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Rambam    Talmud
(5746) The reason that the source for the advantage of "Eidah" (a quorum of ten Jews) in holy matters is derived specifically from the Spies ( Tal. Meg. 22b);

Explanation of Rambam (Hil. Teshuvah 10:1) concerning one who serves from love - many levels in this and the resolution of the contradiction there (Chap. 9) that the performance of Torah and Mitzvot is in order "to merit the world to come".

Explanation of Rambam (ibid 10:4) that each one is required love G-d with a "proper love" similar to the love of Avraham Avinu.
The spies were on a very high level, and did not want to enter Eretz Israel and lower themselves to be involved in worldly matters. From this group we learn the concept of a minimum quorum of 10 men for holy matters.

Life in the world-to-come is not just a reward for actions in this world, but is a continuation and increase in the closeness to HaShem that occurs from Torah and Mitzvos




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