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Sichos 5739-5743

S"P Bechukotai, 19 Iyar 5741 – pg. 239
The importance of writing Sifrei Torah for Jewish children throughout the world even behind the Iron Curtain
S"P Behar-Bechukotai, MVCH Sivan 5740 – pg. 239
Concerning the partial fast that announced by Agudas Harabbonim in light of the situation in the world on Erev R"C Sivan
Yom 5 Bamidbar, ER"C Sivan 5740 – pg. 245
1. The advantage of a public "partial fast" Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. Specifically according to the words of the Alter Rebbe in Iggeret HaTeshuvah  ch. 3
5. Actual lesson - strengthening Ahavat Yisroel
8."Our children are our guarantors". The actual lesson - gathering children for the holiday of Shavuot, specifically at the Kotel HaMaaravi, Kever Rachel and Maarat HaMachpela
8. Bringing all children to hear the reading of the Ten Commandments on Chag HaShavuot
16. Encouragement to Jewish children behind the Iron Curtain
S"P Bamidbar, Beit Sivan 5740 – pg. 256
Bringing all children to hear the reading of the Ten Commandments on Chag HaShavuot
S"P Naso 5740 – pg. 259
Gatherings for children in the days of Tashlumin of Shavuot, specifically at holy places in Eretz Yisroel
Yom 4 Behaalotecha, 13 Sivan 5740 263
2. The merit of Jewish children who are guarantors of Torah
5. The lesson of "When you light the lamps" - light up the world with Torah and Mitzvot
12. The lesson from the lesson (Chitas) of Yom 4 Behaalotecha - not to be fazed from the "desert" of Golut
Yom 5 Pinchas, 17th day of Tammuz 5739 – pg. 269
1. On a fast day there must be strengthening of Torah and Tzedaka
3. The completion of the collection of Yud-Beis Tammuz
4. The lesson from the aspect of the Korban Tamid (Chumash portion of this day)
5. Rectification of the things that occurred on the 17th day of Tammuz
Yom 3 Pinchas, 17th day of Tammuz 5740 – pg. 275
1. Strengthening Torah, Avodah and Gemillat Chasadim specifically on the 17th day of Tammuz
6. Explanation of the "the Tablets were broken" and the lesson in Avodah
9. Ahavat Yisroel - Rectification for the breaking of the Luchos
11. Explanation of “they breached the city" and the lesson in Avodah
15. The connection to the Rebbe Rayatz (Baal HaGEelah) of Yud-Beis Tammuz
16. The special connection of the 17th day of Tammuz to children ("Ollalim v'Yonkim")
Yom 1 Matot, 17th day of Tammuz 5741 – pg. 287
1. Fasting - a propitious time and from the paths of Teshuvah
3. Explanation of the aspect of "the Tablets were broken"
6. Explanation of “they breached the city" and connection to the breaking of the Luchos
8. The connection to Parshat Matot - the aspect of Vows
11. Writing Sifrei Torah for Jewish children and in Jerusalem
14 The advantage of writing Sifrei Torah for Jewish children, specifically for those behind the Iron Curtain
Yom 3 Pinchas, 17th day of Tammuz 5743 – pg. 300
1. A fast day - revelation of the Supernal will
5. On the 17th day of Tammuz - they "breached the city" and the lesson - Strengthening the walls of Jerusalem (Completeness in Fear (Yirah), "make a fence for the Torah"
6. The destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem - because of the sin of baseless hatred and the lack of rebuke - "that they did not rebuke each other" and the connection to this.
14. The calendar date of 17th day of Tammuz - on Yom 3 which good ("ki Tov") was doubled, Tov in Heaven and Tov for creation - Ahavat Yisroel in a manner of baseless love. for through this the aspect of Golut is nullified and we will merit the announcement of Geulah - Parshat Pinchas, "Pichas is Eliyahu" and also the distribution of the Land - in today's Chumash
15. Increasing Torah and Tzedaka - "Keep the Law (Torah) and perform Tzedaka"

Sichot  and Letters

Chag HaShavuot 319

Encouragement from Chag HaShavuot for all the days of the year – every day must be new.

Inauguration of the building of Tomchei Tmimim and the connection to Matan Torah

Siyum of Talmud Yerushalmi Tractate Mo’ed Katan and the connection to the beginning of Tractate Yevamot.

Connection of Matan Torah to women

Torah brings healing

Suspending Torah study in order to facilitate a burial (להוצאת המת) and to join in a wedding – explanation in a light-hearted manner

Explanation of virtue of Mitzvot of Matan Torah over that of the Mitzvot of the Patriarchs

Sefirat HaOmer and establishing the date of Chag HaShavuot for one who crosses the International Date Line

On Matan Torah: placing the Nistar (esoteric) Torah into the Niglah (exoteric) Torah and the Niglah into Nistar

In all differences of opinion one must go to a Posek of Halacha

The two-hundredth anniversary of the passing of the Baal Shem Tov and its utilization to spread Judaism

Emphasizing the absurdity that the Baal Shem Tov was lenient in Mitzvot, G-d forbid.

