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Chumash      Chumash-Bo
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Halachot Ketanot

(5730)  Rashi (Deut. 6:8): "And you shall bind them for a sign upon your hand" and "ornaments between your eyes"(ibid).

The difference between Rashi here (in his comentary on "totafoth") versus his commentary in Parshat Bo (13:15);
Two actions of Mitzvat Tefilin: 
1) And all the nations shall see etc. and fear you (Devarim Tavo 28:10, Tal. Berachot 6a)
2) Because of the fulfilment of Mitzvat Tefilin it will be fulfilled on the soldiers: "tear as prey the arm and head" (Halachot ketanot of the Rosh- Hilchot Tefilin 15)

- and the explanation according to Pnimiyut




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