week/Shabbat 26 428
Correction of errors in what was written in the notes of the Farbrengen - that Matan Torah was an aspect of "Addition/הוםפה" - which is inherently wrong 31 253
Whether Mitzvot are from the side of Kabbalat Ol or they have a rationale 31 253
How does one know that the fulfillment of Mitzvot must be kept even when associated with difficulties, toil and tests 31 253
Theorems (כללי) of the cantillation notes of Torah and their origin and strength 31 253
Resolving the saying of the Sages that "The wine is the owner's, the credit for it is given to the butler ("Chamra l'mara tivusa l'shakia" - Bava Kama 92b) with the prohibition of idol worshiping (Sun etc.) where influence emanates from them 31 254
Using secular dates 31 255
 How to print the name of G-d in English (leaving out one letter) 36 238
Hint at the end of the Tractate Shabbat (regarding the measurement of a Mikvah) on general Avodat HaShem 36 239
Comments on the sefer "Laws and Customs of Shabbat in Yiddish" 36 239

Sunday P' Mishpatim, 20th Shvat 5741 (to Tzivos HaShem)

Par. 2: Essence of war of "Tzivos HaShem" and the Avodah of each soldier 21 302
Par. 7: Lessons from this from the Parsha of the week "In every place which I will mention My name" 21 303
Par. 8: Lessons from Parshat Mishpatim 21 304

S"P Mishpatim MVCH and Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar I 5746

Virtue of Jewish women and girls which is reflected in the three Parshiot Yitro, Mishpatim and Terumah. 26 373

S"P Mishpatim MVCH Adar I 5744

Virtue of the study Tanya on the radio. Letter in conjunction with the Sicha 26 363


