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(5752) Rashi (Gen. 31:10): "and striped (berudim)". The reason that according to the view of Rashi this form of "berudim" was innovated in Jacob's dream. The correlation of the details of Rashi's wording in the explanation of "berudim" to the concept of "Olam haBerudim" cited in the books of Kabbalah.

The "belted" (berudim) animals refer to the final stage of creation, in which the ten sefirot metamorphose into "profiles" (partzufim) or human-like figures, capable of interacting with one another. As mentioned above, the "belts" around these sheep were composed of different blotches that bled into each other, forming one continuous band, similar to the way the sefirot in this stage each contain elements of all the others, enabling them to combine with one another.  




Gutnick Chumash
Gutnick Chumash

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