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Talmud-Bava Metzia     Talmud Yerushalmi-Maasrot     Rambam-Sechirut
(5748) (Deut 23:25) "When you enter your neighbor's vineyard etc" - Scripture is speaking of a worker [who enters his employer's vineyard to work there] (Bava Metzia 87b)

Three viewpoints in the source of this explanation - Tal. Bavli (ibid), Yerushalmi (Maasrot 2:4) and Rambam (Hil. Sechirut 12;1).
Three boundaries in the worker's eating: The law of a worker eating between Yisroel and HaShem.

And many ways  in the reward of the physical benefits in Torah (Rambam Hil. Teshuva 9).

A worker eating during employ according to Chassidut





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