Debate in the words of the Rishonim that "the master is responsible for his wife's keep" is Biblical (even though a husband is responsible for his wife's m'dRabannan) and the reasoning of the Maharsha"l in the sefer Chochmas Shlomo 6 323
Necessity to seek healing through a doctor 6 324
Letter to the conference of Orthodox medical doctors - many things to strengthen Judaism through medical science 6 325
Debate in the words of the sefer Yam Shel Shlomo (Bava Kama 91b) that a person may not injure or shame himself for monetary gain and the ruling of the Alter Rebbe on this. 6 326
Explanation of the words of the Talmud (Sanhedrin 2a) that we learn the death of an ox from the death of the owners 6 327
Letter to the annual Melaveh Malka of the organization "Gemach - Shomrei Shabbos" 6 328
Virtue of a Gemach 6 329
Ways and virtues of a Gemach 6 330
Gemach in spirituality 6 331
The connection to "Shomrei Shabbos" 6 332
Increasing the number of loans 6 333
Directive for the sixth year of Shmittah 6 334
Gemach - an attribute of G-d 6 335
Lesson from the Maamer (המשך) Basi LeGani concerning emptying the treasuries 6 336
Tzedaka uplifts 6 337
"On the first of Adar public announcement is made concerning the payment of the shekels and concerning the Kelaim (mixed species) 6 338
The Sanhedrin next to the Mikdash - even affairs between "man and his fellow" must be founded upon holiness 6 339
Story of the Tzemach Tzedek who merited to see the Alter Rebbe after giving a Gemach 6 340
Relationship of Gemach to "Hakhel" 6 341
Gemach below effects Gemach from Above (according to the Maamer s.v. “VaYikchu Li Terumah” 5628 6 342
Explanation of the virtue of Gemach over Tzedaka 6 343
Strengthening in the twentieth year of the Hilulah of the Rebbe Rayatz 6 344
Giving a Gemach warmly 6 345
"The poor of your city takes precedence" – Gemach’s to support the neighborhoods where Jewish people live 6 346
Descent of the soul into the body- a loan and deposit 6 347
Resolution of the contradiction if the loaner or borrower is greater (אי חלק המלוה גדול או חלק הפקדון) 6 348
Prohibition of moving away from Jewish neighborhoods 6 349
In addition to the prohibition - danger for those that move to the new place 6 350
Aspect of servants of G-d and not servants to servants, Mordechai did not bow, yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim 11 292
Mitzvah of Oneh (marital relations) on the night of Nital 11 293
Fulfilling doctor’s orders and strengthening spiritual health 11 294
Bitachon/Trust and increase in Torah and Mitzvot is a segulah for health 11 295
Removing teeth 11 296
Bitachon improves health   11 297
Accepting Torah and Mitzvot is a segulah for health 11 297
Virtue of charity to Collel Chabad 11 297
Directive and study from eye surgery 11 297
Permission from a doctor not to wash (a wound) on Shabbat 11 297
Healing together with bitachon 11 297
Lesson from a Pharmacy to Avodat HaShem 11 298
Virtue of a Gemach 11 299
Letters for Gemach – 11 300
5733. The connection of a Gemach to the year of Shmittah that began on Shabbat – 11 301
5734; connection to Hakhel and the love of Yisroel - 11 302
5735; kindness – the sustaining of the world 11 303
One who objected to receiving sefarim. Debate in the law of the prohibition of pressuring a loaner to pay (אסור לגגוש את הלוה לפרוע) 304 11 304
The Torah of the Baal Shem Tov on the verse “when you see a donkey under” 11 305
Lesson of a locomotive for Avodat HaShem 11 306
Second day of Yom tov for a resident of Israel who travels to the diaspora 11 307
Source for what is written in the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch (128:10) that the Avodah of the firstborn was specifically with the firstborn of the father 11 308
"And He shall surely heal"( "ורפא ירפא") - together with trust 16 581
Physical health associated with spiritual health 16 582
Adding in Torah study - a segulah for healing 16 583
Doctors are only messengers and one must keep Family Purity (Taharat HaMishpacha) 16 584
"Permission was given to a doctor to heal" ( ״רשות לרופא לרפאות־) - but not to burden the heart 16 585
If one goes to the hospital one should take advantage of it to spread Judaism etc. 16 586
Spiritual health affects physical health 16 587
An infirm person does not need to employ his intellect in medical matters but rather to just fulfill the doctor’s orders 16 588
Blessing for health: Chitas study 16 589
Negating the aspect of fasting 16 590
Negating depression and dejection 16 591
Explicitly following the doctor's orders 16 592
Participation in the work of Tzeirei Agudas Chabad (Tzach) adds to physical health 16 593
Establishing Chinuch institutions - a segulah for health 16 594
Keeping a promise that one made when infirm 16 595
Blessing for health; Chitas study 16 596
Reciting five psalms in order for the betterment of ones mother's health 16 597
Segulah for health of one's feet - knowing Shaar HaYichud V'HaEmunah by heart and giving Tzedaka 16 598
Delaying an operation dependent on a doctor 16 599
Carefulness to perform treatments in a manner that is permitted according to Shulchan Aruch 16 600
Examining a woman who has not become pregnant 16 601
X-rays ( קרני ״רענטגען״") 16 601
Radium treatments for children 16 601
Learning the aspects of Gemach from a leap year that is complete 16 601
Gemach and the month of Adar 16 601
Gemach in a leap year which is the completion of a minor cycle (מחזור קטן) that that started on a Tuesday where "good" was doubled (Debate in the source of the saying in Iggeret HaKodesh (end of chap. 9) that "Yisroel will only be redeemed through Tzedaka ( ״אין ישראל נגאלין אלא בצדקה״) ) 16 601
Virtue of a Gemach 16 601
Founding the Keren Gemach in Nachalat Har Chabad for immigrants from Russia 16 601
Telegram to the Shluchim in the Holy Land - 5746 16 601
Virtue of learning Tanya in Yiddish on the radio 21 446
Reason that it does not state at the beginning of the Parsha: “And G-d spoke etc." 21 446
Source that the world will exist for six thousand years (״שתא אלפי שני הוי עלמא״ ) 21 446
Mitzvah of Onah (relations) after chatzot in our time 21 446
Necessity of keeping Mitzvah of Onah 21 446
Negation of celibacy in marriage (הפרישות) 21 446
Permission for a doctor to heal 21 446
Negation of cutting the gums (חתיכת בשר החניכיים) 21 446
Open heart surgery 21 446
Healing for one who does not know how to form words (speech) 21 446
Alternative medicine 21 446
Vegetarian (Naturopathic) medicine 21 458
Health of the heart is associated with spirituality 21 459
Advice and Segulot for blood flow illness 21 460
Advisable to consult with medical expert 21 461
Advice to a teacher, that doctors advise him to minimize his speech 21 462
Educational work - segulah for health 21 463
Good thoughts will bring good 21 464
Delaying a medical procedure 21 465
Bitachon 21 466
Removing despairing thoughts 21 467
Segulah for nerves 21 468
Bitachon and many Segulot for health 21 469
Letters for Gemach Shomrei Shabbat; 5741 - Hakhel and the connection to Gemach: 5742 - connection to Parshat Tisa and the month of Adar; 5743 - as above 21 470
Letter to the directors of the Gemach in Montreal - Necessity and precaution for health 21 471
Dietary workers in the Hospital ("Beit Refuah" and Not "Beit Cholim") ( בית רפואה ולא.,בית חולים״) 21 472
Caution to maintain physical health, especially in our generation 21 473
Notes on the sefer Tosfot Chachmei Anglia   תוספות חכמי אנגלי׳ ל מס׳ סנהדרין 21 474
Order of Avodah - step by step, gradually 21 475
Advice for lack of order/seder 21 476
Virtue of Chassidic stories 21 477
Inner reason for the beginning of Parshat Mishpatim Mitzvot of a Hebrew slave 26 430
Debate in the manner of writing a part of the name of a city that ascribes “holiness” to a non-Jewish priest (Note: For example “S.” in lieu of “San” or “Saint”). 26 433
Virtue of a Gemach and its connection to the month of Adar. A Leap year and complete year’ 26 436
Explanation of Rashi Mishnah Bava Kama beg. Chap. 8 (concerning the law of a person who wounds his fellow) that we estimate how much he would be worth if he sold himself as a Hebrew slave 31 262
Explanation of the words of the Perisha (Tur Choshen Mishpat 389:3) that for a lion that tore and devoured the change is that he tore 31 271
Self-affliction is not the way of Chassidut, but rather just from the animalistic soul (and not the body) 31 272
Just as increased fasting harms in our time (Igerret HaKodesh Chap. 3) so too are the aspects of Mussar that humiliate, rather one must contemplate the virtue of the soul 31 273
Encouragement regarding basing civil laws in Israel in matters of Choshen Mishpat on the laws of Torah 36 241
The necessity to conduct a Din Torah in the presence of the Rabbi of the community (Mara D'Atra) 36 245
How is warning (התראה) applicable to the punishment of Gehinom 36 243
Letters for the upcoming Melaveh Malka of the Chevrat Gemilat Chasadim Shomrei Shabbat 5740-5752 36 245
Advice how best to utilize money: a Gemilat Chesed Foundation 36 247
Concerning a Heter Iska (״היתר עיסקא״) 36 249
If it is fitting to get a loan and invest in real estate 36 252