Explanation of “All Yisroel are believers”

Segulah of the two-hundredth anniversary of the passing of the Baal Shem Tov

Notes on the Mamarim regarding Judaism

Alacrity concerning not citing quotes (לצטטם) from improper persons. Recollections from an anti-Semite are not to be believed.

R’ Adam Baal Shem and the Baal Shem Tov did not see each other.

The Kherson Geniza letters are not authentic originals

The twenty-six years that the Baal Shem Tov was hidden.

The need for printing the Mamarim of the Baal Shem Tov.

Supporting a Rabbi’s leadership of his community

Explanation of the statement: "Rebbe honored the wealthy”.

Encouragement in the matters of Torah and Mitzvot (for those who guarded Israel from destruction, G-d forbid), And especially in our generation.

Awakening in the aspect of Torah and Mitzvot for girls whose fathers sacrificed their lives for Judaism (which is also passed on to them)!

The reason for the title: Rabbeinu Gershom Meor HaGolah - because of two of his regulations. The mistake of the “Jewish scholars” ("Chachmat Yisrael") during the known period!

Directive concerning the coloring of Hebrew letters in a manner that even their shading (3D) is recognizable

Warning not to print a Chumash according to version that is not accepted according to the Masorah

Debate in the text of the verse (Proverbs 27:20), "The grave and Gehinnom will not be sated"

The reliability of Sefer "Yosiphon" (Josephus)

General Letter – Yemei Hagbala 5743. Telegrams

Naso 348

Covering hairs in women and not shaving them

Virtue of a wig – Sheitel

Encouraging women in the above and in children's education.

Debate in Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch (OC 28:44) regarding Nesiat Kapaim for a Kohen who has defects.

Behaalotecha 354

Opinions regarding the time of lighting of the Menorah in the Temple- at night or in also the morning

The claim “why should we miss out’’ (regarding Korban Pesach). Depicts the dearness of a Jew. The lesson in  the manner of Jewish education

The difference between the Tashlumin (appearing at the Temple) of the Chag and the Pesach Rishon and Sheini regarding “one who was lame on the first day of the festival and became well on the second) (״חיגר ונתפשט״).

Explanation of Iggeret HaKodesh Chap 19 that “a Chacham is better than a prophet”. Even Moshe Rabbeinu, besides the sight of prophecy, also understood with wisdom what the Arizal understood.

The essence of the Mitzvah to believe in prophecy, and the emphasis in our times that one must practically fulfill all of the commandments

Levels of prophecy.

Law of greeting one’s Rabbi.

Prohibition of speaking Lashon Hara on oneself

Shlach 359

The merit of the Eretz Yisroel: "Make here, Eretz Yisroel" (מאך דא א״י) and especially regarding Jewish women.

Comments in Iggeret HaKodesh end of chapter 1

The wording "His merit will protect us" (זכותו יגן עלינו) on the Tzaddikim in the world of truth.

Placing threads of Wool in a linen garment

Machine made Tzitzit

Tallit Katan is a segulah for one who had a theft.

Guarding one’s eyes.

Korach 364

The lesson from “Aharon’s staff blossomed" to each one of Yisroel.

Why is it necessary to enumerate the places in the Temple where the Kohanim kept watch.

Wether Kodashim be eaten standing or sitting.

Yud-Beis Tammuz 367

Fifty-five years since the redemption, the lesson from this.

Virtue of making a farbrengen on this day.

Main goal of the farbrengen is to bring from potential to actual.

Segulah of the day.

Necessity of spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut.

Kfar Chabad village.

Synagogue of Kfar Chabad.

To the immigrants from Morocco in Kfar Chabad.

Continuing the Redemption for the whole year.

Segulah of the Day

The special connection for Jewish women and children

Lesson from the Mesirat Nefesh of the Baal HaGeulah

Learning trust and Divine Providence from the Geulah; Divine Providence in Shidduchim (Matchmaking)

Learning Mesirat Nefesh from the Baal HaGeulah

Necessity of spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut (Hafatzas HaMayanot)

Necessity for Chabad activities and power from the Day of Redemption.

Lesson: The virtue of Chinuch, and Mesirat Nefesh for Klal Yisroel.

Mesirat nefesh for the education of “young children” (עוללים ויונקים) especially Jewish girls

Blessing for a Bar Mitzvah in Kfar Chabad.

Encouragement to the graduation ceremony of the technical school to increase in all matters of Judaism, especially in the year of Hakhel.

