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Blessing - Evening Erev Shabbat Kodesh, Yud-Alef Nissan (5750) 89

Blessing - Evening Yom 3, Yud-Alef Nissan (after Arvit) 5751 93

In G-ds blessing “and I will bless them” two aspects: a blessing above boundary and limitation, and that permeates every detail. A similar aspect is in the Mizmor "Tefilah l’Moshe” whose conclusion is “ViHi Noam”. A “G-dly man” the connection to the Avodah of our generations: in particular in "I will show you wonders” (אראנו נפלאות), the fortieth year: Giving Tzedaka

Evening Yud-Dalet Nisan - until after the sale of Chometz 5751 07 Y.

Drawing down the blessings of Chag HaPesach in a continuous manner like “dew” which is not withheld blessing of Geulah especially according to the calendar setup of this year

Erev Shabbat Kodesh, Erev Chag HaPesach 5751 109

Calendar setup of Chag HaPesach on this year on the day of Shabbat.

In Parshat Shemini - it depicts the effluence of bli gevul into gevul (המשכת הבלי גבול בגבול).

The aspect in Avodat HaAdam – Teshuvah of the Tzaddikim.

The connection to the conclusion of the “Seder Korban Pesach”.

“If the Pesach is found to be Treifa it does not count for him until he brings another”.

Thanks for the blessings and good wishes and the receiving of letters

Yom 2 28 Nisan (after Mincha) 5751 118

Increasing Torah, prayer and Tzedaka to eliminate the evil thoughts of the enemies of Yisroel to harm Yisroel

Shabbat Parshat Behar, 15 Iyar and Lag B'Omer 5741 121

Alacrity regarding the Lag B’Omer parade for Jewish children Par. 1

To complete the gatherings and parades in the days following Lag B’Omer in a permissible manner

Intent Of the darkness of exile - adding light and in particular through the school children (תשב״ר)

The effect of the joy of Rashbi in making good resolutions Par. 2

Bringing Jewish children to the synagogue to hear the Ten Commandments Par. 3

To Influence parents to register children at acceptable summer camps, as well as to a Cheder or yeshiva for the coming school year Par. 4

Lag B'Omer during the “Parade” 5743 126

Two aspects of Lag B’Omer - day of joy of Rashbi and the day that the students of R’ Akiva stopped dying. Par. 2

Rashbi's conduct - Torah was his occupation (תורתו אומנתו) and its connection to Jewish children Par. 4

Effort of Rashbi in doing good for Jews. Par. 8

Two manners of “turning away from evil” and “doing good” (סור מרע ועשה טוב) in Ahavat Yisroel. Par. 10

Wondrous Midrash (Tanchuma Buber Vayera 4) “E-lokim stands in the congregation of G-d” (אלקים נצב בעדת א־ל) is also in three and four year old children. Par. 12

Three methods of Torah Avodah and Gemilut Chasadim. Par. 14

Story of R’ Avraham HaLevi student of the Arizal, from whom it is a proof that the joy of the Rashbi was greater even than that of the happiness of the holidays. Par. 15

Addition 142

Source for what R’ Avraham HaLevi states that they recited “Nacheim” every day and when they said it on Lag B’Omer, Rashbi was upset

Hosafah –Letters 145

A helper for the slaughter of poultry and to be an example of a Chassidic Shochet

Negation of government intervention in the preparation for slaughter

Law of Kemitza from a vessel that is on the ground (Menachot 7a)

The law of losing a guilt offering, designating another and them finding the first one

Nissan 148

In the month of Nissan we went from slavery in iron bondage to the servitude of Torah (Shmot Rabbah 15:11)

In the month of Nissan one has the power to escape the temptations of the Yetzer from all accounts, Claims and rebuttals

Tzav 149

Virtue of a Seudat Hoda’ah (meal of thanksgiving -סעודת הודאה) - Ahavat Yisroel and thanks to G-d - and the power to draw down a complete healing (רפואה שלימה)

Pesach 150

During Pesach there must be man and his household together

Pesach and Chinuch

Not to give up on the wicked son and the effect of Neshei Chabad in this area

Geulah from Egypt by through the righteous women. The preface of the women in Matan Torah

Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5750 153

Innovation of Chodesh Nissan over that of Chodesh Tishrei - the head of “miraculous conduct” (הנהגה נסית). Particularly in this year - the fortieth year that “G-d gave you a heart to know and eyes to see and ears to hear”

Yud Alef Nisan 5750 159

Continue: Pnimiyut of the heart, of seeing, of hearing. The ancient of the soul (משכיל לאיתן): "Maskil L’eitan"

Motzai Shabbat Kodesh twenty-fifth of Adar, Evening of Yom 3 Parshat Vayikra 5751 164

In recent months the world has experienced open miracles. In a supernatural manner.

