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Bamidbar 215

Explanation of Likkutei Torah end of our Parsha (15:4) regarding the four senses (and not five)


Rosh Chodesh Sivan 216

General letter - Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5749; All aspects of the days of preparation to Matan Torah are remembered and celebrated (“nizkarim vena’asim”) each year and with renewed force.

In the preparation to Matan Torah there was Achdut of Yisroel, and the women preceded. The connection with “Hakhel”

“On this day – that words of Torah must be new etc.” – the advantage of the educational institute Oholei Torah and the connection to “Hakhel”

Graduation in proximity to Yud-Beis Sivan – all aspects of Matan Torah, before and after, are “remembered and celebrated” each year, including the aspect of Achdut Yisroel on Rosh Chodesh Sivan. The connection to the students of the Yeshiva

The lesson in the aspect of Ahavat and Achdut Yisroel from this day


Yemei Hagbalah 224

The aspect of the “Yemei Hagbalah” (the “three days of limitation", the name given to the three days immediately preceding the festival of Shavuot) as a preparation to Matan Torah is – that the purpose of the intent is not “Kelos Hanefesh” (expiry of the soul out of spiritual rapture) but rather the Avodah of souls in bodies. This aspect is in the Avodah of the preparation to Matan Torah each and every year. Especially in the calendar year when Rosh Chodesh Sivan occurs on the first day of the week. The virtue of the second day of the Yemei Hagbalah and the connection to the daily Tehillim portion


Chag HaShavuot 231

Our custom not to recite “Akdamot”

The connection of Matan Torah with the Schechitah profession – the reason for eating dairy products

The allusion in the Torah to “nuclear science” (מדע גרעיני) – the revelation of the hidden powers in matter, until the first source which is the word of G-d. There must be the ruling of form over matter

The special connection of women to the receiving of the Torah – “So should you say to Beis Yaakov – these are the women”

The merit and responsibility of Jewish women

The connection of Chag HaShavuot to Chinuch – Matan Torah is like a child in school

“Our children (including our daughters) are our guarantors“

The days of Matan Torah are auspicious (מסוגלים) for healing from all undesirable matters

Torah brings healing to the world

Explanation of Rambam (in the preface to Sefer HaYad) “All the Mitzvot given . . were all given together with their explanations, as it states, "And I will give you the tablets of stone and the Mitzvah etc." Seemingly, in Torat Kohanim, this is derived from another verse

The source for the aspect of newness (התחדשות) of Torah each day (in Niglah and in Pnimiyut HaTorah)

The uniqueness of the book of Tehillim (ייחודו של ספר תהלים)

The reason that it appears to a person that he has no success in his study is from the enticements of the Yetzer

The Sefer “Rambam on Torah” (רמב״ם על התורה) its main aspect must not be from his books on Halacha

All Yisroel is like one body. Through strengthening one limb it adds to the strength of the others

Among the foundations of Chabad is not to identify with a political party (להזדהות עם מפלגה). The true aspect of “freedom” is through the “engraving on the Luchot”

Speech to youth regarding the necessity of “Return O Yisroel . . and I will return to you," said the L-rd of Hosts”

Letter of encouragement to a woman who is involved in communal affairs (osek b'tzarchei tzibbur) to use her standing and powers to awaken the youth in the Holy Land to return to G-d and His Torah. Working to achieve inner Aliyah/ascent (תעמולה לעלי' פנימית)

The virtue of “communal life/Kibbutz” (חיי קבוצה) in a manner that precludes undesirable competition yet does not nullify the virtue of the individual. This aspect is different for those who founded the Kibbutz from those that were born into it. The connection to Rosh Hashanah where man was created as an individual.

Many lessons concerning the aspect and topic of a “newspaper” in general and a “Jewish newspaper” in particular.

Stories etc. in a newspaper

There is no contradiction between socialism and Judaism

Sharp criticism on the saving of personalities and events from the Holy writings in an allegorical manner that opposes the spirit of Judaism

Receipt of the book “Yisroel b’Golah” and its critique; the custom of completing the entire Torah reading in a yearly cycle in Rashi’s times; The ruling of Jewish tribes in North Africa in the middle ages.

The aspect of Gilgulim accepted in Torat HaChassidut etc. (and even by the Vilna Gaon and his students)  252

Negation of participating in organizations together with Reform and Conservative 253

Responses to general questions in faith and religion; Complete negation of the notion that it is possible to rely on moral feelings etc. without Torah. The obligation to educate youth.

Doubts in matters of science (theorems are probable but not certain) are not like differing opinions in Torah 255

The claim, “Shall the Judge of all the earth not do justice?” in connection with the Holocaust etc.; It is a clear proof from the Holocaust that it is impossible, without Torah, to rely on the moral philosophy and feelings of man.

