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Shmot 217 

Debate regarding what year Moshe stood before Pharaoh, and if the death of Moshe, Aaron and Miriam was in the same year

Teaching from birth of Moshe that his education etc. was connected with Yocheved and Miriam, and concerning girls' education in "Beis Rivkah"

Chof Dalet Tevet 219

 Virtue of learning reading material about the Alter Rebbe his life and views

 Method of organizing the sefarim of the Alter Rebbe by the Rebbe Rayatz

Virtue of the sefer "Mamarei Admur HaZaken 5662" even regarding the Maamarim in Likkutei Torah

Excerpt of the handwriting of the Alter Rebbe

Completing the Talmud each year on Yud-Tes or Chof-Dalet Tevet

Not to change the pattern of Tanya from the Vilna edition 5660

Answer to the question regarding the prohibition on giving explanations in Tanya (איסור אמירת ביאורים בתניא)

Debate regarding "from sefarim and from authors" in Tanya (מפי ספרים ומפי סופרים״)

Correction of typographical errors and a sefer of notes on Tanya

Rejection of a different explanation in the words of Rabbah: "I, for example, am a Benoni" (״כגון אנא בינוני״)

Explanation of "Chinuch Katan" (preface to Shaar HaYichud VeHaEmunah) and the order of studying Chabad philosophy

Studying Torah Or and Likkutei Torah on the Parsha

Debate in Iggeret HaKodesh Ep. 1 regarding: "The level of the arms and the body" (״בחינת הזרועות והגוף״) where he omits the word "head". And also where he writes "she advises that her merchandise is good" (טעמה כי טוב סחרה״)

Bo 226

Method of influencing military personnel to put on Tefilin

Yud Shvat 227

Listening to a Maamer of the Rebbe Rayatz affects all five parts of the soul

Story of the saying of the Rebbe Rayatz regarding the four Amot which are near the top of the mountain and the explanation of this according to Nigleh

The version "Rava" (״רבא״) in Tanya chap. 87

Endeavor in "release Time" in connection with the day of the hillula

Yud Shvat is not a suitable day for taking "walks"

Connection of "Refuah" to the Rebbe Rayatz

Sources for the explanation of the aspects in the Maamer "Chayov Adam levareich 5638/ הענינים שבדיה חייב אדם ל ברך תרל״ח) of the Rebbe Maharash

Avodah regarding the benefit of Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim, especially after Yud Shvat and Chof Dalet Tevet, where the first sefer of the Alter Rebbe is "Hilchot Talmud Torah"

Customs for the Yahrzeit:

                The number of Kaddishim

                The mourner davening before the Amud and Friday Night

                Learning Mishnayot starting with the letters of the name of the deceased

                Learning Mishnayot of a letter that is repeated

                What is better - (Learning Mishnayot) according to the letters of the name or learning in sequence

                Kriat HaTorah and Aliyah for Maftir

                Order of study:

                Charity before praying

                Zimun (prepared gathering) in Shabbat third meal benching and prayer before the Amud on the Motzai Shabbat before the yahrzeit

Kaddish after Mizmor Shir l'yom HaShabbat

Prayer before the Amud on the Shabbat before the yahrzeit

When the yahrzeit occurs on Rosh Chodesh in the middle of Aveilut

Determining the time of yahrzeit by the place of the passing

Time of passing and not burial

Beshalach 233

 Haftarah of the Song of Devorah and the lesson from it for the Jewish women who are the mainstay of the house

 Debate in the clarification of the time that manna was eaten after the death of Moshe

 Conduct in the Holy Land during the missile attacks in the Gulf War

Tu B'Shvat 235

Auspicious day for the growth of Torah study and their fruits

Man is a tree of the field and must grow and thrive on matters of Judaism

Commencement of Beis Rivkah on Tu B'Shvat

Auspicious day for healing

Yitro 237

 How to print the name of G-d in English (leaving out one letter)

Hint at the end of the Tractate Shabbat (regarding the measurement of a Mikvah) on general Avodat HaShem

Comments on the sefer "Laws and Customs of Shabbat in Yiddish"

Mishpatim 240

Encouragement regarding basing civil laws in Israel in matters of Choshen Mishpat on the laws of Torah

The necessity to conduct a Din Torah in the presence of the Rabbi of the community (Mara D'Atra)

How is warning (התראה) applicable to the punishment of Gehinom

Letters for the upcoming Melaveh Malka of the Chevrat Gemilat Chasadim Shomrei Shabbat 5740-5752

Advice how best to utilize money: a Gemilat Chesed Foundation

Concerning a Heter Iska (״היתר עיסקא״)