These events mean that it is the Time for preparing for the imminent coming of the Geulah and the preparation for it: Torah study and observance of Mitzvot in a “miraculous” manner – above habit (second nature), until now

Yom 3, Evening of Yom 4 Parshat Tzav, Evening of Five Nissan 5751 169

The miracles of the true Geulah are so large, that they are considered as a wonder and as “Niflaot” even compared to the miracles of the Exodus of Egypt, and they are seen openly for all to see: our role in this time – to rise more and more. In a manner, “Miracle on top of miracle” (נס למעלה מנס״) in matters of Torah and Mitzvot - and with alacrity

Yom 3 Parshat Shemini, Yud Alef Nissan 5751 174

This year we read and study (in the diaspora) for three continuous weeks Parshat Shemini. “Shemini” indicates the divine conduct. Supernatural. When we read this Parsha three

Consecutive times, I this year of “I will show you wonders” (אראנו נפלאות), this constitutes giving strength to the “Chazakah of miracles and ‘miracles of miracles’” (ניסי־הניסים)

Telegram for Chag HaPesach 5750 180

Telegrams for Chag HaPesach 5751 181

Counting of the Omer 182

Connecting days between the Exodus of  Egypt and Matan Torah, in which women leaded in taking part Manner of counting in the numerical highlights the aspect of rising from strength to strength (מחיל אל תיל)

Comments in the sefer Agan HaSahar regarding the law of the International Date Line

If it is possible to prohibit crossing the International Date Line when one will miss the day of Shabbat

The difficulty in resolving the words of the Chazon Ish and the wonder at the view of the RaZaH (R’ Zerachia HaLevi – the "Baal Ha-Maor)

Shemini 185

Sifra beginning of Parshat Shemini: that He removed that Yetzer Hara from your hearts etc.

Tazria 186

Time for naming a daughter

Cutting the tubes that deny the possibility of pregnancy almost completely

A woman that has one fallopian tube blocked and healing without surgery

Increase in good conduct

Healing wounds by laying bandages containing vitamins

Artificial insemination through the supervision of a G-d fearing Jew  

Examination of the testicles

Baths of Teverius and the care of the husband in eating and drinking and health matters

Thanking G-d for becoming pregnant and not to be melancholy from aches

How can a person know if 'The Last Spark has been extinguished” (the possibility of birth due to the age of the woman): strengthening faith in G-d and to be happy and in particular from the ability to influence one’s surrounding

Metzora 192

Lack of observance of Family Purity affects the health of the body

Teshuvah for the lack of observance of Family Purity also helps somewhat for the past

Obstacles in having children often comes from the lack of precise observance of Family Purity

Precision in the laws of Family Purity is a segulah for children - and it is proper to review its laws

Family Purity is a means for establishing peace in the home

Strengthening the health of the child born in the absence of Family Purity through fulfilling it now and through influencing others to do so

Acharei 197

Difficulties in the adoption of children due to the prohibition of Yichud etc.

Difference between adopting children and marriage with a woman who has children

Kedoshim 198

Prohibition of studying other religions

Fulfilling the commandment ‘to love your neighbor as yourself’ (ואהבת לרעך כמוך) through publicizing good tidings. Whoever proceeds to improve relationships etc. is part of “this is a maxim in Torah” (כלל גדול בתורה)

In Eretz Yisroel there is an excessive propensity in matters of dispute

G-d is the Master Baal HaBayit everywhere and there is no place for violence and lifting the hand etc.

Forgoing the Mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisroel in order to fulfill the maxim of ‘to love your neighbor as yourself’ () and the great obligation of rebuke (הוכח תוכיח) etc.

The “burning question” today is not the Mitzvah of settling the land of Eretz Yisroel but rather the condition of Judaism in the place where the majority of Bnei Yisroel live and the prohibition of fleeing from the establishment - One who saves a Jewish soul and certainly one who saves an entire community

Virtue of gatherings on one’s birthday and particularly with saying words of Torah

Emor 205

The severity of the marriage of a Convert to a Kohen

A Yisroel who marries the daughter of a Kohen must be a Torah scholar (תלמיד חכם)

Directive of the Tzemach Tzedek that one who marries the daughter of a Kohen must be proficient with one tractate in Talmud

Using large myrtles and the opinions regarding the law of the size of a Myrtle leaf (Shiur Tarfa D’asa)

Lag B'Omer 208

Preparations for Lag B'Omer in the two hundredth centennial of the hillula of the Baal Shem Tov and the connection to the Rashbi and Matan Torah

Behar 208

Regarding the law of a field that was made ownerless (שדה שהפקירו אותה) whether it returns to the original owner at the Yovel

Bechukotai 209

Virtue of adding Torah classes in the Synagogue

Virtue of studying Torah in the synagogue. And in particular the Siyum of tractate Shabbat on the day of Shabbat and the seventh year

Virtue of acting for the betterment of a synagogue, a Place of worship and a place of Torah

Establishing a Tehillim group

Duty of the chazzan to lead the reciting of Psalms Cantor in his synagogue

Pirkei Avot - Chapter 3 212

Knowledge and choice - there is no contradiction between them

In matters of Torah and Mitzvot man was given dominion and no one can claim that the lack thereof is due to Divine Providence


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