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Or R"C Menachem Av  5740 263

Entering Av - Descent for the purpose of ascent Par. 1

Keilim L'Aliya - Torah and Tzedakah Par. 4

Adding in the three paths (Torah, Tzedakah, Gemilut Chasadim) during Av Par. 6

Regarding women and girls Par. 7

Destruction T'-f seminaries in Jerusalem - an awakening to endeavor in educating children Par. 9

Lesson in Chumash R"C Menachem Av (5740):

Go up and possess Par. 14

ג׳ עקב, י׳׳ג מג״א תשל״ט P' Eikev Gimel Menachem Av  5739 271

Virtue of gathering Jewish children 

Lessons from Tu b'Av, adding the study of Torah, the effect of the sun on the life of a Jew par. 6

Explanation to children for the necessity to fulfill God's commands Par. 11

Recognizing the integrity of the people, the Torah, and the country Par. 12

ב׳ תצא, ד׳ אלול תשל״ט Yom 2 Teizei  4  Elul 5739 280

Virtue of gathering Jewish children in a manner of Jewish unity, 'We are all one'  Par. 10

Rising in holiness from year to year

Lesson from the month of Elul - "Hashem Ori vYishi" G-d is my light and salvation, etc." Par. 17

Lesson from Yom 2 Parshat Teizei -Returning lost objects, our Jewish brethren (Acheinu Bnei Yisroel)

Necessity for Shleimut HaAretz (Integrity of the Land) connected with Shleimut HaAm(integrity of the people) Par. 13

Advantage and necessity of a charity box (Pushka) in each one's home  Par. 13

ד׳ תצא, ו׳ אלול תשל״ט Yom 4 Teitzei , 6 Elul 5739  290

Virtue of Ahavat Yisroel

The virtue of faith

Lessons of Chodesh Elul, the King is in the field

Lessons from Rosh Chodesh falling on Shabbat, Exhorting the campaign of Shabbat candle lighting (Mivtza Neirot Shabbat Kodesh)

תבוא, י״ד אלול תש״מ  Elul 5740 301

The daily portion of Chumash for this day - "This day - G-d. your L-rd commands you"

Elul, the King is in the field

Blowing Shofar in Elul

Teaching from the aspect to be a treasure to G-d (Am Segulah), Torah and Mitzvot from Ahavat Yisroel

Necessity of Ahavat Yisroel, and not to speak harsh things about Yisroel

Advice - to organize gatherings in connection with "Hakhel"

ח״י אלול תשל״ש Chai Elul 5743 313

Vitality (Chayut) in the Avodah of Elul, Three paths

Special awakening for the Sabbatical year

Connection of the three paths (Torah, Avodah, Gemilut chassadim) for women and girls

Prozbul before the Shivi'it

די, כ׳׳ח תשרי תשמ״א    Tishrei 28, 5741 318

"Tzivot HaShem" Jewish children of Israel, and the connection to Tishrei

The victory of "Tzivot HaShem" through walking in the ways of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, Three paths

Relevance of the Patriarchs to girls the Matriarchs to boys

Lesson from the fourth day of the week(Wednesday). Creation of the luminaries

In Russian - concerning Tzivot HaShem and protesting the laws of all the countries

שיחות ומכתבים

Talks and letters

333 Devarim

Yisroel is as the stars of heaven, remembering those that sacrificed their lives (kedoshim) through their descendants (Zaro baChaim)

Menachem Av 334

General directives from the nine days and from RC Av (the day the Aaron's death) in particular 

First haircut for a boy whose Birthday was on 5 Av

Custom of reciting the Haftorah on Rosh Chodesh Av that occurs on Shabbat

Lessons from 5 Av - the Histalkus of the Arizal 

Deferral of the fast in two consecutive years - Chazaka. And since it was deferred, defer it completely


Shabbat: 341

Explanation of the language Alter Rebbe in Shulchan Aruch (308:3) concerning playing with a ball game on Shabbat

Correction of an errors in Alter Rebbe's in Shulchan Aruch Y.D. 33:2 regarding hamra'ah (force-feeding that can be vomited) and hal'atah - force-feeding that cannot be vomited)

Exemption of joy of a Mitzvah on Shabbat 

Time to review Sh'naim Mikrah vEchad Targum

Time to pare the nails on Erev Shabbat

Not to distribute entrance Tickets on Sabbath 

Color of Shabbat clothes

Electric generator in Kfar Chabad for Shabbat purposes

Mitzvah of knowledge of G-d: 344

Aspect of "I am G-d I do not change" according to Chassidut

Difference between the Kabballah of the RaMaK to the Kabballah of the Arizal concerning Tzimtzum and there is no place beside Him

Even with women (like Rambam Hil. Teshuva 10:8)

Ahavat HaShem 346

Levels of love in Tanya

Teaching your children: 346

Virtue of teaching children etc.