Aspect of a leap-year - completion and also for the future 6 359
Explanation of in Adar “a proclamation regarding the shekel” (משמיעין על השקלים); the preparation for Geulah through Achdut Yisroel and the nullification of Klipot 11 309
The month of days of desire (ratzon); a month that transforms (nahpoch) 11 310
A month for revealed success, like the innovation of Purim over Chanukah 11 311
Letter day 2 of Rosh Chodesh Adar 5733; lesson from the leap year, specifically in the month of Shmittah which began on Shabbat 11 312
Explanation of the statement of the Sages (Beitza 15) that “Adar in which it states ‘Adir bamarom HaShem”, why “bamarom” and not “baEretz”, and c.f. also in the section Adar-Nisan 11 313
Lesson from a leap year in conjunction with the method of Chinuch in a Yeshiva 16 603
Time of a Bar Mitzvah for who was born in a leap year is omitted in the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch 16 604
Lesson from a leap year in conjunction with the method of Chinuch in a Yeshiva 16 605
Joy and faith in Divine Providence 16 606
Lessons from the leap year for the aspect of fulfilling and rectifying past deficiencies 21 480
The highlight of the month of Adar - Purim   21 481
Its mazal is strong (בריא מזלי) yet nevertheless Moshe died in that month; 31 275
Sources in the matter whether the passing of a Tzaddik is a harsh day or a Hilulah 31 275
Proximity of Purim and Pesach, like the precise words of Rashi (Taanit 29a s.v. 'MiShenichnas) "Purim and Pesach" 31 275
If one increases in happiness (מרבים בשמחה) in Adar I 31 276
Two Yud's in the word "Yehudiim" (יהודיים״") in the Megillah 31 276
"The Jews had rule over them" (אשר ישלטו היהודים גוי־) in Avodat HaAdam 31 277
"And many from among the peoples of the land became Jews" (ורבים מעמי הארץ מתייהדים״) in Avodat HaAdam 31 278
Increasing joy - the joy of building the Temple and Geulah 36 257
The Mazal of Dagim/fish that do not separate from the source of their vitality 36 257
Nullification of sadness in general and in particular in Adar 36 257
Increasing joy (מרבין בשמחה) - both for Jewish women and girls 36 257

Zayin Adar

Mediation between what is written in the Zohar (2:156a) that Moshe did on Shabbat with what is known that Moshe wrote he thirteen Sifrei Torah on the day of his passing 6 362
How they conducted mourning on Moshe's passing on Shabbat 6 363
Birth of Moshe atones on his death - the connection to Tomchei Tmimim 6 364

Ninth of Adar

The saying "America is not different (״אמריקה אינה שונה״) in conjunction with Jewish women and girls 6 365
Ninth of Adar 11 313
“America is not different!” 11 313

Monday 6 Adar I 5738 to Shluchim to Australia

Teaching and empowerment from Zayin Adar ; increasing the aspect of the study of Torah   21 318

Sunday, 12 Adar 5738 to the students of the first grades of the Yeshiva

Par. 1: Virtue of gathering many Yisroel in conjunction with Torah and Mitzvot adding blessing and peace, especially in proximity to Purim 21 322
Par. 4: Lesson from Purim - nullifying all the decrees and evil thoughts of "Haman" and his counterparts in our generation   21 324


Drawing Geulah to Geulah (mismach Geulah l’Geulah)- Adar to Nissan, and the connection to women. Also c.f. Adar 11 358

Parah - HaChodesh

Maamer s.v. "HaChodesh" that the Tzemach Tzedek delivered before his passing 6 410
Parah - HaChodesh 31 284
 The allusion why there is no break between Parah and HaChodesh - Teshuvah and Redemption 31 284

S"P Terumah 2nd day Rosh Chodesh Adar I 5744

Virtue of printing Tanya in every place: Virtue of the study Tanya on the radio. 26 382

Sunday P' Terumah, 28th Shvat 5738 (to Shluchim to Australia

Aspect of the founding of the "Kolel" in Australia and the connection to Parshat Terumah 21 316


Explanation and lesson from the beginning of tractate Berachot and the connection to Parshat Terumah 6 366
Lesson from the command "make a Sanctuary for Me, and I will dwell in their midst" to the convention of Nshei uBnot Chabad 6 367
Yeshiva - like the Mikdash and Mishkan 6 368
Virtue of women in the contribution to the Mishkan 11 315
Virtue of women who are tasked with building the individual Mikdash; Tzniut 11 316
Reciting Tehillim and Torah classes in the Beit haKnesset 11 317
Detailed Explanation on the description of the word “Shechinah” in the saying of the Sages 11 318
If it is possible to reconcile the contradiction between the unity of G-d and the existence of the worlds which is like “the place of the Ark did not take up space” (eino min hamiddah); three aspects in the “place of the Ark etc.” 11 319
Virtue of Jewish women and girls in the construction of the Mishkan Israel and the lesson regarding Jewish school for girls 16 607
"A living being carries itself" (״החי נושא את עצמו") - the allusion in it 16 608
Laying of the cornerstone for Shikun Chabad in Jerusalem (debate in the aspect of "Laying of the cornerstone") 16 609
Virtue of a Beit Knesset where everyone is a united group ( ״אגודה אחת״ ) 16 610
Beit Knesset "Nusach Ari", "Tzemach Tzedek and "Lubavitch" 16 611
Virtue of peace between worshipers in a Beit Knesset 16 612
Manner of conduct for a Gabai in a Chabad Beit Knesset 16 613
Negation of a "World Council of synagogues" 16 614
Mechitzah in a Beit Knesset 16 615
Necessity of the Bimah being in the center of the Beit Knesset and the debate in this 16 616
Bringing a seeing-eye dog into a Beit Knesset 16 617
The power and merit of a Gabai 16 618
After an undesirable event in the Building of a yeshiva - After a fire one becomes wealthy" (״אחרי שריפה מתעשרים״) 16 618
Note on the sefer "Beit Hamikdash" (sefar) 21 482
Directive from Parshat Terumah regarding the aspects of "Beis Rivkah" and Jewish women 21 482
Time for saying Parshat Terumah and Tetzaveh (before the Sin of the Calf or after)   21 482
Explanation of the language of the Torah Or (1, s.v. 'aval') that in Galut the "Ha'ara" (of G-dliness) removes itself to "its root and source” (שנסתלקה בחי׳ ההארה כו׳ ״לשרשו ומקורו באצילות) 31 273
The Beit HaMikdash is the foundation of the world 36 258
Virtue of Torah classes in the synagogue 36 258
Eighteen years as the rabbi of a synagogue 36 258
Authority of the committee of the "Tzemach Tzedek" synagogue in Jerusalem's Old City 36 259
The position of the Ark/Aron Kodesh in the synagogue (that protrudes from the wall) 36 260
A paroches (curtain) inside the Aron Kodesh 36 260
The Mechitza between men and women in the synagogue 36 260
Height of the Mechitza 36 260
Necessity for Mechitza especially in our time 36 262
Members who want to convert a synagogue to "Conservative" 36 262
Synagogue that has a microphone on Shabbat and Yom Tov 36 264
Increasing synagogues in our time 36 264


