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ש״פ דברים, שבת חזון תשמ״ ו , Shabbat Parshat Devarim 241 5746 
Notes in "ציון במשפט תפדה ושביה בצדקה" "Zion shall be redeemed with justice, and they that return of her, with righteousness.” (Isaiah 1:27)
Giving tzedaka and Torah study, in particular Yeshiva students, especially students from Tomchei Tmimim ; 
Instituting tests; "Make for yourself a Rav" - each one of Yisroel, men, women and children:
Enlarging and building Chabad houses
ליל ד׳ 0׳ עקב, ט״ ו מנ׳׳א תשמ״ ו  Leil 4, S"P Eikev Tu B'Av 5746 252
The allusion to the aspects of Geulah from Tu B'Av, especially according to this year's cycle, 
Additions in all aspects of Torah and Mitzvot, especially - in deeds that draw close the Geulah 
ב׳ מנ ״א תש״ מ Chof Av 263
Activities for the elderly and the establishment of the Kollel "Tiferet Levi Yitzchak" and "Chachmat Nashim"
ש״פ ראה , מ ב ה ״ ח אלול תשמ״ ו S"P Re'eh MVC"H Elul 5746 272
Avodah in the month of Ellul which is hinted its acronym
Preparation for Shmita (the Sabbatical year)
ש״פ תבוא, ט״ז אלול תשמ״ ו - S"P Tavo tet-zayin Elul 5746 280 
Connection of Parshat Tavo to Chai Ellul
Increasing in spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut outward (Hafatza)
89th year of Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim
ש״פ תבוא, ח״ י אלול תשד ״ מ - S"P Tavo Chai Elul 5744 287
Printing sources ("mareh mekomot") for Rambam
ח״ י אלול תשמ ״ ה - Chai Elul 5745 292
 Explanation of the aspects of the "two great illuminaries" - the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe
 Establishment of Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim
 Printing Tanya in all places
 Every time thee is an increase in saying Tehilim there should be an increase in Tzedaka
 Virtue of printing Tanya in all places
 Number of printed Tanya greater than 3,000
 Virtue of printing picture of the tirle page of all the editions 300
 Blessing erev Yom Kippur after Mincha 5743 301
 Blessing erev Yom Kippur to the students (before kol Nidri) 5743 310
 Blessing erev Yom Kippur after Mincha 5745 313
 Blessing erev Yom Kippur to the students (before kol Nidri) 5745 324
 Blessing erev Yom Kippur after Mincha 5746 329
 Blessing erev Yom Kippur to the students (before kol Nidri) 5746 350
 Blessing to guests - First night of Sukkot 5743 354
 Night of Simchat Torah 5746 358
 Virtue and necessity of the Avodah of Shlichus. "Shliach" with the addition of a Yud equals the numerical value of "Moshiach"
Menachem Av 373 
Reason that in a Get we write "Av" and in a Ketubah we write "Menachem Av"
Time of a Bar Mitzvah meal for one whose birthday is Evev Tisha B'Av 
Cancellation of the reason for the two Churbanot (destructions of the Temple) by Torah and Ahavat Yisroel 
Rectification of Sinat Chinom through Ahavat Chinom (baseless love)
Tisha B'Av 375
Aspect of the prohibition wearing leather shoes on Tisha B'Av and Yom Kippur 
Learning the shiurim (study parts) on Tisha B'Av, 
Visiting the cemetary
The time of "Achilat pras" 
The verse "He hath called a solemn assembly against me to crush my young men/kara alai mo'ed)
             refers to Rosh Chodesh Av and Tisha B'Av
Deferring the fast; Two ways "permitted/hutrah" or "deferred/dechuya"
Shabbat Nachamu 377
Explanation of "double consolation" not just "whatever G-d does is for the best" but "This too is for the good"
Va'etchanan 378
Debate in the nature of "Do not bear false tetsimony against your neighbor"
If the Tzemach Tzedek disputes the view of the Alter Rebbe concerning the time of Kriat Shema 
Two aspects in Sefirat Malchut; an individual sefirah 
Difference bewtween the self-sacrifice of "Echad" to the self-sacrifice of "baruch sheim"
Two modes in Chasidut in the explanation of of the two paragraphs of Kriat Shema - which one of them is considered the light of Chesed in the vessel of Gevurah etc. 
