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Sichot 5744-5746

S”P Shmot, MVCH Shvat 5746 299

Aspect of the month of Shvat where Moshe explained the Torah in seventy languages; ​​and the connection to the Rebbe Rayatz where the day of his Hilulah is in this month.

The connection to Parshat Shmot, the connection to Chof Dalet Tevet.

S”P Va’eira, MVCH Shvat 5744 308

Explanation of the term descendants of the Alter Rebbe according to the words of the Alter Rebbe in his Shulchan Aruch that descendants (צאצאינו) also refer to grandchildren etc.

S”P Va’eira, R”C Shvat 5746 311

Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh – nature and innovation and “orderly offerings” and “additions” (תמידים כסדרם ו״מוספים״) and their connection:

"Va’eira” and "Shvat": Translation of the Torah in seventy languages:

Shvat is the month of Joseph and Asher

S”P Bo, 3 Shvat 5744 320

Endeavoring to print the Tanya in every town and city in which Jews live

The connection to the Parsha of the week

S”P Bo, Yom 8 Shvat 5746 328

Directives in conjunction with the day of the Hilulah of Yud Shvat

Eve of Yom 3, 13 Shvat 5744 334

General Yechidut for guests 334

The lesson from the of Hilulah the Nasi - Achdus (“one thing for a generation”) through gatherings and conferences in all places

The lesson from Parshat Yitro - an expression of addition and increase in Jewish matters

Splitting of the Red Sea and the war of Amalek

Eliminating the boundaries of nature and nullification of doubts and coldness

“Kingdoms skirmish with each other” (). The world trembles (and the proof from the President's remarks)

Repairing the thing by increasing in Torah and Mitzvot

Yechidut of a group of brides and grooms 345

Yechidut of a group of Bar Mitzvah boys and their parents 347

Yom 4, Parshat Beshalach, eve of 13 Shvat 5746 349

General Yechidut for guests

Jewish unity through gathering them all in one place in connection with Nasi HaDor

Example from the Olei Regel (pilgrimages) at the time of the Temple

The hint in the Parsha of the week (Song of the Sea) and in the daily lesson of Rambam (Pos. commandment of Gemilut Chassadim)

S”P Beshalach, 15 Shvat 5746 355

Second completion of the cycle of study of Rambam

S"P Mishpatim MVCH Adar I 5744 359

Virtue of the study Tanya on the radio. Letter in conjunction with the Sicha

S"P Mishpatim MVCH and Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar I 5746 367

Virtue of Jewish women and girls which is reflected in the three Parshiot Yitro, Mishpatim and Terumah.

S"P Terumah 2nd day Rosh Chodesh Adar I 5744 378

Virtue of printing Tanya in every place: Virtue of the study Tanya on the radio.

S"P Tisa 15 Chodesh Adar I 5744 384

New publication of Likkutei Torah

Explanation of the reason for the beginning of Likkutei Torah with a Torah commentary on Parshat a Beshalach Virtue of printing Tanya in every place. The aspect of distributing liquor ()

S''P Pekudei and Shekalim MVCH and Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar II 5744 392

Virtue of “Hatzalah” organization


Va’eira 399

Telegram regarding the laying the cornerstone of a Mikvah

Bo 400

Pharaoh said “Not so; let the men go now and worship the Lord” and Moshe (of every generation) replies “With our youth and with our elders we will go etc.”

Torah and Tehillim - Before Chatzot (midnight) and after Chatzot (Talmud Berachot 3a)

Aspect of the plague of the firstborn () at midnight and its connection to the number twenty-five (So says the L-rd/כה אמר ה׳)

The lintel corresponds to Avraham and the two doorposts to Isaac and Yaakov (Shmot Rabba end of chap 1, 17:3) and rectifying it with what is explained in many places that the right side corresponds with Avraham, Isaac with the left side and Jacob with the middle

“And you shall tell your son” – contemplating the condition of the student

Debate if according to the Zohar one must make two blessings of Tefilin

Debate in the shape of letter Tzadi in Torah writing (Sta”m)

The necessarily the laying Tefilin of Rabbeinu Tam in this time; in the writing of the Arizal

Explanation of the saying of R’ Shimon ben Elazar (Talmud Shabbat 130a) that “Yisroel did not devote themselves to Tefilin”

Aspect of Pidyon HaBen in spirituality – Drawing Yisroel (my eldest son) to their Father in Heaven

Yud Shvat 408

If mourners should comfort one another

Telegram for Yud Shevat 5744, 5745, 5746

Yud - Tu B’shvat 412

Renewal each year in the aspects of the Baal hillula

The necessity to make ones private home a “small Temple” () through Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Chassadim and the connection to the New Year for trees

Letter to children in the above matter

Tu B’shvat 421

According to Rambam that Tu B’shvat is biblical, can be explained in two manners: Halacha l’Moshe m’Sinai or transmitted to the Sages (like the laws pertaining to work on Chol HaMo’ed and so forth)

Man is a tree of the field; the roots – Faith, the trunk – Torah and Mitzvot, the purpose – to make fruits

Through faith one attains all the rest

 Yitro 424

“Kafah aleihem har k'gigit” (G-d set the mountain upon them like a tub covering them forcing them to accept the Torah) (Shabbat 88a) and even so they answered “We will do and we will hear) which implies willingly

Sources for the number six hundred and thirteen Mitzvot

The Mitzvah of “Anochi/I am the L-rd) - to know or to believe

Whether “Anochi” is counted in the number of commandments

“Who brought you out of the land of Egypt”, and not “who created Heaven and Earth”

The Ten Commandments combined the upper and lower

Whether “Shamor v’Zochor” (“Keep and Remember”) is one command or two commands

Reason for the custom to mention the days of the month and not the days of the week notwithstanding the words of Ramban (Yitro 20:8) that Yisroel counts according to the week/Shabbat

Mishpatim 428

Inner reason for the beginning of Parshat Mishpatim Mitzvot of a Hebrew slave

Debate in the manner of writing a part of the name of a city that ascribes “holiness” to a non-Jewish priest (Note: For example “S.” in lieu of “San” or “Saint”).

Virtue of a Gemach and its connection to the month of Adar. A Leap year and complete year’

Tetzaveh 436

Explanation of the verse 'And you shall command etc.” according to Chassidut

Purim 437

General Letter: standing firm on matters Torah and Mitzvot from Mesirat Nefesh, and in particular in the matter of education – nullifying Haman’s decree

Sending food gifts one to another (Mishoach Manot) – corresponds to the intellectual soul; Gifts to the poor (Matanot l’Evyonim corresponds to the Animal Soul and the body

Three categories in the Torah of the Rebbes: intellectual, directives in Middot, stories and conduct

Lesson from the Maamer s.v. “V'kibel Hayehudim” of Purim Katan 5687 - “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings You have established strength” (מִפִּי עוֹלְלִים וְיֹנְקִים יִסַּדְתָּ עֹז)

Saving Am Yisroel through Jewish children

Connection of women to Purim

Telegram for Purim: 5745, 5746

Tisa 448

Rashi (32:4) “These are your gods: But it does not say, “These are our gods.” - from here we learn that they were the mixed multitude . . who made it etc.”

Necessity of protesting against mixed dancing and the teaching from the conduct of Aaron in the matter of the Golden Calf

Vayakhel 449

Explanation of the reason that the Parsha of the Mishkan and its vessels are repeated in the Parshiot of Terumah and Tetzaveh and also Vayakhel and Pekudei

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