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(5746) The reason it does not state (in our Parsha 18:20) "I am your inheritance and portion" concerning the Leviim like it states by the kohanim;

Dispute of Rashi and Rambam (Hil. (Hil. Talmud Torah 3:1,4:1) concerning the differences of kohanim and Leviim;

The differences in the explanation of the verses of our Parsha and the Parsha of Eikev (10:8-9) and Shoftim (18:1-2)

Cohanim and Leviim two different roles?  Every Jew can obtain the bitul of a Levi, who while being only assistants were more bitul than the Cohanim

Rambam:  The tribe of Levi as a whole, were separated from the rest of the Jews to serve HaShem; and the Cohanim were separated from the Leviim for a distinctive service of korbanos (example, gifts were given to both the Cohanim and to the Leviim)

Rashi: HaShem made two distinct separations – the Cohanim to serve HaShem and the Leviim (on behalf of b’nei Yisrael) to assist the Cohanim (example, Leviim’s gifts where compensation from the Jewish people)





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