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Shmot 229

Source for what is written in the general letter for Passover 5717 that Yisroel did not change their food in Egypt

Level of Moshe according kabbalah

Explanation of the expounding of the Sages on the verse (Kohelet 8:5) "Whoever keeps the commandment shall know no evil thing, and the heart of a wise man knows time and justice" that it refers to Moses and Aaron, Joshua and Moses, Esther and Mordechai

Bo 232

The hint at the end of tractate Pesachim concerning the blessing of the Passover sacrifice and Pidyon HaBen and Shehechiyanu

Debate in the words of the Alter Rebbe in his Shulchan Aruch (553:14) that it is sufficient to keep the Mitzvah for the sake of 'seven days you shall eat Matzot' ; if according to this opinion there is a Mitzvah to eat Matzah each of the seven days

Explanation of the words of the Sages (Bava Kama 98b) that everyone is commanded to burn the Chametz even though the obligation to burn it is on the owners (שחמץ בפסח ״הכל מצווין לבערו אף שחובת הביעור היא על הבעלים)

Yud Shvat 234

The effect of the farbrengen on Yud Shvat must be in actual deed. The body follows the head like the metaphor for the sun shining on the six hundred myriads of stars (כמשל השמש המאיר לסייר כוכבים) (Igerret HaKodesh Par. 27)

The Avodah of the Baal hillula in a manner of "May G=d give me another son/יוםיף ה״ לי בן אחר - transforming the "other" to a "son" and in a openly miraculous manner (ובאופן דנםי נסים) and in a manner like Yitzchak where G-d's name was united with him

General letter 5747: Making each Jewish home into a minor Sanctuary (הפיכת כל בית יהודי ל״מקדש מעט״) - a house of Torah, Avodah and Gmillat Chasadim ; and related to Tu B'Shvat - the New Year for trees, in a manner of growth

General letter to all Jewish children of Israel - to make their rooms a place of Torah, Avodah and Gmillat Chasadim in in a manner of growth; Sicha in continuation of this topic

After the year on one's passing one must strengthen devotion ( ההתקשרות) in a manner that each day should be as new (בכל יום יהיו כחדשים) (like Moshe's directive concerning Torah and Mitzvot)

Beshalach 245

Debate in what is written in Sefer Baal Shem Tov on Torah that the splitting of the Red Sea Torah was as if it was natural

Explanation of Targum Yonason (14:28) that the six Matriarchs are carved on Moshe's staff

"I am the L-rd your Healer" (״אני ה׳ רופאך׳) is an acronym for "Arich (anpin)" which is the source of Healing

Healing from G-d in a manner that "I will not put on you" (לא אשים עליך)

Explanation of the contradictions in Zohar regarding the sefirot that emanate in the three Shabbat meals

Care not to make Kiddush between the sixth and the seventh hour on Erev Shabbat and the custom of those in the Holy Land (and also regarding Nital)

Resolution of the contradiction between the Torat Chaim (Parshat Lech p. 272) and Parshat Vayakhel whether Shabbat food fattens (מגשמת)

A Yarzeit fast on Shabbat

Setting Eruvin 248

Ruling of the Alter Rebbe like the view of Rashi that the Public Domain is only dependent sixteen Amot

The reason that sixty myriads of passersby in the Public Domain are inclusive of males

Whether Manhattan is considered a Public Domain Biblically according to all opinions ( לכו־ע רה־ר מן התורה:)

The nature of a "sea/yam" and "river/nahar" according to Torah and the difference between them

The concern that a reef may appear in the sea according to one view - is cited as Halacha in the Rema and Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch (363:35)

If the ability to view Manhattan from tall buildings removes it from the category of public domain

Additional sources and note on the pamphlet "Tikun Eiruvin"

Concerning the Mitzvah of establishing Eiruvin (תיקון עירובין)

If plants nullify the barriers: additional debate on the above

Ruling of the Alter Rebbe that the sea is not counted as a barrier

Not to publish and to publicize that there is an Eiruv in the city

Tu B'Shvat 252

Aspect of planting trees on Tu B'Shvat is not related to the customs and laws of the day

Yitro 253

Correction of errors in what was written in the notes of the Farbrengen - that Matan Torah was an aspect of "Addition/הוםפה" - which is inherently wrong

Whether Mitzvot are from the side of Kabbalat Ol or they have a rationale

How does one know that the fulfillment of Mitzvot must be kept even when associated with difficulties, toil and tests

Theorems (כללי) of the cantillation notes of Torah and their origin and strength

Resolving the saying of the Sages that "The wine is the owner's, the credit for it is given to the butler ("Chamra l'mara tivusa l'shakia" - Bava Kama 92b) with the prohibition of idol worshiping (Sun etc.) where influence emanates from them

Using secular dates

Hilchot Shabbat 257

Permission (heter) to place an empty used pot on the fire (and a pot of food on it)

Nature of sewing on Shabbat

Safety pin on Shabbat

Sewing with a metal needle

Shabbat timer

Partnership in parnassah with someone who does not keep Shabbos, G-d forbid

Rectification for candle lighting after sunset - Tzedaka in the numerical value of "Shabbat/$7.02" in addition to other deeds

Excerpt from the Maamer of the Mitteler Rebbe regarding the reason for the groom to stand under the Chupah and the explanation connected to Matan Torah

Mishpatim 262

Explanation of Rashi Mishnah Bava Kama beg. Chap. 8 (concerning the law of a person who wounds his fellow) that we estimate how much he would be worth if he sold himself as a Hebrew slave

Health Aspects 262

If one is permitted to engage in preventive medicine

If one is allowed to inject things that are not kosher for eating

Salk vaccine

Blood transfusion from a non-Jew - seemingly clogs (מטמטם) more than milk that comes from a non-Jewish nursemaid

Bloodletting in the Talmudic era

The discourse and debate in the particulars of the treatment, concerns the doctors and not the patient

Saying of our Rebbeim that doctors were given permission to heal and not to weaken etc.