Aspect of Ephod according to kabbalah and the reason that the beginning of the Churban was specifically with it 6 369
Lack of the Urim v'Tumim 6 369
Coloring letters of the Alef-Beit to aid children. In medieval times (יְמֵי הַבֵּינַיִם)  many sefarim, also Reishit Chochmah (?) were illustrated. 11 320
Tetzaveh 618 16 618
Explanation of the saying of the Rebbe Rashab "The Rebbe makes the Kohen Gadol" ( ״דעם כהן גדול מ!*בט דער רבי־) 16 618
In lighting the Menorah - after the initial deed the light burns by itself   21 483
Explanation of the verse 'And you shall command etc.” according to Chassidut 26 436
View of Rambam on wearing the Priestly garments when not during the Avodah 31 274
Language of the Mitteler Rebbe (Ateres Rosh 33a) that the pants of the Kohen Gadol reached the heel (שמכנםי כה־ג היו עד העקב) 31 274
Debate concerning what is written in the Torah Or s.v. "on the twenty-fifth of Kislev (ד"ה בכ"ה בכסלו) regarding the lighting of the candles in the Temple 36 265
The Altar of every person is the heart 36 265
Par. 1: Beginning the second yovel (century) from the reciting of the Maamer "Vkibeil HaYehudim" 5687 by the Rebbe Rayatz. Explanation of the nature of "second Yovel" ( יובל שניי"). Point of the Maamer: Educating Jewish children in a manner of establishing strength ״יסדת עוז״ from strength 21 328
Par. 8: Connection to the daily Torah portion - "so that we are distinguished, I and Your people" (וְנִפְלִינוּ, אֲנִי וְעַמְּךָ) 21 328
Par. 12: "Thirty days" before Purim 21 329
Par. 13: Shluchim traveling to the holy Land with their families   21 330
Purim Katan 36 265
"This small one will be big" (״זה הקטן גדול יהי״) 36 265

Purim Katan 5741 to "Tzivos HaShem"

Par. 2: Connection of Purim Katan to boys and girls and the small luminary (״המאור הקטן״) 21 342
Par. 8: Lesson in the Avodah of Tzivos HaShem from the Maamer s.v. "Vkibeil HaYehudim" 5687 - "You founded strength" (יסדת עוז) 21 345
Par. 15: Daily Tehillim portion - the kingdom of David and King Moshiach 21 348