It makes one mind and heart pure

Enjoying the fruit in this world and the principal in the World to Come,

Gemilut Chesed and Talmud Torah together 

Necessity and virtue of studying practical laws

Necessity of learning with youth 

Order of study on Shabbat night in school

Necessity to care for students  

Necessity of Kiruv for students from non-religious homes

Teaching by writing on the blackboard 

Necessity to continue study after the official school year 

Evening classes for youths who work - provided that it does not become a "hechshar" for an undesirable school

Necessity for teachers and students to meet on days off

Virtue of meetings with parents 

Teaching Chassidut in place where they study secular subjects

Jobs in a yeshiva high school 

Classes during the summer certainly produce results

Virtue of establishing a Talmud Torah for boys 

Permissible and necessary to cancel Torah Study due to doctors’ orders

Necessity to complete one's study in a seminary etc.

Time for Chinuch according to the Alter Rebbe - from the age of 15 until 24

The son must learn in a place where his heart desires -

"Chafetz" (desires) means a specific tractate, "ratzon" (wants) is the place of learning

Language of Shulchan Aruch - 'want" 

Art study does not need to cause the cancellation of Torah study

Virtue of Chinuch for Jewish children 

Virtue of completing study in a Yeshiva before dedicating oneself to Chinuch

New Year's greeting to preschoolers in Gan Oholei Yosef Yitzchak

Awakening to set times for Torah study

Increase in a son's Torah study benefits the parents 

Main creation of man is to serve his Master by Torah study and Mitzvah observance 

One who struggles and finds (Yagata uMatzata taamin)- believe it:

Not to consider the schemes of the Yetzer

One who feels weak in the teaching profession should not become depressed

Torah (Chassidut) is acquired by cleaving to friends

Segulot and advice for memory 

Learning not for its own sake so that it will come to be for its own sake

Advice and for success in study

Necessity to add study times in Chassidut

Torah study that descends into Kelipah (Tanya - 39, and Hilchot Talmud Torah 4:3)

One who wants to increase in the stud of Tanya - should learn Sh’loh

Sh'naim Mikrah vEchad Targum and Chassidut - which comes first in time

The method of learning Likkutei Torah for the Parsha of the Week 

Publishing innovations (chidushim) for the benefit of those who learn Daf Yomi

Advantage of the "Otzar HaPoskim"

..agan hasahar (moon)to direct point of travel

Comment of Tzzafat Paneach to Rambam in the introduction 

Commentary of R'id on Shabbat

Virtue of the Torah of the Rishonim. Notes in the commentary of the R'id

Siyum of Talmud Yerushalmi 

Virtue of printing a photo of the handwriting of the author in his book

Tefillin: 370

Height of the Batim 

One who struggles and finds (Yagata uMatzata taamin)- believe it.  

Rectification to one who forgot to put on tefillin to become expert in the laws of tefillin - laying tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam

Virtue of laying tefillin of Rabbeinu Tam

Cables to the Bar Mitzvah boys in Kfar Chabad - 5736, 5740, 5742

Mezuzah: 373

According to health status - it must be that mezuzah is not kosher 

Story connected with the manner of placing the Mezuzah to one's health status etc. 

Place of the "Shin" in a mezuzah 

"Heker tzir" (the position of the door-hinge) for a side-door entrance

The Form of the letters 

Not use letters with crowns (Tagin) for secular use (not St"am)

Virtue of learning the field of St"am (Sofrut)

Disaster of mixed marriages  376

Tu B'Av 377


Connection to our Jewish brethren (Acheinu Bnei Yisroel) and increasing Torah study

Eikev 379

Physical Health: advantage of a kosher Mikvah (tahara) 

Order of Birkat HaMazon 

Time to answer amen in the "Ya'aleh vYavo" prayer in Birkat HaMazon

Saying amen after "al Yichareinu" in Birkat HaMazon 

Announcement concerning saying a Bracha Acharona

Resolution of the conflict in Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch 192:2 to that of end of 198:1 

Blessing on raw carrots - "merin Chayin"