Explanation of the words of the Me'iri (tractate Kiddushin) concerning the effect of Torah on one who commits sins
Debate of the views of the poskim regarding the law "Shelo k'Sidran" (not writing the words in order) for Tefillin and Mezuzot
Different customs regarding amout of lines in (the parshiot) of tefillin 
Putting on tefillin for a left-handed person 
Tefillin on Chol HaMo'ed
Time to start putting on tefillin before one's Bar Mitzvah (for an orphan) 
What is better for the head-tefillin - proper tightening or 2cm.X 2cm. (Etzbaiim al Etzbaiim) 
More on the subject of Etzbaiim al Etzbaiim
Alter Rebbe's Ktav 
Chabad customs for Tefillin:  Shimusha Rabba and Raavad
Writing the parshiot of tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam by those who do not put them on
Aspect of tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam 
Time of attaching a Mezuzah in the Diaspora
Determining the place of the mezuzah - by "Heker tzir" (the position of the door-hinge) 
Aspect of checking mezuzot
Wrting secular letters in Ktav Ashuri (writing style for Sefer Torah) 
Nature of the prohibition of healing a non-Jew
Nature of the prohibition of marrying "Nesinim"
In the times of Moshe and Yehoshua, the Givonim (one of the seven Caananite nations) presented themselves 
and claimed not to be from Eretz Yisroel. They requested to be converted and Yehoshua agreed. It was discovered 
that they were one of the seven Caananite nations. Having already accepted them, Yehoshua did not want to break 
his covenant with them so as not to cause a Chilul HaShem and appointed them to be woodchoppers and water drawers
These people became known as "Nesinim," since they were "given over""Nasan" by Moshe and Yehoshua to perform 
the tasks of chopping wood and drawing water.
Eikev 390
Debate of the words of the Tzemach Tzedek (Igerret HaTeshuvah beg. chap 2) that the time for morning prayer 
             extends to four hours of the day like the Tamid; and Kriat Shema to three hours of the day like the Ketores
Many tips to strengthen prayer
Immersing (tevilah) in a mikvah without kavana (intent); connection bewteen tevilah and prayer
Davening at length (tefilah b'arichut)
Two modes in types of prayer with kavana like all the kavanot (intentions) for the sake of heaven (lishmah)
Explanation of the customs of the Korim (Torah readers)
Small Kriat Shema at its time, and delaying Kriat Shema and its blessings to a later time; 
Reciting Kriat Shema with mistakes
If awake at night should one pray before sleep or rest beforehand
Aspect in Chassidut between Yishtabach and Yotzer 
One who davens at length and the congregation hurries
As above,skipping Pesukei d'Zimra
Davening at length and davening with the Tzibbur
Rejecting the answer to the question of the Tifferet Yisroel in the beginning of tractate Berachot
The time to give tzedaka before prayer
Heter (allowance) to study Torah and pray - for one who has a colostomy bag
Answering Amen and Kedusha when hearing through a microphone 
Completing a Minyan with a minor
Shliach Tzibbur wearing a Talit for Mincha or Arvit; 
Ditto for a baal korah. How should one act if davening in a Beit Knesset that has this custom
Chabad customs for Tefilah and their sources
Reason for the differences in the verses in Tefilah from that of the nusach in Tanach 
Time and manner of saying Modeh Ani
Explanation of the style of direct address ("You") and the third person ("He") in the nusach of the Brachot
What to do in a Beit Knesset where a Shliach Tzibbur recites the Morning Blessings with the Tzibbur and a
                part of the shul davens according  to this nusach 
Saying the Morning Blessings with the Tzibbur 
Opinion of te Alter Rebbe if the Parshat HaKorbanot should be said while standing
Source of the custom to add to the word (b'Asra) - the word "Kadisha" (haDein) in Kaddish d'Rabanan
If one should recite Kaddish d'Rabanan when one is in the middle of Pesukei d'Zimra 
If one should skip the prayers before "Hodu" in order to daven with the Tzibbur 
"HaYom Yom" is considered a later definitive ruling (Basrai) regarding the Shulchan Aruch
Our custom in reciting "l'Sheim Yichud" 
Nusach of "Melech yachid Keil Chai etc." - the word "Yachid" refers to the previous clause
Pronouncing the name Adnay
Completing the three words of Kriat Shema by the Shliach Tzibbur
"Morid HaGeshem" with a "segel" under the Gimmel and Shin
"Tikanta Shabbat" with a Kuf
Reciting a verse of one's name at the end of the Amidah 
Explanation of the wording "Berogez Racheim etc." "Ahavah Tizkor"
Reason for repeating "Mikrah Kodesh" in Kiddush and Tefilah of Yom Tov
In Neilah of Yom Kippur that falls on Shabbat we say "VaYanuchu vam"
Explanation of the wording "Berogez etc."