Sacrifice for children's Chinuch 6 370
Everyone has the obligation to endeavor in Chinuch from a Kal v'Chomer from Mordechai 6 371
Purim - Simcha until one cannot discern (עד דלא ידע) 6 372
Light and happiness (אורה ושמחה גו') 6 373
Debate in the name "Taanit Esther" 6 374
Explanation of the Mishnah: "Megillah is read on the Eleventh" (מגילה נ קראת בי־א וכוי״”) in Avodat HaAdam 6 375
The birth of Moshe that caused that the miracle of Purim was in Adar I 6 376
Even the eleventh of Adar is the time of Purim 6 377
Esther did not rely on the reason that "relief and deliverance will arise to the Jews from another place" (ריוח והצלה יעמוד) and from this is a lesson in the work of Chinuch 6 378
Purim - lots, a lot (goral) that is above reason and logic through transforming evil to good 6 379
Connection between a leap year and Purim and the lesson in the area of Chinuch 6 380
Lesson from Purim for all the years and from that which the Megillah is called after Esther's name - for women and their daughters a lesson in the eternity and importance of Chinuch 6 381
Lesson from the Maamer s.v. "V'kibeil haYehudim 5687" (וקבל היהודים תרפ״ז) 6 382
Connection of Purim to "Hakhel" 6 383
"One who reads the Megillah retroactively has not fulfilled his obligation" (הקורא את המגילה למפרע - לא יצא) - lesson for kosher Chinuch 6 384
"Taanit Esther" in its time was even for children (Esther 9:4) 6 385
Strengthening Judaism 6 386
Chinuch - the connecting point between Adar and Nisan 6 387
Connection of Purim and Pesach for women and girls 6 388
Encouragement in the Purim campaigns on Shabbat Parshat Shekalim 11 322
In the Mitzvot of Purim, unity is emphasized, specifically in the Hakhel year 11 323
Sicha of Purim 5718; “light (0rah) the source of the Torah, Pnimiyut HaTorah, Tomchei Tmimim, those who go out for the wars of Beit David, would write a Get etc.”; saying of the Mitteler Rebbe “an onion”; aspect of light (orah) in the female tense 11 324
Fulfilling the Mitzvah of Purim, without concentration (hesach hada’at) like the Mitzvah of Shichcha (forgotten sheaves) and appointing a Nasi (מצות שכחה, ומינוי לנשיאות) 11 325
Purim a term denoting lottery; drawing down from above to below; the lottery from day to day and from month to month – sun and the moon  335 11 326
The happiness of Purim is greater than Yom tov and nevertheless work is permitted – even at the time of the work, it was with Mesirat nefesh 11 327
Increase in Torah, Yom tov, Mila and Tefilin, specifically the Tefilin campaign 11 330
Lesson from the miracle of Purim for the conduct of military personnel in Israel (Mitzvah “to know” or “to believe” in the existence of G-d) 11 331
Encouragement for the aspects of Purim and drawing the hearts close 11 332
Connection to the conclusion of tractate Sukkah with the days that follow Purim 11 333
“Orah” and not “Or” 11 335
Mesirat nefesh of Yisroel in the time of the miracle of Purim 11 336
“They fulfilled that which they accepted” and through happiness 11 337
One’s son-in-law is like his son – the differences between them, and the two virtues between Yisroel and G-d and the connection to Purim 11 340
What was the decree that cause Esther to be taken to the palace of Achashverosh; the aspect of the fasting of Esther’s maidens 11 341
Shehechiyanu on the Mitzvah of Mishloach Manot 11 342
Lesson from Maamer v’Kibail haYehudim 5687 in the aspect of Mesirat nefesh for Chinuch 11 343
Encouragement for the Purim campaign ("Mivtza Purim") 16 620
Increase of children in Torah study and charity in proximity to Purim 16 621
Establishing Gemach’s through school students 16 622
Aspect of eradicating the memory of Amalek in Avodat HaAdam 16 623
Preparation for the Purim campaign ("Mivtza Purim"); gatherings for Torah, prayer and charity 16 624
Lesson from the days of Purim for the necessity of Kosher Chinuch 16 625
Lesson from the conduct of Mordechai for the aspect of Mesirat Nefesh 16 630
Virtue of charity work (Matanot l'Evyonim") in our generation 16 631
Virtue and necessity for the aspect of joy 16 634
Bringing close youth 16 635
Lesson for women from the saying of Esther to Mordecai "Go gather etc." 16 636
Telegrams for Purim - 5735 – 5740 16 637
Lessons from the Purim story regarding the virtue of Jewish children 21 486
Directive to "Tzivos HaShem" from the days of Purim 21 487
General letter for Purim (5741) 21 488
For the upcoming Purim in the Hakhel year one must endeavor to spread observance of Purim by all Jews and also children   21 489
Adding in Joy on the first day (15th Adar) which contains the laws of Purim in Jerusalem 21 490
If one fulfills the obligation to "to become intoxicated on Purim" (לבסומי בפוריא״") through a Shliach   21 491
Allusions in the mitzvah of the half-shekel and the connection to nullifying Haman's decree 21 492
The law that the "Megillah is read on the Eleventh" (מגילה נ קראת בי־א וכוי״”) is connected with Ahavat Yisroel 21 493
Virtue of the yeshivah Tomchei Tmimim and its students 21 494
Allusions in the Bar Mitzvah's name Mordechai, Efraim, Yehudah and Menachem to Purim and the greatness of Torah   21 495
Virtue of "Machne Israel" 21 496
The half-shekel - the sockets of the Tabernacle and the hint of it 21 497
The Avodah of "U'faratzta" in the Holy Land. Light and joy as the Sages expound and literally 21 498
Debate concerning hearing the Megillah by phone 21 499
Telegrams for the years 5741, 5742, 5743 21 499
General Letter: standing firm on matters Torah and Mitzvot from Mesirat Nefesh, and in particular in the matter of education – nullifying Haman’s decree 26 438
Sending food gifts one to another (Mishoach Manot) – corresponds to the intellectual soul; Gifts to the poor (Matanot l’Evyonim corresponds to the Animal Soul and the body 26 439
Three categories in the Torah of the Rebbes: intellectual, directives in Middot, stories and conduct 26 440
Lesson from the Maamer s.v. “V'kibel Hayehudim” of Purim Katan 5687 - “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings You have established strength” (מִפִּי עוֹלְלִים וְיֹנְקִים יִסַּדְתָּ עֹז) 26 441
Saving Am Yisroel through Jewish children 26 442
Connection of women to Purim 26 443
Telegram for Purim: 5745, 5746 26 444
Sources for the explanation of the saying of the Sages that in the Future all the holidays will cease except Purim (לע"ל כל המועדים בטלים חוץ מפורים) 31 278
When Purim "falls on Sunday, the villages preface the reading to the court day (i.e., the preceding Thursday. Meg 2a) - even though they are present in the city on Shabbat for the reading of Parshat Zachor 31 278
Chabad customs: 31 278
                Saying "u'leharog and lifneihem" ( ולהרוג״ ו״לפניהם״ ) twice with the difference 31 279
                Blessing "HaRav et riveinu" individually (ברכת הרב את ריבנו) 31 280
                'Remember Amalek" with a Tzeirei or Segol (״זכר עמלק״ בצירי או סגול ) 31 280
Educational discussion regarding children who do not want to "play" the role of Haman in a Purim play (הצגת פורים) 31 280
Lessons from the days of Purim to the days of World War II 36 266
Religious value of the Mitzvah of "Matanot L'Evyonim" and the Chassidic foundation that Love of G-d and love of Torah is connected with Ahavat Yisroel 36 267
Chassidic explanation of "And many from among the peoples of the land became Jews" (ורבים מעמי הארץ מתייהדים״) 36 267

Purim - Pesach

Chinuch - associated with Purim and Pesach 31 281

S"P Tisa 15 Chodesh Adar I 5744

New publication of Likkutei Torah 26 386
Explanation of the reason for the beginning of Likkutei Torah with a Torah commentary on Parshat a Beshalach Virtue of printing Tanya in every place. The aspect of distributing liquor () 26 389