Holy Land 382

Criticality of time particularly in Eretz Yisroel  

Merit of one who is elected mayor in the Holy Land 

Judaism in Eretz Yisroel and the surroundings

Unity of Bnei Yisroel in the world 

Exemption to exit Eretz Yisroel abroad 

Aliyah to the Holy Land together with spiritual Aliyah

Thanks for helping Chabad institutions in the Holy Land 

Necessity to live in Kfar Chabad 

Not to flee from the establishment in the Holy Land 

Development of Kfar Chabad and the surroundings

Virtue of settling in Nachalat Har Chabad 

Special directives to the Shluchim of the Holy Land 

Appointment of a committee for the aspects of the Tzemach Tzedek synagogue in Yerushalayim

Encouragement to the residents of Moshav Avivim in the Holy Land after the terrorist attack 

Necessity to participate in elections 

Necessity for religious lifestyle

Damage from discarding religious lifestyle

Prayer: 400

Resolution of Tanya end of Chap 42 regarding acceptance of the yoke of Heaven in prayer with the words of the Talmud in tractate Berachot (21a)

Reason that the text of prayer was set up in the plural tense 

Prohibition talk during prayer

Choosing a Shliach Tzibbur 

Eating before the prayer 

Not to delay the start time of prayer

Ways of supervising prayer at length for students

Prayer and learning from a book - Segulah for wandering thoughts 

Additional Segulot for wandering thoughts

Prayer with Kavanah - intention - Yagata uMatzata

Siyum of Iggeret HaKodesh in Tanya concerning charity and prayer 

Virtue of a Beit HaKnesset and the manner of conduct there

Nusach of saying G-d's name in English

Reciting "Lamnatzeach Ya'ancha" (Psalm 20) connected with saying Tachanun

Difference in Nusach of prayer for women from the masculine to the feminine 

Nusach "Mi Shebeirach"

Vowelization of the word "HaGeshem” and "HaTal"

Explanation of "VaBracha HaMeshulshet BaTorah" (birkat kohanim)

Blessing "ShPatrani" (Bar Mitzvah)

Answering "Chazak" for the one called up to the Torah

Recitation of Hallel before prayer 

Law of women for Megillah reading and Hallel

Barchu before Arvit of Shabbat

Recitation of "Hodu" on Erev Shabbat before Mincha with the Tzibbur

Difference between Arvit and Mincha concering starting a meal in its time 

Number of 248 letters of "Kriat Shema"

"Yosheiv BaSeiter" in "Kriat Shema shAl HaMitah" on Motzei Shabbat

Mishnayot and Kaddish after prayer

Learning for the benefit of the deceased

Hiskashrut -Connnection: 415

Through Torah 

Benefit of sending pictures to the Rebbe 

Not to abandon his post which is a receptacle for the Rebbe’s blessing

The virtue of staying in Rebbe's community 

Directive from the Rebbe concerning Zerizut (Diligence) -like the story of R' Yekutiel Lefler  on Erev Pesach in the morning

Concerning Ma'amad

Travelling to the Rebbe for Tishrei

.."tzar chassidim" (dejection)

Chof Menachem Av 422 כ״ף מנ״א

Naming a child after R' Levi Yitzchak z"l

Re'eh 423

From the mouth of children and babes etc. - through them the Temple will be built

Tests from the schemes of the Yetzer

Prohibition of sadness - Think good and it will be good - Tracht Gut vet zein Gut pen 

Destroying the Mission in the Holy Land 

Wording of the announcement concerning the seducers

Records with melodies on verses with the tune of non-Jewish melodies

Commerce with a "guru" 

Prohibition of Abortion 

Shipping frozen meat to the Holy Land 

Cholov Israel

Charity: 431

Whether to distribute the money or establish a permanent fund 

Virtue of giving charity to holy institutions, The convincer is greater than doer

"Chamra l'mara tivusa l'shakia"  - The wine is the owner's, the credit for it is given to the butler (Bava Kama 92b)

Merit of Charity 

Manner of distributing charity funds 

Not to switch from charity to charity, but one needs to add 

Money of collection of Yud Shvat - even from Ma'aser money

Merit of Charity 

Segulot against damage to building 

Before starting a new business - giving Charity 

Iggeret HaKodesh Ep. 9 - How the importance of Gemilut Chassadim changes regarding Talmud Torah

Talmud Torah and Gemilut Chassadim in the footsteps of Moshiach (ikvesa d'Moshicha)

Livelihood: 437

Need to do, and with a directed order 

"And bless you in all that you do", certainly there is suitable work for everyone

Endeavoring that livelihood be without concern (da'agah, without putting one's whole heart into it

