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  (5752) Rashi (37:10): "Will we come". The debate in the maxim: "there is no dream without meaningless components".

How is it possible that Jacob should wait and hope when it will be fulfilled that he bow down to his son Joseph. Tje hope of Jacob for the soverignty of Joseph over his brothers according to Pnimiyut


Rashi: Will we come: Isn’t your mother (Rachel) already dead? But he (Jacob) did not know that the matters referred to Bilhah, who had raised him (Joseph) as (if she were) his mother (Gen. Rabbah 84:11). Our Rabbis, however, derived from here that there is no dream without meaningless components (Ber. 55a/b). Jacob, however, intended to make his sons forget the whole matter, so that they would not envy him (Joseph). Therefore, he said,“Will we come, etc.” Just as it is impossible for your mother, so is the rest meaningless.





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