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Shulchan Aruch O.C.1
Tur O.C.1
Shulchan Aruch HaRav O.C.1
Arizal - Shar HaKavanot     Arizal - Pri Eitz Chaim Vol.1

(5749) Debate whether the fringes of a Talit Katan need to be covered or visible - According to the view of Arizal (c.f. Shulchan Aruch O.C 8:11 -  Magen Avraham 13) that a Talit Katan has to be "under one's garment"; Dispute of Rambam and Tur if "and you shall see them" is an essential part of the Mitzvah of Tzitzit.

Regarding the Tallis Katan, the Poskim declare that it should be worn on top of the other clothes in order to be constantly seen, fulfilling the concept to remember all the Mitzvos.

Yet the Mekubalim say the begged should be worn internally (not taught publicly since most people actually need the constant reminder)

Concept of wearing outside– Chitzoniyut so sin does not come to your hand
Concept of wearing inside – Pnimiyut an internal elevation in Mitzvos





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