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227 Devarim
 Explanation and source of what is written in the Or HaChaim beginning of
 Parshat Devarim that Mishneh Torah was said by Moshe himself and it is just a repetition
 on the first four Chumashim.

Menachem Av  227
 Rectification of the Bein HaMetzarim through strengthening Torah study from the Blessing on Torah   
 Bringing the Geulah closer by studying Pnimiyut HaTorah  
 Rectification of the Churban and Galut by unconditional love  
 Explanation of "unconditional love Ahavat Chinom" and Faith Emunah
 231 Fifth of Menachem Av
 Auspicious time to contemplate and learn from the ways of the Baal hillula - the Arizal - in prayer and Torah and               charitable deeds, particularly in the Sabbatical year. And this will bring the redemption  
 Ditto in year 5748 which is also the Year of Hakhel
 Comments on the new publishing of the Kisvei HaArizal
            a) Should include explanations of our Rebbeim
            b) Necessarily and virtue of references in general

Va'ethanan 237
 Advice to prevent forgetfulness - Oral study and with a Chavrusa,
 Studying the maamer V'hadarta in Likkutei Torah. Checking Tefillin and Tzedaka  
 Strength of the body is weakness of the soul or Nefesh "תוקפא דגופא חולשא דנשמתא או דנפשא"

Explanation at the end of Iggeret HaKodesh s.v. you shall surely rebuke  - concerning the outer and inner      aspects of Shabbat  
 Order of studies in revealed nigleh and Chassidut
 Studying "Chok l'Yisroel"  
 Manner of learning pamphlets of "Likkutei Sichot" (topics)
 Sefarim of Dr. Margoliot;
 The reason that the Tannaim were called "Perushim"
 Comments on the nusach that we say at the Siyum of a tractate
 The way to reach a feeling for dearness of Torah  
 Necessity for having many students in a yeshiva
 Drawing one's father-in-law to Chassidut
 Studying in a Yeshiva
 Virtue of studying in a Yeshiva and the negation of learning a trade  
 Negation of a course in Hebrew in a school
 Studying a profession in a religious technical school
 Negation of secular studies and studying in a women's university:
 Instead one must improve learning in a seminar  
 A son studying where his heart desires even against the wishes of parents  
 Hebrew letters (St'am) according to the Alter Rebbe's method  
 Delay (hefsak) between the tefillin shel yad and the tefillin shel rosh according to the view of the Alter Rebbe
 Tefillin with empty Batim on Chol Hamoed  
 Rectification for one who failed to put on tefillin,
 Tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam
 Special virtue of the Mitzvah of tefillin, and its fulfilment must be with happiness
 A child whose mother is not Jewish
 Words of reason to influence one who wants to marry a non-Jew, G-d forbid
 Great effort that must be expended to prevent a Jew from marrying a non-Jew, G-d forbid

Tu B'Av 252
 The Mitzvot are a conduit to effect of blessing from Above
 Fulfilling the aspects of Tu B'Av in completeness in the Future
 An auspicious day and good resolutions lead to the redemption
 Connection to women and girls in Eretz Yisroel

