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Chumash-Shmot       Rambam-Klei HaMikdash

(5745) Debate of Rashi and Rambam in the length and width of the Ephod, Rashi (Ex. 28:4): " they shall make ..an ephod";

Explanation of Rambam's view (Hil Klei HaMikdash 10:3) that the girding of the cloak of the ephod is after wearing the ephod

Halacha 3: After the High Priest girds himself with the sash, he puts on the cloak, and on the cloak, the ephod and the breastplate. He girds himself with the belt of the ephod over the cloak, below the breastplate. Therefore the cloak is called "the cloak of the ephod," the cloak that is girded closed with the ephod.  



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