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Rambam-Pesulei Hamukdashim

(5746) Rambam (Pesulei Hamukdashim 3:17): "It is possible for sacrificial animals of any type to become intermingled with other sacrificial animals of the same species with the exception of [animals consecrated] as sin offerings and [those consecrated as] guilt-offerings, because guilt offerings may be brought only from male sheep and sin-offerings are brought from female sheep." -
Explanation of the innovation in this Halacha (even though this is a natural occurance) And why Rambam omitted that also the ruler's he-goat and the guilt-offering may not be intermingled (Tal. Zevachim 75b) According to pnimiyut

Tal. Zevachim 75b:
 ALL [SACRIFICES] CAN BE MIXED UP etc. Why are a sin-offering and a guilt-offering different; [presumably] because one is a male and the other is a female? Then the same applies to a sin-offering and a burnt-offering? — There is the ruler's he-goat. In the case of a guilt-offering too, there is the ruler's he-goat? — One has hair and the other has wool.
A Passover-offering and a guilt-offering too cannot be mixed up, for the former is a year old, while the latter is two years old? — There are the nazirite's guilt-offering and the leper's guilt-offering. Alternatively, sometimes a year old looks like a two-year old, and sometimes a two-year old looks like a year old.  





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