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259 - Bereshit
Source and explanation of Daat Zekainim (be, of Genesis) that  the world was open from the North

/What is the concept of Resting Above on Shabbat if Creation is ongoing every second

/Torah's view on Evolution; Negation of Apologetics; contradictions in the theory itself; comparison to scientific journals

/negation of the "contradiction "of modern scientists to the accepted explanation of Torah concerning the age of the World;
Explanation  of  Saying: "Created worlds and destroyed them"

/Explanation  of "day" of the Six days of the week

/Accepting Evolution denies the Mitzvah of Shabbat; Negation of  "compromising" Torah to fit with Science

/Voiding the philosophy of Apologetics; Resolutions of opinions doubt etc

/ comments on  R. Shteif's commentary on Torah

/The tradition of Large Hebrew letters of the Torah

/development of creation of potential matter, heaven and earth, time, future;
If non-Jews ( Bnei Noach) are obligated to sanctify Shabbat; If non-Jews ( Bnei Noach) are obligated to honor Parents;

The views of  age of Creation (years); partial years;

Creation in Nissan or Tishrei; The view that the world was created in Tishrei 1; Date of the Flood

/Concept of "Light that was created on the First Day

/ Blessing on the striking of the Sun or Moon; If Chazal knew that this is a natural phenomenon

/Grass was not explicitly commanded to grow "after its kind"

/Dispute of the Rishonim if Angels have a body" The body is too small to contain the essence of the Soul yet the soul of a child is able to enliven the body of Og ( giant)

/Source of Chazal that Ramban brings (Gen 2:9) that "Three spoke the truth and were destroyed"

/Why women die at childbirth (R'L) for being lax in Candle Lighting

/King Chizkiah punished for not having children, Connection of his prayer conjoining Redemption to Prayer

/Reason for the differences of R. Meir's text of Torah

/Why Hevel's conception is not written; Reason for the name Hevel ( Abel)

/Who authored Sefer HaYashar and Yosifun  (Josephus)

278 - Noach
"in his generation"  - "if he would have been in the generation of  Abraham etc" - Even though Abraham was 58 years old when Noach lived.

279 - Lech Lecha
"Neither from a thread to a shoe strap (Gen. 14:23)"

/ Necessity of "Priyah"; oral suction, through glass tube

/ Repudiation of view that society should ban oral suction/Explanation of Shut of Tzemach Tzedek that "Milat Moshuch" is d'Rabbanan

/ Explanation of Saying that (in a bathhouse) a Jew is not naked of Mitzvot since he has been circumcised

/ Circumcision of Abraham was physical/Customs of Chabad for Circumcision and the appropriateness of the Mohel learning Chassidut

/Jewish education for those not yet circumcised.

284 Vayeira
Concerning what is wriiten in Keter Shem Tov: "She said Solet ( course flour)"

/Advantage of Man over Angels who do not perform two missions (at once)

/ Debate about which angel saved Lot; "And they took him etc". Which angels does this refer to

/Difference between the names "Be'ar  Sheva" in Parsha Vayeira and Parshat Toldot

/Debate about the explanation of the passage "And Maacah"

286 Vayetze  
"Angels were ascending and descending upon it" ascending and afterwards descending

/ Engagement of a younger daughter before the older/Concerning what is written in many places that "that night Leah herself was Rachel"; Views in the number of stones that Jacob placed at his head

/ "and it was Light" Gematria ="Rachel"

/Explanation of passages:  "and she named him Reuben, for she said, etc  and she said, "Since the Lord has heard that I am hated"

/ Rashi's explanation of Gad "you betrayed me"; reason why "conception" was not stated by Zilpah because 'she was the youngest of them(Bereshit Rabbah)"

/Pronunciation of Yissachar ( 2 Shins)

289 Vayishlach
Prohibition to derive pleasure from the displaced tendon, (Gid HaNasheh )
/Bar Mitzvah learnt from Shimon and Levi and the connection to the name "Eliezer"

291 Yud Tet Kislev    
Reason that Tachnun is not recited on Yud Tet Kislev/Response to the comments of the letter ( L.S vol,8 pg. 434)

/Setting time to study the Weekly Parsha of Torah Ohr and Likkutei Torah/ "Spreading your Wellsprings" - specifically Chabad Chassidut; Necessity of learning Chassidut

/ Necessity of learning Chassidut in our time/Concerning a compilation of Zohar similar to "Ein Yaakov"

/ Serving G-d properly through learning Chabad Chassidut/ Necessity of learning Pnimiyut HaTorah ( inner dimensions)

/Negation of the claim that there is no necessity to  learn Pnimiyut HaTorah

/ Necessity of learning this specifically for those who have learned in a Yeshivah where Pnimiyut HaTorah is studied.

299 Vayeshev
Explanation of the passage:""They have traveled away from here" (They removed themselves from brotherhood);The dream of Yaakov - not  musings of his heart

/Explanation of Ohr HaChaim (Vayeshev37:21) that an independent human being ( Ba'al Bechirah)  is able to kill even someone who is not  deserving of death ( Chayav Misa) in the heavenly court.








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