Who carried the Kiyor (basin) 6 391
Debate in the argument (Rosh Hashanah 17a) if "Rav Chesed: (abounding in grace) is "conquering sin" or "inclining towards kindness" (אם ״ורב חסד״ הוא כובש עון או נושא עון) and the explanation of the Maamer s.v. "kol HaMeracheim" 5709 6 392
Lesson from the verse "And G-d spoke . . When you take the count" 6 393
Source for what is written in Likkutei Torah (Bamidbar 11:1) that in the Mishkan of Moshe the heavenly fire did not descend in the form of a lion 11 348
Notes on the letter in the aspect whether Pikuach nefesh is a deferment (דוחה) or whether it is permitted (הותרה) according to the view of Rambam, and others  350 11 349
Explanation of the Mechilta’s example in Parshat Tisa (Ex. 31:14) concerning the desecration of Shabbat to avert an attack on Eretz Yisroel (הואיל וחללנו מקצתה נחלל את כלה ת״ל מחלליה מות יומת אפילו כהרף עין). Explanation of the Responsa of the Torat Chesed in the Mechilta 11 350
Source for the saying of the Sages "With difficulty they allowed words of Torah to be spoken on Shabbat" ( בקושי התירו ל דבר ד״ ת בשבת״ ) 21 484
Form of the Luchot/Tablets - square and not rounded on top   21 484
Rashi (32:4) “These are your gods: But it does not say, “These are our gods.” - from here we learn that they were the mixed multitude . . who made it etc.” 26 448
Necessity of protesting against mixed dancing and the teaching from the conduct of Aaron in the matter of the Golden Calf 26 448
Explanation of Rashi (33:12) “Set Your "eyes" and Your "heart" on Your words." (תן עיניך ולבך על דבריך) 31 283
Debate in the explanation of Munkatcher Rebbe in the name of R' Moshe Leib of Sasov regarding the two names of G-d in the thirteen attributes of mercy ( הוי׳ הוי׳ שבי״ג מדות הרחמים) 31 284
Studying the Written Torah - from memory 31 284
Debate in the matter of "A person cannot forbid something that is not his" ("אין אדם אוסר דבר שאינו שלו") concerning the making of the calf by Aaron (since he did acquire it) 36 268
The shape of the Luchot must not be rounded 36 268


Lesson from "Vayakhel-Pekudei" - deed is primary 6 398
Debate and responsa in the aspect of travelling on an Israeli ship on Shabbat 6 399
Lighting a fire does not contain any effort in our time and also in G-d’s deeds where he “He ceased and rested” (שָׁבַת וַיִּנָּפַשׁ) 11 353
Jewish ships and the desecration of Shabbat therein 11 354
Why the command of the building of the Mishkan by Moshe to Yisroel was not done standing. 11 356
Teaching from Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei for the manner of management of a Yeshiva: Knowing the instructions of G-d, fulfilling them, providing an accounting 16 640
Prohibition of traveling on a Jewish ship on Shabbat 16 642
Questions in the verse Vayakhel 35;12 ( This is the partition) and Rashi's commentary there 16 644
Convention of Shluchim in the Holy Land in Shnat Hakhel 21 500
Response to the claim that lighting a fire (on Shabbat) in our time is not work (אין בה טירחא) 21 501
Concerning printing the aspect of the allowance of work in the Beit HaMikdash on Shabbat in an English publication 21 502
Travelling on an Israeli ship on Shabbat 21 503
Explanation of the reason that the Parsha of the Mishkan and its vessels are repeated in the Parshiot of Terumah and Tetzaveh and also Vayakhel and Pekudei 26 449
The reason that specifically (the verse) concerning a flame/שהבערה (Ex. 33:3) comes (to differentiate/לחלק יצאת or to state that it is a Lav/ללאו יצאת) 31 284
 Note: 31 284
Chazal are divided, why this verse is repeated despite that this Melacha is forbidden anyway. Some say that this verse "comes to differentiate," that is to differentiate and say that each Melacha is considered a desecration of Shabbat independently, therefore one who transgresses all 39 Melachot must bring a sin offering for each one, if it is done inadvertently/Shogeig. There is another opinion that says that it "comes to state that it is a Lav", meaning that it is not an Av Melacha, but a Lav (ban). The difference of these two views is in the laws of Yom Tov. 31 284
Only the Ark was made by Betzalel alone -  similar to light that was created only with speech (שהאור נברא לא רק במאמר) 31 284

S''P Pekudei and Shekalim MVCH and Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar II 5744

Virtue of “Hatzalah” organization 26 392


Siman (mnemonic) for the number of verses in Parshat Pekudei 6 408
Through the participation of each person in the making of the Mishkan and in each good thing according to one’s ability, gives him a merit in all. 11 358
Teaching from Parshat Pekudei for the aspect of the virtue of the Beis Rivkah school 16 645
Siyum and dedication of a Torah scroll in London 21 506

Hilchot Shabbat

Permission (heter) to place an empty used pot on the fire (and a pot of food on it) 31 257
Nature of sewing on Shabbat 31 257
Safety pin on Shabbat 31 257
Sewing with a metal needle 31 257
Shabbat timer 31 258
Partnership in parnassah with someone who does not keep Shabbos, G-d forbid 31 259
Rectification for candle lighting after sunset - Tzedaka in the numerical value of "Shabbat/$7.02" in addition to other deeds 31 260
Excerpt from the Maamer of the Mitteler Rebbe regarding the reason for the groom to stand under the Chupah and the explanation connected to Matan Torah 31 261

