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Rambam     Sefer Mitzvot HaGadol     Talmud
Shitah Mekubetzes
(5751) Debate in Rambam's viewpoint if Levites will inherit a portion of Israel in the World to Come (Like the view of Semag Negative Commandments: 276-7) or not (Like the view of Shitah Mekubetzes Tal. Bava Batra 122a in the name of the Ran). specific wording of Rambam ( Hil Shemittah v'Yovel 13:10)  "The entire tribe of Levi are commanded against receiving an inheritance in the land of Canaan"; The reason that the Levites inherit in the World to Come the lands of Keini, Knizi and Kadmoni - according to halacha and Pnimiyut




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