If it is fitting to get a loan and invest in real estate

Adar 257

Increasing joy - the joy of building the Temple and Geulah

The Mazal of Dagim/fish that do not separate from the source of their vitality

Nullification of sadness in general and in particular in Adar

Increasing joy (מרבין בשמחה) - both for Jewish women and girls

Terumah 258

The Beit HaMikdash is the foundation of the world

Virtue of Torah classes in the synagogue

Eighteen years as the rabbi of a synagogue

Authority of the committee of the "Tzemach Tzedek" synagogue in Jerusalem's Old City

The position of the Ark/Aron Kodesh in the synagogue (that protrudes from the wall)

A paroches (curtain) inside the Aron Kodesh

The Mechitza between men and women in the synagogue

Height of the Mechitza

Necessity for Mechitza especially in our time

Members who want to convert a synagogue to "Conservative"

Synagogue that has a microphone on Shabbat and Yom Tov

Increasing synagogues in our time

Tetzaveh 265

Debate concerning what is written in the Torah Or s.v. "on the twenty-fifth of Kislev (ד"ה בכ"ה בכסלו) regarding the lighting of the candles in the Temple

The Altar of every person is the heart

Purim Katan 265

"This small one will be big" (״זה הקטן גדול יהי״)

Purim 266

Lessons from the days of Purim to the days of World War II

Religious value of the Mitzvah of "Matanot L'Evyonim" and the Chassidic foundation that Love of G-d and love of Torah is connected with Ahavat Yisroel

Chassidic explanation of "And many from among the peoples of the land became Jews" (ורבים מעמי הארץ מתייהדים״)

Tisa 268

Debate in the matter of "A person cannot forbid something that is not his" ("אין אדם אוסר דבר שאינו שלו") concerning the making of the calf by Aaron (since he did acquire it)

The shape of the Luchot must not be rounded

Health Aspects

1. Permission and authority for doctors to heal 271

Debate of Rambam and Ibn Ezra (and Ramban) regarding utilizing cures and the accepted Jewish Halacha to utilize medicine

Healing from now and in the future and retroactively as well, and also in spiritual matters by Teshuvah rectifying from now and in the future or retroactively

Doctor in Kfar Chabad

When the doctor knows that he is G-d's messenger there is no worry at all and his healing will be extremely successful "Permission/רשות means power (ko'ach) from Above

Necessity of complying with the directives of the doctor and this is not considered wasting time

Fulfilling the directives of the Sages to listen to follow the doctor's orders and with joy

A doctor is a messenger of the Torah to heal even if they do not know it.

The prohibition of fasting and self-affliction

Listening to the doctor' orders is a directive of Torah even if we do not understand it

Necessity of Bitachon and the negation of concerns about staying in the hospital

Actual compliance with the physician's orders

2. Specialists 276

To act according to the directives of two expert doctors

Necessity to consult specifically with an expert for that thing (לאותו דבר);

According to doctors' orders it is possible to decrease in study because it is a time to act (עת לעשות)

Occupation with spiritual health; setting times for learning Chassidut

A specialist who is not Jewish - in medical matters there is no difference at all as was evident with our Rebbeim

When the doctor says to do nothing (שב ואל תעשה) one should ask another expert

An expert doctor must decide between the opinions of two doctors

To send a description of the situation in the institution of specialists

The advantage of a general practitioner (רופא כללי) who can weigh the difference between all the specific doctors

Specialists must discuss the matter between them

How to decide between the views of many doctors

Comparison between American and Israeli doctors

A decision is dependent upon the expertise of the advisors

Acting according to the unanimous view of experts

Virtue of a doctor that has training

3. Strengthening Emunah and Bitachon 281

Path and conduit to receiving healing by a doctor - Bitachon (trust) and Emunah (faith)

Bitachon and Emunah in G-d “Who heals all flesh and acts wondrously” (רופא כל בשר ומפליא לעשות)

Keeping the three daily Chitas lessons

Saying of the Tzemach Tzedek that "permission was given to the doctor to heal" (״ניתן רשות לרופא לרפאות״) but not to cause depression etc.

Strengthening Bitachon causes blessings

One who has seen the grace of G-d in his life must trust in G-d in medical matters

Bitachon does not just pertain to aspects of the Future world but also in matters of this world

Even according to medical science - Bitachon helps

Participation in farbrengens that bring healing

Not to take many tests (בדיקות׳ (טעםטן)) but rather to follow the doctor’s advice and trust in G-d

"One is answered according to the question" (ווי מען פרעגט אזוי ענטפערט מען) - perhaps the question to the doctor is the path (to health)

Wonder at the lack of Bitachon in G-d after seeing His kindness

4. Employing the power of deed and not the power of thought 286

Following doctors' orders only in regard to deed but not to dwell on one's health condition, thought that has no purpose

"Following expert doctors' orders.  . not to be affected by their conclusions (שיעשו כהוראות רופאים מומחים . . אין להתפעל מחוות דעתם)

Depression from health aspects is the opposite of the Torah - one should not dwell at all in one's medical condition

Banning one's thoughts completely from thoughts concerning health rather just to follow the doctor's instructions. 