Segulot for healing after surgery: a mezuzah, Tzedaka, Tehillim

Tonsil removal - according to the advice of two doctors

Negation of melancholy (מרה שחורה) as a result of the doctors' opinion

G-d performs miracles even for specific individuals

Healing must involve a natural aspect (אחיזה בטבע). Story of the Alter Rebbe on this

Pulling teeth in our time

The spell for one who chokes on a bone (Tal. Shabbat 67a) is also applicable in our time

Segulot for healing the eyes - Reading lines of Zohar

Carefulness in Kiddush and Havdalah and learning Chassidut on Shabbat - is a Segulot for eyes (מאור עינים)

Hint in the saying of the Sages (Shabbat 112b, Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer Chap. 2) that carefulness in Kiddush and Havdalah is a Segulah for eyes (מאור עינים)

Segulot for healing the eyes - participate in the Ner Tamid (if one exists), carefulness in Shabbat and Yom Tov candle lighting. Tzedaka before candle lighting

Segulot for the mental illness of the desire to steal

Mishpatim (continued) 270

Explanation of the words of the Perisha (Tur Choshen Mishpat 389:3) that for a lion that tore and devoured the change is that he tore

Self-affliction is not the way of Chassidut, but rather just from the animalistic soul (and not the body)

Just as increased fasting harms in our time (Igerret HaKodesh Chap. 3) so too are the aspects of Mussar that humiliate, rather one must contemplate the virtue of the soul

Terumah 273

Explanation of the language of the Torah Or (1, s.v. 'aval') that in Galut the "Ha'ara" (of G-dliness) removes itself to "its root and source” (שנסתלקה בחי׳ ההארה כו׳ ״לשרשו ומקורו באצילות)

Tetzaveh 274

View of Rambam on wearing the Priestly garments when not during the Avodah

Language of the Mitteler Rebbe (Ateres Rosh 33a) that the pants of the Kohen Gadol reached the heel (שמכנםי כה־ג היו עד העקב)

Adar 275

Its mazal is strong (בריא מזלי) yet nevertheless Moshe died in that month;

Sources in the matter whether the passing of a Tzaddik is a harsh day or a Hilulah

Proximity of Purim and Pesach, like the precise words of Rashi (Taanit 29a s.v. 'MiShenichnas) "Purim and Pesach"

If one increases in happiness (מרבים בשמחה) in Adar I

Two Yud's in the word "Yehudiim" (יהודיים״") in the Megillah

"The Jews had rule over them" (אשר ישלטו היהודים גוי־) in Avodat HaAdam

"And many from among the peoples of the land became Jews" (ורבים מעמי הארץ מתייהדים״) in Avodat HaAdam

Purim 278

Sources for the explanation of the saying of the Sages that in the Future all the holidays will cease except Purim (לע"ל כל המועדים בטלים חוץ מפורים)

When Purim "falls on Sunday, the villages preface the reading to the court day (i.e., the preceding Thursday. Meg 2a) - even though they are present in the city on Shabbat for the reading of Parshat Zachor

Chabad customs:

                Saying "u'leharog and lifneihem" ( ולהרוג״ ו״לפניהם״ ) twice with the difference

                Blessing "HaRav et riveinu" individually (ברכת הרב את ריבנו)

                'Remember Amalek" with a Tzeirei or Segol (״זכר עמלק״ בצירי או סגול )

Educational discussion regarding children who do not want to "play" the role of Haman in a Purim play (הצגת פורים)

Purim - Pesach 281

Chinuch - associated with Purim and Pesach

Tisa 282

Explanation of Rashi (33:12) “Set Your "eyes" and Your "heart" on Your words." (תן עיניך ולבך על דבריך)

Debate in the explanation of Munkatcher Rebbe in the name of R' Moshe Leib of Sasov regarding the two names of G-d in the thirteen attributes of mercy ( הוי׳ הוי׳ שבי״ג מדות הרחמים)

Studying the Written Torah - from memory

Vayakhel 284

The reason that specifically (the verse) concerning a flame/שהבערה (Ex. 33:3) comes (to differentiate/לחלק יצאת or to state that it is a Lav/ללאו יצאת)


Chazal are divided, why this verse is repeated despite that this Melacha is forbidden anyway. Some say that this verse "comes to differentiate," that is to differentiate and say that each Melacha is considered a desecration of Shabbat independently, therefore one who transgresses all 39 Melachot must bring a sin offering for each one, if it is done inadvertently/Shogeig. There is another opinion that says that it "comes to state that it is a Lav", meaning that it is not an Av Melacha, but a Lav (ban). The difference of these two views is in the laws of Yom Tov.

Only the Ark was made by Betzalel alone -  similar to light that was created only with speech (שהאור נברא לא רק במאמר)

Parah - HaChodesh 284

 The allusion why there is no break between Parah and HaChodesh - Teshuvah and Redemption


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