Eikev 254
 Eikev etc. the Mishpatim - even observing rational Mitzvot must be through Kaballat Ol
 Source that there is a special reward for fulfilling easy Mitzvot (Mitzvot kalot)
 Visiting Eretz Yisroel must have holiness affect the person 
 Aliyah to Eretz Yisroel, and in a manner that one makes Eretz Yisroel a holy land  
 Political party - in order to make the country of Jews a Jewish state  
 Visit of the Rebbe Rayatz to the Holy Land
 "מאך דא ארץ ישראל  -Mach da Eretz Yisroel/Make Eretz Yisroel here"
 Virtue of "Collel Chabad"
 Proper manner of absorbing and settling new immigrants in the Holy Land
 If there is an advantage of Ashkenaz accent over Sefardic accent
 Extremely advantageous (נכון ״מאד מאד״) to change the nusach of prayer to Nusach Arizal
 Explanation of the nusach of Kaddish "קדם אבוהון דבשמיא׳ kodom Abuhon DeShamaya' (using a hidden form)  
 Delay hefsak in Tefilah by saying the word "טאטע Tateh"  and similar (jargon)  
 Explanation of the saying of the Sages מפני מה כוי לכוון בשם (Midrash Tehillim 91)
 Proper Tefilah according to Chassidut - to distribute meditation over many days etc.
 Advice against the confusing thoughts, contemplating Tanya Beg. Chapter 41  
 Time to study Tanya - before prayer or at bedtime  
 Advice for kavanah intention in prayer    
 Notes on the beginning of Siddur Arizal from R' Shimon Rashkov  
 Publication of "״תובן ה ת פ ל ה בצורת סידור הבעש־ט״  
 Negation of the publishing  of a Siddur in a consolidated nusach for all factions in the Holy Land
 Study of Chassidus for women  
 Virtue of giving "ma'amad"  
 Manner of distributing "ma'amad" monies
 Dearth of מופתים miracles due to weakness in  Hiskashrut  
 Great virtue of coming to the Rebbe. And all for the sake of Chassidut  
 Great virtue of "General Yechidut"  ״יחידות כ ל ל י ת
 Satisfaction (nachat ruach)to the Rebbe for one learning Torah and Pnimiyut HaTorah
  and maintaining the Yeshivah schedule
 Merit of one who saw himself the Rebbe Maharash and the merit of his descendants in printing
  Torat Maharash
Chof Menachem Av 271
 The ninth conference of Shluchim in Eretz Yisroel in Rechovot  
 The tenth conference of Shluchim in Eretz Yisroel in Ramat Yishai in Shnat HaArbaim

Re'eh  278
 Conduct according to the Torah brings blessing. Especially in Chinuch al Taharas HaKodesh ("Jewish education in a wholly pure and sacred manner)  
 How to treat one who travels on Shabbat in order to be in a Jewish environment and to eat Kosher
 Virtue of strengthening Kashrut  
 Time of the waiting period to eat meat after dairy  
 Virtue and necessity for vigilance in "Cholov Yisroel"  
 A vow when sick is not connected with Tzedaka that is given from the estate  
 Advantage and disadvantage of rushing "Chipazon"
 One who is awakened in the Mitzvah of Aliyat HaRegel should certainly be awakened in
 beautifying all the Biblical Mitzvot that are obligated
Elul 284
 Virtue of the Chodesh HaRachamim  month of mercy which is a time of drawing down  blessing
 Time of the King is in the field, Achdut Yisroel
Shoftim 285
 Virtue of the day of a little boy's first haircut (Reishit HaGez - giving to the Kohen the first cuttings of the fleece) 
 "Tamim Tehiyeh be perfect with G-d"  - to refrain from "taking stock cheshbon" of life and relationships etc.  
 Negation of interpretations of dates of events  
 Directives for the Avodah of a military chaplain  
 One who is in the army requires even more so the blessing that is drawn down from Torah and Mitzvot  
 Necessity of a soldier to put on tefillin
Teitzei 289
 Endeavoring to fulfill the Mitzvah of 'Shiluach HaKan(sending away the mother bird before taking her young) in out time
 Negation  of recruiting girls  
 Allusions in the Chuppah  - Makkif is in many of the aspects of Chuppah
 Saying attributed to the Rogatchover Gaon that the proof that
 Baalei Teshuva are greater than Tzaddikim is from the saying of the sages that:
 "one who betroths on the condition that he is a complete Tzaddik is married since he may have
 thought of Teshuvah in his heart"
 Our custom is not to have a "Mitzvah Tantz dance" 
 Punctuation of "Samach Tesamach"
 Negation of women singing at a Marriage ceremony
 When the Chatan does not cover his head  
 Two brothers marrying two sisters and the third brother wants to marry the third sister:
  If the will of R' Yehudah HaChasid applies to Sefardim
 Delaying the wedding if an undesirable event occurs in the Kallah's family  
 Family closeness between the Chatan and Kallah bride is of no concern
 Resolution to wed must be with diligence
 Necessity to change the law in the Holy Land to reduce the marriage age  
 Torah study of the husband for a portion of the day - is a proper beginning of an everlasting marriage  
 Virtue of קדש עצמך במותר לך  - sanctify yourself in this that are permissible to you
 Problems at the beginning of the marriage are unusual  
 A non-Jew who wants to convert for marital purposes 
 Negation of the proposals of the Reform movement to rectify Agunot  
 Difference between the birth name and an additional name  
 Charts on tractate Yevamot and tractate Kinim  
 Debate on the modalities of prostate surgery
Tavo 301
 The nature of an "Onan mourner" and its time

