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Rashi (Lev. 13:40) s.v. "He is bald; he is clean". The boundary of "Nesekin" according to Rashi. Debate of Rashi (ibid) and Rambam (Hilchot Tuma'at Tzorat 5:9) whether a white hair is a sign of impurity for a bald person
Lesson: Lesions covered by hair results from speaking Lashon HaRa, Rambam: results from a denial of G-d 
"He is bald; he is clean". He is clean of the uncleanness of nesek, for he is not judged by the signs of head and beard, which apply to a hairy part of the body, but rather by the signs of a skin eruption of the flesh (white hair), healthy flesh, and spreading



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