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(5731) Three things that Rashi (Num.15:41) brings in the name of R. Moshe Hadarshan: The conjunction of the episode of the wood-gatherer (mekoshesh) to the passage addressing idolatry and Tzitzit;"on the corners of their garments" - correspond to “I carried you on the wings (kanafim) of eagles” (Exod. 19:4); "a thread of sky-blue wool: so called because of the bereavement [suffered by the Egyptians] over the loss of their firstborn etc

Mitzvah of Tzitzis is not only a general concept representing all the Mitzvos, additionally all the particulars of Tzitzis are connected to the all the particulars of going out of Egypt

Nowadays, we have no Techeles but only white strings; this alludes to love and doing good, which now needs to be our main focus




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