Explanation of the order "b'Sefer Geulah v'Yeshuah" (redemption and salvation) in "Avinu Malkeinu"
Correction in the wording of the "Yehi Ratzon" that we recite on the night of Hoshana Rabbah
Time to recite "lamnatzeiach Ya'ancha" 
Reciting Tachanun when one prays with a Tzibbur that does not recite it
Our custom regarding the Torah reading "Vayachel" on Tisha B'Av with three who are fasting and "Aneinu" with
               ten who are fasting 
"Mashiv HaRuach" in Shacharit after one heard the announcement (morid haTal)
The reason that we do not complete the verse from the verse nation
          "Remember, do not forget, how you angered the L-rd" ,in the Six Remembrances
If there is a place where Shliach Tzibbur begins Mincha with Korbanot etc.
The reason that in the Alter Rebbe's siddur (that in "v'Shamru") it states "Ot Hi l'Olam" with a vav (in the word Ot)
A Chabad chossid that leads the congregation in a place where it is customary to recite "v'Shamru" 
Explanation of the phrase "Acharit k'Reishit) and not "k'Bereishit" (in Shabbat Kedusha)
Nusach of Mincha of Shabbat - "Shabatot kadshecha" amd "VaYanuchu vam"
Manner of saying Hallel when recites it as part of reciting Tehilim
Nusach "Shechechiyanu" - "Lizman Hazeh" with a chirik under the lamed
Punctuation of the word "l'Ratzot" in every place like Tefilah
"Zochreinu l'Chaim Tovim" or "b'Sefer Chaim Tovim" ( on a public fast)
Debate in the nusach of Kriat Shema sh'al haMitah and reciting the Vidui (confession) there
"HaMapil" blessing for women
If the obligation of Kriat HaTorah is biblical
Two laws in Kriat HaTorah: obligation of the Tzibbur and a part of tefilah
Our custom regarding the reading of the Rebuke (Tochecha)
Our custom for Hagbah and Gelilah 
Our custom when a Sefer Torah is brought out in the middle of Kriah (Torah reading)
Adding to the seven people called up to the Torah on Shabbat
Our custom of "Mi Shebeirach" for women
Our custom in the Haftorah of Shabbat that falls on on the first day of Rosh Chodesh Elul
Our custom not to say "Uv'Nucho yeiamar" (when returning the Torah to the Ark)
Explanation of various differences in the nusach of Tefilah
One who leads the Tzibbur where the nusach is not his own
Aspect of changing one's nusach
Torah Study for girls
If one fulfils the requirement of Birkat HaMazon by the blessing "Al Hamichya" (Birkat Me'ein Sholosh)
Nusach of Birkat Me'ein Sholosh in Eretz Yisroel
כייף מנ ״א - Chof av 423 
General Letters for the conventions of Shluchim in Eretz Yisroel 5744, 5745, 5746
Re'eh 431
Lesson from the beginning of the Parsha for one who became Bar Mitzvah
Virtue of Bikur Cholim as its aspects
Aspect of giving Tzedaka many times
Way to give Ma'aser Sheini to Tzedaka 
Good to apportion Tzedaka to many recipients 
Increasing giving Tzedaka
Elul 435
Three acronyms of Elul - three paths 
Increasing Tefilah and aspects of Torah and Mitzvot in the month of Elul
"Ani l'dodi v'Dodi Li" (Teshuva)
אִישׁ לְרֵעֵהוּ וּמַתָּנוֹת לָאֶבְיוֹנִים Ish L'Rei'eihu U'Matanot L'Evyonim (Each man shall give gifts to his fellow, and presents to the poor) -Actual deed
Month of accounting and resolutions fro the future
Expression "Month of Teshuva"
Shoftim 438 
Lessons from the verse "Shoftim" in Avodat HaAdam
Power of a king and his ability to tax justified with the prohibition of increasing his personal wealth
Setting Shidduchim based on palmistry, in our generation
Law of the prophecy of Chanania ben Azor
(Note: Chanania ben Azor, claimed to be a prophet and contradicted Yirmiahu’s dire prophecies by saying everything would be fine, and then Yirmiahu told him he would die before the end of the year for his false nevu’ah. 