Business is just a conduit

Elul 439

To send to camp in Gan Israel:

Physical and spiritual health: particularly in  Elul 

"Tamim Tehyeh Im HaShem Elokecha" (Be Whole with G-d), Shoftim v'Shotrim Judges etc., Elul - King is in the field 

Month of accounting - a good thought is aggregated by G-d for good (machashava Tovah HKB"H metarfah l'ma'aseh)

Time when G-d increases blessings 

Special time to bring near the spark to the Illuminator through the Nasi

Necessary to learn Family Purity and Kashrut with women and girls, and the resolution for this in Elul

Gathering for new Olim that have converted, especially in Elul

Shoftim 447

Cease from the path of Segulot and palm reading -"Tamim Tehyeh Im HaShem Elokecha" (Be whole with G-d)

Cease from obsession in medical manners

"Tamim Tehyeh Im HaShem Elokecha" (Be whole with G-d) - do not second-guess G-d's accounting

Military: 448

Yeshiva students in the Israeli Army 

Symbol of the Northern Command, in the form of deer, emphasizing form over substance 

Great merit of soldiers of military of Eretz Yisroel, through trust in G-d and keeping the Mitzvah of Tefillin 

In the army one must beautify and add exceedingly in fulfilling Mitzvot - the success of the army is dependent on this

Call of the Rebbe Rayatz to the Jewish military personnel in World War Two

Virtue of spreading Judaism in the army

The foundation of the army - deed is primary

Necessity of the conquest of Damascus at the end of the Yom Kippur war

453  Teitzei

"Elokim Acheirm- Other gods (with the letter Kuf) 

Living in a house and departing from it - if one can come back to it 

Sources for the nusach "pitzua Daka" with an Alef

In a Sefer Torah it was recognized that it was changed from an Alef to a Hei

Acquiring shares - if there is interest (ribis)

Shidduchim: 455

Segulah for a shidduch - studying Torah 

Not to force a son to accept a certain proposal

Necessity to find a shidduch quickly 

A man's way etc.

To talk among themselves regarding matters of Judaism etc. 

Virtue of a daughter to take a student of Tomchei Temimim  

In matters of shidduchim the heart matters more

Status that was spoken in the past does not have to affect 

Mother's health does not need to influence the choice of her offspring for a shidduch 

If names of the father-in-law and Chosson are the same  

If names of the Kallah and he mother-in-law are the same

When there are several matters, name of the grandmother, mother, rumors etc. in question - three Rabbis should be consulted 

Not to consider in a shidduch aspects of names 

Daughter of a kohen to a Yisroel - to be expert in the contents of one tractate 

Time to set the wedding in Menachem Av or Elul 

Time to set the wedding in Tishrei 

Bringing near the chosson to ways of Chassidus 

Place of the Chuppah and the banquet should be in proximity 

Place of the wedding venue - in the place of the Kallah's side

Better to give cash to the chossan and kallah than traveling to the wedding of the son 

Learning Reishit Chochmah Sha'ar HaKedushah before the wedding

Fasting on the day of the wedding

Details of the wedding day of the Rebbe Rayatz 

To recite the maamer Lecha Dodi

Question of housing should not delay the aspects of a shidduch

Celebrating a fiftieth wedding anniversary

Shalom Bayit

Not to leave the home in the first year 

Shalom Bayit

Resolution regarding marriage

Lashes: 469

Not to make rectifications (tikunim) in our generation by lashes

Tet-zayin - Chai Elul 470

Specific directives regarding the yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in Lod

Benefit of Yeshiva Torat Emet

Letters for the benefit of yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim 5712-5733

Torat Emet

Siyum celebration in Talmud Torah in Lod

Advantage of yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in our time

Blessing of Rebbe Rayatz to students of yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim 

Blessing to students of technical school

Blessing to shluchim to Australia - 5740 

Blessing to shluchim to Miami - 5741 

Blessing to shluchim to Los Angeles and New Haven  5741

Blessing to shluchim to Seattle - 5741

Blessing to students of Yeshiva Or Elchanan Chabad 5743

Chai Elul 518

Awakening on this day 

Success of the conference in Eretz Yisroel on this day 

Letter for the benefit of Collel Chabad 

Who was the opponent of the Alter Rebbe concerning the Napoleonic War?

