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(5730) Explanation of the MIdrash (Num.Rabbah 18:3) Korach asked, “Does a cloak made entirely of blue wool require fringes [’tzitzith’], or is it exempt? etc” "Does a house filled with scrolls of the Torah require a Mezuzah?" ;

The main aspect of Korach - dissention and controvery, contrary to Torah whose aspect is "Shalom"' Three aspects in Korach's opposition to Taorah which is hinted in the letters of his name Kuf, Resh, Chet


Balance in the world expressed by three parts of letter ה; name of Korach קרח show 3 distortions in their opposition. "Prior to Matan Torah, the upper and lower worlds were separate and existed in a state of controversy  (which changed at Har Sinai with Moshe’s leadership)
Korach’s expression of maintaining the separation was directed against Moshe and his Torah, seeking to only live spiritually without the effects of Mitzvos  "




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