As he lay dying before Rosh Hashonnoh he told his family to delay his burial 
till after the new year began so his death wouldn’t show he was wrong)
Explanation of the Tanchuma (Num. 23) that those who are condemned to death by Beit Din, who heard from Moshe,
             died with Makkot like those condemned with Karet
If everyone is able to become a prophet
Cutting down a fruit bearing tree
Explanation of the the Rash (Negaim 14:5) that defects (mumim) invalidate the Eglah Arufah (the broken-necked heifer)
Teizei 443 
If it permissible for a man to dye his hair in order to make it easier to find a Shidduch
If one makes a blessing on making a Ma'akah (roof railing)
Sources for the nusach "pitzua Daka" like the view of the Alter Rebbe 
Encouragement and spiritual influence on the military
Explanation of the Tosefta (Keilim 81:6) on the meaning of the phrase "Kelbo shel kohen Gadol" (dog)
Debate and clarification converning Zivug (mate) if there is free-choice or it is decreed (according to Nigleh and Kaballah)
Explanation of the phrase of marriage that "one descends a level" (Yevamot 63a) - and the connection to
          the general descent of the soul here and Avodat HaAdam
Explanation of the aspect of marriage as a part of fulfilling the purpose of a soul descending into a body
Explanation of the phrase "An everlasting eddifice (Binyan adei ad)"
Time of the Chuppah - an auspicious time for the Chossen
Spiritual preparation for the wedding - wedding customs
Gold ring
Punctuation of the blessing "Samach Tesamach"
Nusach of the Tenaim accroding to our custom
Writing the Tenaim on the day of the wedding
Names of the mothers of the Chosson and Kallah
If names of the father-in-law and Chosson are the same 
If names of the Kallah and he mother-in-law are the same
Marrying a brother and a sister to a sister and brother
Shidduch with a divorcee
Virtue of marriage in the month of Elul
If one passes over Mitzvot in order to perform them in a better way (Min HaMuvchar) (marriage during the Aseret Yemei Teshuvah)
Marriage in the month of Tevet
Chuppat Niddah
Marriage in Shvat - specifically in the first half of the month
Setting the date of the wedding and the manner of its celebration
Gift of a sermon
Divorce with one who has schizophrenia
Explanation that we do not conduct Yibum when he is old and she is young
Tavo 465
Lesson from the law that the kohen puts his hand under the hand of the owner and waves (the koban - Rashi 27:4)
"hiiteiv" ״היטב״ in mispar kidmi equals 70
(Note: mispar hakadmi (cumulative value) is where each letter is the sum of the values 
of all the letters from alef to that letter, inclusive; Therefore, the value of Aleph is 1, 
the value of Bet is 1+2=3, the value of Gimmel is 1+2+3=6, and so on. 
Chart א=1 ב=3 ג=6 ד=10 ה=15 ו=21 ז=28 ח=36 ט=45 י=55 כ=75 ל=105 מ=1
45 נ=195 ס=255 ע=325 פ=405 צ=495 ק=595 ר=795 ש=1095 ת=1495 ך=75 ם=145 
ן=195 ף=405 ץ=495)
Chai Elul 466
The time of the revelation of the Baal Shem Tov
Nitzavim 467
Vitrue of friendship
Revelation of the Baal Shem Tov, Maggid and Alter Rebbe - and the connection Ahavat HaShem, Ahavat HaTorah and Ahavat Yisroel 
Explanation of the verses "Divrei HaTorah HaZot" and "Sefer Torah HaZeh"
25 Elul 469
All of the aspects of Creation and its purpose is alluded to in the first day - 25 Elul
Blessings Erev Rosh Hashanah 5745, 5746 470
Telegrams for Rosh Hashanah 5745-5747 471
Rosh Hashanah 472
Explanation of the aspect "Lo Ad"u Rosh" according to Kaballah and the explanation of the view of
            Rambam (Laws of Kiddush HaChodesh 7:7)
Many times the phrase: "Great is Teshuvah - the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur" is cited in the Talmud 
How is vitality drawn down on Rosh Hashanah that occurs on Shabbat
Explanation of Likkutei Torah (s.v Atem Nitzavim) that the Shofar of Rosh Hashanah is of a simple Ibex (yael)
Customs of Hatarat Nedarim (nullification of vows), announcing the Shofar blasts (Tekiot)
Explanation of ״כולם יהיו מותרים״ "They all will be permitted"