Tavo 521

Library in Jerusalem in memory of R' Baruch Mordechai of Babroisk in the week of Tavo 

Eating Maaser Sheini after the burial on the day of death - according to Rambam in his commentary on Mishnayot

Joy 522

Necessity for joy in Avodat HaShem

Depression is a ploy of the Yetzer 

Negation of depression (mara shechora) and advice for this

Bitachon and Hashgacha Pratis

Meditating on G-d's kindness to us brings joy 

Negation of depression (mara shechora)

Negation of depression (mara shechora) and meditating on Hashgacha Pratis

Negation of sadness (atzvut) and sugulot for this

Netzavim 528

Entering Shikun Chabad in Yerushalayim on the Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah 

Learning agenda for Sunday Parshat Netzavim-VaYelech 5735 with children of summer camp 

Joy of a Mitzvah also with the Avodah of Teshuva, and on the contrary (more so)

In the ruling that Baalei Teshuva are greater than Tzaddikim

The eighteenth curse of Yeshaya - "The youth against the elder etc."

(Talmud Chagigah 14a) and the answer on all the curses

All men of Israel draw near to the fear of G-d 

Tanya beginning of chapter 1 "For example, am a 'Beinoni'.Said Abbaye to him, 'Master, you make it impossible for any creature to live.'

Erev Rosh Hashanah 533

Story of Tzedek Tzedek concerning advantage of Yisroel over souls

Vayeilech 536

Lesson from year of Hakhel 

Writing an inclusive Sefer Torah for IDF soldiers 

A Sefer Torah that fell; examining a Sefer Torah

Errors in Likkutei Torah

Tishrei 541

Necessity of preparing an action plan for this month 

General month (klali) 

Travelling to 770 for Tishrei if you would find a substitute 

Shliach Tzibbur for the High Holy Days needs to take advantage of it and talk to the congregation

A group of shluchim should come here for Tishrei emissaries in two phases: one for the first half of the month and one for the second half

Blessings Erev Rosh Hashanah 545

5742- 5744

Telegrams for Rosh Hashanah 5742 - 5744

Rosh Hashanah 550

Explanation of the Mishnah: "Yom Tov of Rosh Hashanah that falls on Shabbat, in the Temple they would blow - in Avodat HaAdam

Lesson from Rosh Hashanah that falls on Shabbat

Notes on the sermon of the Raavad for Rosh Hashanah and the comments of the publishers

Rectification (tikun) of learning fourteen chapters of Tanya Baal peh (orally) during the month of Tishrei 

Sermon of concerning the law "mi hu Yeshudi" (who is Jewish)

554 Vav Tishrei

Time of participation in collection

Ha'azinu 555

"Ask your father and he will tell you etc." advantage of the book of the descendants of the Alter Rebbe 

Virtue of stories of Chassidim and their notes 

General comments to the book Sippurei Chassidim

Citing sources and just relying on a trustworthy person

Carefulness from bizarre stories

Blessings Erev Yom Kippur 562

5742, 5744

Yom Kippur 582

Birkat Kohanim on Yom Kippur

Nussach "Erev Yom HaKodesh" is more appropriate on the headstone of one who died on Erev Yom Kippur

583 Macharat Yom Kippur

                Advice to write general Sifrei Torah

Blessings Erev Chag HaSukkot 586

5742, 5744

Telegrams 5742, 5744

Chag HaSukkot 589

Blessings to the guests during his visit in the sukkah. 5742 

Width of the Sukkah dalet Amot and a bit more

Seor with a kezait according to the writings of the Arizal

Minhag of taking an Etrog specifically from Calabria and not from Eretz Yisroel

Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah 593

Virtue of the teachers being with the students on Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah

Telegrams for Hakafot Shniyot  in Eretz Yisroel and Yerushalayim

Bracha  598

Rectification for one who caused a fault to his friend - to remove the hatred etc.

Overpowering form over substance kohanim affect others - show your judgments:

Manuscript degree photo printing

Virtue of printing a photo of the handwriting of the author


General letters New Year

Chai Elul 5741 601

Days of Selichot 5741 605

Monday Netzavim - vayeilech Chai Elul 5742 610

Motzei Shabbat Kodesh - Days of Selichot 5742 616 c

Erev Chai Elul 5743 621

Motzei Shabbat Kodesh 25 Elul, Yom 1 Parshat Ha'azinu 5744 626

Yom 3, 6 Tishrei 5744 632

Erev Shabbat Kodesh, Parshat Noah, 30 Tishrei, which is Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan 5744 638

Erev Chai Elul 5743  5744 641

Motzei Shabbat Kodesh Parshat Netzavim. 25 Elul, Shabbat Selichot 5744 647



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