“Deed is primary” – influencing others to have children

Claims regarding the “Holocaust”

The question of a why bad things happen to good people (צדיק ורע לו) answered according to faith in the Resurrection of the Dead (בתחיית המתים)

Telegrams for Chag HaShavuot- 5747, 5748, 5749


Naso 263

Source and strong importance of covering married women’s hair

Not to leave a revealed place in a women’s hair

It is impossible that a wig should cause headaches

Advantage of a wig over a scarf

Alacrity in obtaining a wig. Special Gemach in Machane Yisroel for this purpose.

Necessity for the aspects of wigs and the education of women and daughters, in general

Necessity for covering the hair and the negation of objections etc.

Necessity for a couple getting married to agree on the wearing of a wig etc.


Behaalotecha 269

True Chinuch in a manner of “the flame rising of its own accord”

Ministering of the Levi’im to the Kohanim through song.

Moving from one place to another does not need to cause a weakening in Avodat HaShem; like the Sicha of the Rebbe Rayatz that the Travels were according to the word of G-d; This is alluded to in Tanya Chap. 25 regarding an everlasting Unification


Shlach 271

Women loved the Land and were not enticed from the advice of the Spies. From this, it is understood that women hold dear all aspects of holiness

Not to be ashamed from scoffers, as it states, “G-d is with us, do not fear them”

Source of what is written in Torah Or Beshalach (64a) “The Sages state, one who wishes to accept upon himself the yoke of Heaven should put on Tzitzit and Tefilin

Segulah for removing children’s fears – Tzitzit

The proof that it is forbidden to place woolen Tzitzit string into a linen Talit is from the Torah

Explanation of Likkutei Torah (Shlach 49c) regarding the advantage of Chochmah/Wisdom to Gogalta/(Keter)


Chof-Chet Sivan 274

The innovation of this day which began a new era in the spreading of the wellsprings outward; explanation of “spreading”, “your wellsprings”, “outward”; The connection to Parshat Shlach


Korach 281

“Moshe rose up and went etc.” – the importance of efforts to establish religious technical expertise in the Holy Land


Chukat 281

Virtue of financial assistance to print Tanya- the connection to what is written in Likkutei Torah regarding worm and scarlet thread of the Red Heifer (Note: offering letters)


Yud-Beis Tammuz 282

Study from the story of the Mesirat Nefesh of Yud-Beis Tammuz, especially after forty years

Remembrance of the Geulah must be in a manner of “deed” (נעשים)

Geulah from all undesirable aspects

The Mesirat Nefesh of Yud-Beis Tammuz is connected with Torah-true Chinuch

Farbrengen on Yud-Beis Tammuz

Lessons from the residents of Kfar Chabad and their Mesirat Nefesh

Necessity that an educational institution ( and especially one in the Holy Land) be proper

Moving to the Holy Land when one has the ability to influence one’s surrounding where he currently lives, especially in the area of Chinuch, is abandoning the war against assimilation, G-d forbid            287

Utilizing one’s powers to facilitate G-d’s mission

The mission of spreading Judaism, in one’s area and surroundings is incumbent upon everyone

Instead of searching for challenge by attending university, which has “obstacles” one must withstand the challenges in the seminar itself

From “tests” in course study one must learn that each person must test himself in the aspects of Avodat HaShem 289

In all places of doubt – whoever increases in the aspects of the fear of Heaven is praiseworthy

It is impossible that one who is engaged in the education of Jewish children, should feel alone

Non-kosher intermediaries should not be utilized for the purpose of a Mitzvah. For it is a “Mitzvah that comes through sin”. However, one who foregoes his personal comfort to influence another, is better than personal study.

All merit bears fruit

Instead of thinking about oneself, one must think of the other; manners of contemplation in prayer; one who acts with another helps regarding himself

Telegrams from Yud-Beis Tammuz 5747, 5748, 5749


Pinchas 296

Correction of mistake in Likkutei Torah end of Parshat Pinchas s.v. Kodesh Yisroel beg. Pg. 80:4 (רפ״ד)


Matot 296

Through peace below there is peace Above


Bein HaMetzarim 297

Study of the aspects of Beit HaBechirah, which is pertinent; virtue of printing practical laws and customs 

Haircutting of a three-year old – to be deferred until after the Bein HaMetzarim

R’ Yochanan ben Zakkai in the statements of the Sages


Days of summer 299

Letter to Gan Yisroel 5748(Hakhel) , 5749 ( the fortieth year)



Index of topics 305

Index of verses 321

Index of statements of the Sages 334

Index of bibliographies 347


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