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(5751) Rashi (40:1): "after these events". Explanation of the phrase "after these events" according to the simple 
understanding of the verse. The necessity for the two explanatios according to Pshat and Pnimiyut.
Explanation of the innovation in the homily of R' Yirmiyah bar Abba (Tal. Chul. 92a) on the verse (ibid 40;10): "And on the vine are three tendrils" and the connection to him and also to Rav who "expounded these verses as you have done"    (Chul. ibid)
The connection to Yud-tes Kislev
(Vol 35 XXXV163)
Rashi: Now it came about after these events: Because that cursed woman (Potiphar’s wife) had accustomed the people to talk (badly) about the righteous man (Joseph), therefore the Holy One, blessed be He, brought to them (the Egyptians) the sin of these (men), so that they would turn (their attention) to them (the two chamberlains) and not to him (Joseph), and also so that relief would come to the righteous man through them. (From Gen. Rabbah 88:1, 88:3)



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