Chai Elul 302
 Answer to one who wants to leave his current Yeshiva and attend Tomchei Temimim in the Holy Land
 Utilizing this day for the dissemination  of the ideas of the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe
 and in a manner of going from place to place for spreading Chassidut (Hafatzas HaMayanot)

Nitzavim 304
 Necessity of utilizing the awakening of the Youth movement to return them to their source  
 Explanation wording in Iggeret HaTeshuva (Beb Chap 1) "But for the purposes of Teshuva" etc.
 Aspects of Torah are not by force but are by free choice
Rosh Hashanah 306
 Manner of sounding the Shevarim blasts by the Rebbe Rashab in in Lubavitch

Rosh Hashanah - Yom Kippur 307
 The Shliach Tzibbur for the High Holy Days must learn the meaning of the words
Shabbat Teshuva 307
 A Shabbat'dika Teshuvah -א שבתידיקע תשובה
Vayeilech 308
 Customs of Hachnosas Sefer Torah (Torah dedication ceremony)
Sukkot 309
 Method of selecting kosher etrogim  in Calabria
 Decorations for Noi Sukkah (beautifying the Sukkah)
Bracha 310
 Explanation the words of Sifri (Beg of parshat Bracha) that G-D said to
 Bnei Eisav and not kill and to Bnei Yishmael not to commit adultery
 even though they are part of the Seven Noachide commandments  
 Explanation of the statement of the Arizal that in the Future the Levites will be Kohanim  
 Explanation of the proximity of the end of the Torah to its beginning  
 Moshe is the general representation of the Neshamot souls and Joshua is the
 general representation of the Ruchot spirit
 The end of the Torah is rooted in the beginning -  נעיצת סוף התורה בתחי לתה
 Simchat Torah 312
  Continuing the joy of Simchat Torah throughout the  year  
  The necessity of "Yakov halach l'darko ויעקב ה ל ך לדרכו״" at the conclusion of  Simchat Torah and its aspects
  Rectification for one who participated in the Hakafot who came in cars
 Torah aliyah for one whose Torah observance is not clear - Its ways are ways of pleasantness
 and all its paths are peace


General Letters

Chai Elul, 5747  317
 Earnest accounting in the three pillars: Torah, Avodah and charitable deeds specifically in a
 set manner :
 How to add to this from Ahavat Yisroel:
 Powers for this from the Alter Rebbe's parable: "The King is in the field"

Fifth of Elul, 5747 322
 Continuation: The first day of the creation of the world -
 The innovation of yesh m'ayin ex nihilo , the innovation of multitude (בריבוי)
 The sixth day - coronation of the  King,
 Innovation of Achdut:
 Two points in Avodat HaAdam with special  in the Mitzvah of Shmitta
 and Hakhel. The differences and similarities between them.
 The reason for the Torah reading "hakhel" by the king

Vav Tishrei, 5748 329
 Continuation: One should take (the theme) of the Mitzvah of "hakhel" to fruition
 by conducting "hakhel" meetings in an atmosphere of holiness with the purpose of:
 "in order to hear". Especially for one who is a "king" in his surroundings.
 "And you shall make for Me a Mikdash" - to transform one's home and its furnishings -
 including children - into a "small sanctuary מקדש מעט״".  Term "King: for a
 housewife עקרת הבית

Chai Elul, 5748 333
 Chai Elul. Birthday of the great luminaries, the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe -
 falls on the day that the "great luminaries" - The sun and the moon - began to shine on the earth:
 Accounting of the soul  חשבון נפש soul in the three matters this year:
 "hakhel". "tismach" And "tisamech" ״הקהל״. ״תשמח״ ו״תשמח׳

Vav Tishrei, 5749 338
 Leap Year completes what is lacking. 
 Lesson fot the Asseret Yemei Teshuva -  through Teshuva one can rule over time that was exchanged,
 even on time that was set by G-d in Creation. Jews bring completeness into Creation that was created by G-d




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