Health Aspects

If one is permitted to engage in preventive medicine 31 262
If one is allowed to inject things that are not kosher for eating 31 262
Salk vaccine 31 262
Blood transfusion from a non-Jew - seemingly clogs (מטמטם) more than milk that comes from a non-Jewish nursemaid 31 263
Bloodletting in the Talmudic era 31 263
The discourse and debate in the particulars of the treatment, concerns the doctors and not the patient 31 263
Saying of our Rebbeim that doctors were given permission to heal and not to weaken etc. 31 263
Segulot for healing after surgery: a mezuzah, Tzedaka, Tehillim 31 263
Tonsil removal - according to the advice of two doctors 31 264
Negation of melancholy (מרה שחורה) as a result of the doctors' opinion 31 264
G-d performs miracles even for specific individuals 31 264
Healing must involve a natural aspect (אחיזה בטבע). Story of the Alter Rebbe on this 31 264
Pulling teeth in our time 31 265
The spell for one who chokes on a bone (Tal. Shabbat 67a) is also applicable in our time 31 265
Segulot for healing the eyes - Reading lines of Zohar 31 265
Carefulness in Kiddush and Havdalah and learning Chassidut on Shabbat - is a Segulot for eyes (מאור עינים) 31 266
Hint in the saying of the Sages (Shabbat 112b, Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer Chap. 2) that carefulness in Kiddush and Havdalah is a Segulah for eyes (מאור עינים) 31 267
Segulot for healing the eyes - participate in the Ner Tamid (if one exists), carefulness in Shabbat and Yom Tov candle lighting. Tzedaka before candle lighting 31 268
Segulot for the mental illness of the desire to steal 31 269

1. Permission and authority for doctors to heal

Debate of Rambam and Ibn Ezra (and Ramban) regarding utilizing cures and the accepted Jewish Halacha to utilize medicine 36 271
Healing from now and in the future and retroactively as well, and also in spiritual matters by Teshuvah rectifying from now and in the future or retroactively 36 271
Doctor in Kfar Chabad 36 271
When the doctor knows that he is G-d's messenger there is no worry at all and his healing will be extremely successful "Permission/רשות means power (ko'ach) from Above 36 274
Necessity of complying with the directives of the doctor and this is not considered wasting time 36 274
Fulfilling the directives of the Sages to listen to follow the doctor's orders and with joy 36 274
A doctor is a messenger of the Torah to heal even if they do not know it. 36 275
The prohibition of fasting and self-affliction 36 275
Listening to the doctor' orders is a directive of Torah even if we do not understand it 36 275
Necessity of Bitachon and the negation of concerns about staying in the hospital 36 275
Actual compliance with the physician's orders 36 275

2. Specialists

To act according to the directives of two expert doctors 36 276
Necessity to consult specifically with an expert for that thing (לאותו דבר); 36 276
According to doctors' orders it is possible to decrease in study because it is a time to act (עת לעשות) 36 276
Occupation with spiritual health; setting times for learning Chassidut 36 276
A specialist who is not Jewish - in medical matters there is no difference at all as was evident with our Rebbeim 36 278
When the doctor says to do nothing (שב ואל תעשה) one should ask another expert 36 278
An expert doctor must decide between the opinions of two doctors 36 278
To send a description of the situation in the institution of specialists 36 278
The advantage of a general practitioner (רופא כללי) who can weigh the difference between all the specific doctors 36 276
Specialists must discuss the matter between them 36 276
How to decide between the views of many doctors 36 279
Comparison between American and Israeli doctors 36 279
A decision is dependent upon the expertise of the advisors 36 279
Acting according to the unanimous view of experts 36 279
Virtue of a doctor that has training 36 279

3. Strengthening Emunah and Bitachon

Path and conduit to receiving healing by a doctor - Bitachon (trust) and Emunah (faith) 36 281
Bitachon and Emunah in G-d “Who heals all flesh and acts wondrously” (רופא כל בשר ומפליא לעשות) 36 281
Keeping the three daily Chitas lessons 36 283
Saying of the Tzemach Tzedek that "permission was given to the doctor to heal" (״ניתן רשות לרופא לרפאות״) but not to cause depression etc. 36 283
Strengthening Bitachon causes blessings 36 283
One who has seen the grace of G-d in his life must trust in G-d in medical matters 36 283
Bitachon does not just pertain to aspects of the Future world but also in matters of this world 36 284
Even according to medical science - Bitachon helps 36 284
Participation in farbrengens that bring healing 36 285
Not to take many tests (בדיקות׳ (טעםטן)) but rather to follow the doctor’s advice and trust in G-d 36 285
"One is answered according to the question" (ווי מען פרעגט אזוי ענטפערט מען) - perhaps the question to the doctor is the path (to health) 36 285
Wonder at the lack of Bitachon in G-d after seeing His kindness 36 286

4. Employing the power of deed and not the power of thought

Following doctors' orders only in regard to deed but not to dwell on one's health condition, thought that has no purpose 36 286
"Following expert doctors' orders.  . not to be affected by their conclusions (שיעשו כהוראות רופאים מומחים . . אין להתפעל מחוות דעתם) 36 286
Depression from health aspects is the opposite of the Torah - one should not dwell at all in one's medical condition 36 286
Banning one's thoughts completely from thoughts concerning health rather just to follow the doctor's instructions.  36 286

