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Talmud-Rosh HaShannah

(5743) Siyum of tractate Rosh HaShannah - Debate of R' Gamliel and the sages in the Shliach Tzibbur's
repitition of prayer. The "viewpoint" of R' Gamliel and the sages in the three pillars of Torah, Avodah
and Gmillat Chassadim.


R. Aha b. ‘Awira said in the name of R. Simeon the Pious: Rabban Gamaliel used to allow even
the people in the fields to be cleared [by the reader in the synagogue], and needless to say those in
town. On the contrary, [we should have expected the opposite, because] the former are prevented
from coming and the latter are not prevented, in the same way as Abba the son of R. Benjamin b.
Hiyya has stated, ‘The People who stand behind the priests are not included in the [priestly]
benediction’! — The fact is that when Rabin came [from Palestine] he stated in the name of R. Jacob
b. Idi that R. Simeon the Pious said: Rabban Gamaliel allowed only the people in the fields to be
cleared [by the reader]. What is the reason? Because they are prevented by their work from coming
[to synagogue]. Those in the town, however, are not cleared.



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