5. Torah and Mitzvot and spiritual health brings physical health 288

The receptacle to receive G-d's blessing in health matters - strengthening Torah and Mitzvot, putting on Tefilin each day, Tzedaka and saying Tehillim. Influencing others regarding this

Shabbat candle lighting, Tzedaka and Tehillim

The doctor himself must inspire his patients improve their spiritual health through keeping of Torah and Mitzvot

Prostate surgery without severing the seminal duct

Ophthalmologist - the connection to opening blind eyes to the light of Torah

A doctor must bring his patients close to follow Torah and Mitzvot

Necessity of spiritual health with physical health

Physical health through spiritual health and the hint from the Mitzvah of Tefilin

Spirituality and physicality are connected

The spirituality of a Jew is one with physicality - "one nation on earth" (גוי אחד בארץ)

The agenda of the day - prayer, Torah, Derech Eretz

Medical student who studied in a Lubavitch yeshiva must utilize his experience

Just like a physical inheritance - every Jew has an "inheritance"(״ירושה״) from Har Sinai

Physical health through spiritual health

Spiritual health dependent on Torah and Mitzvot

Carefulness to eat Pas Shacharis (bread at breakfast), and studying subjects that give enjoyment

Story of the Rebbe Rayatz that he is an expert in Torah and Mitzvot and why one would want to get his views specifically on commerce aspects

One who enters a hospital must bring the people there close to Torah and Mitzvot

"I am not a professor of medical science" (״אינני פראפעסאר בחכ׳ הרפואה וכו״)

Tefilin - segulah against "schizophrenia"

Kriat Shema al haMitah with kavanah - segulah for trouble breathing - must coincide with the advice of a doctor

Segulah for nerves and anger - Tzedaka, studying Chovos HaLevavos, Checking Mezuzot

Carefulness in Kashrut adds to health

Carefulness of eating Shemittah and Avodah with joy

Precision in Kashrut and putting on Tefilin that were checked

Tanya and Mezuzah

The prohibition of reneging on a pledge to Tzedaka

6. Surgery and procedures with specific organs 300

If in doubt of surgery it is better to refrain (שב ואל תעשה עדיף)

Postponement of surgery if it is possible by diet

Complex surgery with little hope of success should not be done

Surgery in the month of Elul not Av and in the beginning of the week

Treatment of varicose veins

Negation of dangerous tests

Extreme care in performing surgery that is impossible to reverse


Health care

Hemorrhoid surgery; uterine surgery

Broken bones

Casts and trusses

Kidney stone treatments

Removing skin moles (״מאל״ שעל העור)

Back disk treatment

Brain surgery (lobotomy)

Gastric Sleeve Surgery (reducing the stomach) for weight

Surgery or radiation therapy

Treatments with compresses

Hand surgery, and care not to damage the movement of the fingers


Travelling to Teverya for medical purposes

Leg surgery

Varicose veins



Eye treatments - different Segulot

Ear treatments

Tooth treatments

Skin disease - psoriasis

Blood pressure - dependent on mood

Rash (אויסשלאג)



Tightness of the throat

Furuncle (boils)

Child Insomnia

Sleep disturbances

Child bedwetting

Virtue of not focusing (on illness) in strengthening the powers of the body

Connection of parents to daughter

Child living in fantasy

Advice for depression

Mental health - treatment with doctors but not doctors whose foundation is in opposition to honoring G-d and the parents


Chance of being cured of neurosis

Mental illness treatments

7. Medicines, Injections 328

Headaches, Migraines (nicotinic acid), Mezuzah

Menstrual changes (menopause) affecting the head


Treatment with Insulin or other things

Reducing insulin or shock treatments

Pills to increase child development: not to place conditions on G-d before giving charity for health

Vaccinations (חיסון) for young children

Debate on the best medicines for healing (immunity)

Blood pressure medicine

Sending medicines by those who do not personally know the patient

8. Medical treatment through Meditation (״מריטצי׳״) 335

The prohibition of idol worship with non-Jewish meditation, therefore it is fitting to establish a system that is not connected to idol worship

Negation of engaging in these methods which are associated with idol worship

Necessity to act to rescue from the immediate danger to do so in a permissible manner



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