Explanation of the Yehi Ratzon between the Shofar blasts (which we do not say but is mentioned in some machzorim)
                             (Tekiot): "״וישוע שר הפנים which was changed by censors from "'Yeshaya' Sar HaPanim"
A Shliach Tzibbur for Rosh Hashanah in his year of mourning
A Shliach Tzibbur must learn the meaning of the words
Negation of the story that R' Amnon ruled how he should be punished
Changing one's place of Davening for Rosh Hashanah
The reason that the blessings of Rosh Hashanah are general and not specific - virtue of the specific and virtue of the general
Blessing is the aspect of Gemilut Chassadim ; explanation of the Saying if the Sages (Sotah 14a)
                 the beginning and end of Torah is Gemilut Chassadim
Setting Rosh Hashanah on the day of creation of man
"Head" rosh of the year and not "beginning " of the year
Explanation of the saying of the Rebbe Rayatz that the aspect of intellect (mochin) is for the purpose of loving a simple Jew and
            the connection to Rosh Hashanah
Hint to the aspect of Shechita in Avodah from the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Coronation of the King - accepting the yoke of Heaven with happiness
Ten Days of Repentance 485
The congregation reciting "Zochreinu" etc.
Fast of Gadaliah 486
Selichot for Tzom Gedaliah
 Vayeilech 486
 Directives in the writing and Siyum of a Sefer Torah
 Vav Tishri 487
 Encouragement in the three Mitzvot candle lighting (even by young girls), Kosher, Family Purity
Yom Kippur 492
Our custom of Kriat Shema shAl HaMitah" on Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur - Sukkot 492
Relationship between Yom Kippur and Sukkot 
Blessings when distributing the Etrogim, Erev Sukkot - 5745. 5746 493
Telegrams for Sukkot - 5745 -5747 495
Sukkot 496
Distinction between making the Sukkah and making (preparing) the Arba Minim (four species)
If it is forbidden to make a Sukkah in the Temple Courtyard (Azarah) because of "Do not plant"
Etrogei Morocco 
With Ethrogim the main thing is the tradition 
If one fulfills the Mitzvah of Arba Minim when there is government ban from importing them from abroad 
Debate in that which Siman 625 in Shulchan Aruch does not have contain any Halacha
If there is any merit to the reasoning that a Sukkah must be specifically outside the home
Custom of Anash regarding sleeping in the Sukkah 
Reason for our custom to preface shehecheyanu on the first night and preface "leisheiv baSukkah" on the second night 
Customs for the Arba Minim: Saying G-d's name (in the verse "Hodu LaHashem") when waiving the Arba Minim
Mivtza Arba Minim 
Aspect of visiting one's Rav on the festival 
Virtue of Tefilah and Birkat kohanim in the Rebbe's shul (mechitzat HaAdmur)
Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah 505
Explanation of what is written in the Mitteler Rebbe's siddur (end of Shar HaKavanot) that Hakafot is a minhag of the Nivi'im
Bracha 506
Diffferent Midrashim concerning the burial place of Moshe
Telegrams for Hakafot Shniyot in Eretz Yisroel 5745-5747
General Letters
Chai Elul 5745 515
Two opposites in Rosh Hashanah.
1. Coronation of the Almighty, nullification of all measure and boundary 
2. Completion of Creation where each detail is limited and measured 
and the resolution - through Avodat HaAdam who was created on this day - linking Givul and Bli Geivul physicality and spirituality. 
The connection to Chai Elul - Avodah of the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe
Erev Shabbat Selichot 5745 521
Continuation (Hemshach) - Two similar opposites also on Yom Kippur which is Rosh Hashanah in Pnimiyut
Chai Elul 5746 527 
Rosh Hashanah is not like other holidays - it is set for the creation of the whole world and all humanity.from this we 
learn that Avodat Yisroel is to influence all the inhabitants of the world and the entire world
Gimmel Selichot 5746 534
Continuation (Hemshach) 1) This matter - Effect on the entire world - is also releveant to children 2) Even in Avodat HaAdam (microcosm)
itself - "In all your ways - know G-d" etc.

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