5. Torah and Mitzvot and spiritual health brings physical health

The receptacle to receive G-d's blessing in health matters - strengthening Torah and Mitzvot, putting on Tefilin each day, Tzedaka and saying Tehillim. Influencing others regarding this 36 288
Shabbat candle lighting, Tzedaka and Tehillim 36 288
The doctor himself must inspire his patients improve their spiritual health through keeping of Torah and Mitzvot 36 288
Prostate surgery without severing the seminal duct 36 288
Ophthalmologist - the connection to opening blind eyes to the light of Torah 36 290
A doctor must bring his patients close to follow Torah and Mitzvot 36 290
Necessity of spiritual health with physical health 36 290
Physical health through spiritual health and the hint from the Mitzvah of Tefilin 36 290
Spirituality and physicality are connected 36 290
The spirituality of a Jew is one with physicality - "one nation on earth" (גוי אחד בארץ) 36 290
The agenda of the day - prayer, Torah, Derech Eretz 36 290
Medical student who studied in a Lubavitch yeshiva must utilize his experience 36 292
Just like a physical inheritance - every Jew has an "inheritance"(״ירושה״) from Har Sinai 36 292
Physical health through spiritual health 36 292
Spiritual health dependent on Torah and Mitzvot 36 292
Carefulness to eat Pas Shacharis (bread at breakfast), and studying subjects that give enjoyment 36 292
Story of the Rebbe Rayatz that he is an expert in Torah and Mitzvot and why one would want to get his views specifically on commerce aspects 36 294
One who enters a hospital must bring the people there close to Torah and Mitzvot 36 294
"I am not a professor of medical science" (״אינני פראפעסאר בחכ׳ הרפואה וכו״) 36 294
Tefilin - segulah against "schizophrenia" 36 294
Kriat Shema al haMitah with kavanah - segulah for trouble breathing - must coincide with the advice of a doctor 36 296
Segulah for nerves and anger - Tzedaka, studying Chovos HaLevavos, Checking Mezuzot 36 296
Carefulness in Kashrut adds to health 36 296
Carefulness of eating Shemittah and Avodah with joy 36 298
Precision in Kashrut and putting on Tefilin that were checked 36 298
Tanya and Mezuzah 36 298
The prohibition of reneging on a pledge to Tzedaka 36 298

6. Surgery and procedures with specific organs

If in doubt of surgery it is better to refrain (שב ואל תעשה עדיף) 36 300
Postponement of surgery if it is possible by diet 36 300
Complex surgery with little hope of success should not be done 36 300
Surgery in the month of Elul not Av and in the beginning of the week 36 300
Treatment of varicose veins 36 300
Negation of dangerous tests 36 300
Extreme care in performing surgery that is impossible to reverse 36 300
Tonsillectomy 36 300
Health care 36 300
Hemorrhoid surgery; uterine surgery 36 300
Broken bones 36 300
Casts and trusses 36 300
Kidney stone treatments 36 300
Removing skin moles (״מאל״ שעל העור) 36 300
Back disk treatment 36 300
Brain surgery (lobotomy) 36 300
Gastric Sleeve Surgery (reducing the stomach) for weight 36 300
Surgery or radiation therapy 36 300
Treatments with compresses 36 300
Hand surgery, and care not to damage the movement of the fingers 36 300
Chiropractic 36 300
Travelling to Teverya for medical purposes 36 300
Leg surgery 36 300
Varicose veins 36 300
Ulcers 36 300
Cataracts 36 300
Eye treatments - different Segulot 36 300
Ear treatments 36 310
Tooth treatments 36 310
Skin disease - psoriasis 36 310
Blood pressure - dependent on mood 36 310
Rash (אויסשלאג) 36 310
Epilepsy 36 310
Stutter 36 310
Tightness of the throat 36 312
Furuncle (boils) 36 312
Child Insomnia 36 315
Sleep disturbances 36 315
Child bedwetting 36 315
Virtue of not focusing (on illness) in strengthening the powers of the body 36 318
Connection of parents to daughter 36 318
Child living in fantasy 36 320
Advice for depression 36 320
Mental health - treatment with doctors but not doctors whose foundation is in opposition to honoring G-d and the parents 36 325
Psychiatrists 36 325
Chance of being cured of neurosis 36 327
Mental illness treatments 36 327

7. Medicines, Injections

Headaches, Migraines (nicotinic acid), Mezuzah 36 328
Menstrual changes (menopause) affecting the head 36 328
Hydrocortisone 36 328
Treatment with Insulin or other things 36 330
Reducing insulin or shock treatments 36 330
Pills to increase child development: not to place conditions on G-d before giving charity for health 36 330
Vaccinations (חיסון) for young children 36 332
Debate on the best medicines for healing (immunity) 36 333
Blood pressure medicine 36 333
Sending medicines by those who do not personally know the patient 36 334

8. Medical treatment through Meditation (״מדיטצי׳״)

The prohibition of idol worship with non-Jewish meditation, therefore it is fitting to establish a system that is not connected to idol worship 36 336
Negation of engaging in these methods which are associated with idol worship 36 337
Necessity to act to rescue from the immediate danger to do so in a permissible manner 36 338

Setting Eruvin

Ruling of the Alter Rebbe like the view of Rashi that the Public Domain is only dependent sixteen Amot 31 249
The reason that sixty myriads of passersby in the Public Domain are inclusive of males 31 249
Whether Manhattan is considered a Public Domain Biblically according to all opinions ( לכו־ע רה־ר מן התורה:) 31 249
The nature of a "sea/yam" and "river/nahar" according to Torah and the difference between them 31 249
The concern that a reef may appear in the sea according to one view - is cited as Halacha in the Rema and Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch (363:35) 31 249
If the ability to view Manhattan from tall buildings removes it from the category of public domain 31 250
Additional sources and note on the pamphlet "Tikun Eiruvin" 31 251
Concerning the Mitzvah of establishing Eiruvin (תיקון עירובין) 31 252
If plants nullify the barriers: additional debate on the above 31 252
Ruling of the Alter Rebbe that the sea is not counted as a barrier 31 252
Not to publish and to publicize that there is an Eiruv in the city 31 252

Addition -Hosafa

Debate if it is considered a kiss if the beloved does not feel it (e.g. Yosef to Yaakov after his passing; kissing the mantle of a Sefer Torah) 6 413