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Rambam-Shabbat     Shulchan Aruch HaRav OC Hilchot Yom Tov

(5746) Explanation of the debate of the Rishonim (Rashbam and Tosafot Tal. Pesachim 102b) in the reason that they did not enact a blessing on spices at the end of Shabbat that is a Yom Tov

and the opinion of the Alter Rebbe (Orach Chaim 491:1) and the opinion of Rambam (Hil Shabbat 29:29 end) in the blessing on the spices and its connection to Havdalah

Rambam: Why is the blessing recited over spices on Saturday night? Because the soul is forlorn by reason of of the departure of the Sabbath. Therefore, we gladden it and settle it with a pleasant fragrance.  





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