As above. Especially since the graduation ceremony takes place on the tenth of Tammuz, Padah B’Shalom

As above. Especially when the graduation ceremony takes place on Yud-Beis Tammuz

To the graduates of Beis Rivka – encouragement, as above


Balak 394

Explanation of "I will wait for him (Moshiach) every day to come”.

Negation of the term the “beginning of his redemption" (אתחלתא דגאולה).

Calculating the end of Galut

Pinchas 397

Haircut for a child when the third birthday falls on Rosh Chodesh

Notes regarding the Water Drawing (ניסוך המים)

Matot 399

The third Shluchim Conference in the Holy Land.

Masei 402

Segulah to have a Siddur in a car etc.

Not to drive a car in the Holy Land.

Whether women driving cars depends on the local custom.

Bein HaMetzarim   404

Pain etc. from the decree of "who is a Jew" (Mihu Yehudi) and especially in the Bein HaMetzarim

Days of summer 405

The purpose of vacation is increasing the health of the soul

As above. Especially in the year of Hakhel and the preparation for Elul

A fitting time to imbue in children the aspects of Torah and Mitzvot

Not to leave schoolchildren free in the summer days

Special classes for the summer time

Virtue of Camp Gan Yisroel

Telegrams to Gan Yisroel

Spreading Torah and strengthening Judaism

Note: Due to the material of the public letters, in general, (and the private letters, in particular), it is understood that the division of categories and also the table of contents are just in a general manner in order to benefit the readers. Many of the letters also deal with issues in other sections.

Institutes 415

Merkos l’inyanei chinuch and Machane Israel

Classes in Religious Studies.

Beis Rivka.

Encouragement In the activities of the Machane Yisroel.

Institutes for Jewish girls, in general.

Yeshiva, Mesibot Shabbos, Beis Rivka.

Merkos and Machane Israel: Mishnayot society, printing books.

Machane Israel

Merkos l’inyanei Chinuch; Merkos

Merkos and Machane Israel

Printing Sichot of the Rebbe Rayatz

Merit of participating in the printing of Kehot sefarim

Agudat Chabad in the Holy Land, Neshei Chabad, Tzeirei Chabad

Caution from complacency in matters of Avodah.

Work in the area of Yeshivot

Specific rulings depend on the conditions of the place

How to receive monetary aid

Virtue of printing a newsletter ( מכתב עת = מכ"ע)

Tzeirei Agudat Chabad (Tzach)

Virtue of broadcasting on the radio

Working with Anash

Manner of arranging work of Tzach

To print the words of the Rebbeim only through Kehot.

The work of Tzach according to plan and order

Manner of the work of Tzach - offensive warfare (מלחמת תנופה)

Founding Tzach in Montreal.

Ten years since the establishment of the Central Tzach. Uniqueness of our time

Method of decisions in Tzach gatherings

Neshei Chabad of Cleveland.

Neshei Chabad in the Holy Land

Machon Chana

Chabad House

Peyilim - Torah camp activists (פעילי המחנה התורתי)

Obligation and the needs of the times  443

The astonishment if there is a permit to adopt Kolel as a rule for many, at a time when people are needed for outreach.

Manner in which yeshiva students engage in outreach

Between benefit of the individual and to the public – the "Halacha" is for the public.

The purpose of traveling to a particular country – outreach, and particularly In the Bicentennial year of the Baal Shem Tov's passing.

Organization of a Torah study group

The purpose of the coming of a person to a certain place, the story of R’ Yosef of Beshsenkovitz who became a wagon driver.

Certainly, it is worth the trouble to set times for Torah lessons, because the soul descends for seventy or eighty years to do a favor for a Jew.

Negation of the expression that the state of Judaism in a certain place is “like a desert”

"Jealousy" in holy matters must be to increase wisdom

A person  or “Mashpia” or “Mushpah” (influenced)

Rambam's words that a person is influenced by his surroundings are at the beginning of the Avodah. However when a person becomes a Mashpia he must enliven others.

A person's place of residence depends on the benefit that he brings to his surroundings.

One should not postpone outreach work even for a moment!

The necessity of the hour, for many are "thirsty" even though they do not know what they thirst for.

Even though peace is great, one should not withhold outreach because of this.

Not to make Avodah dependent on the realization of all parties being together and united beforehand.

Effort and devotion 452

One must conduct “outreach” like a businessperson

"Excuses” for the lack of outreach does not solve anything

Outreach must be like an owner and not like a clerk or employee.

The necessity to utilize opportunities

One good deed is better than a thousand sighs

One should not wait for encouragement

The main thing is the outcome and the manner of actions does not change this

Need to utilize opportunities.

Every day that passes – is a loss that cannot be returned

Necessity of Anash engaging in public service

The deed is primary

The unique role of our generation.

Necessity for influencing others. And this is the reason for his coming to his place, even when others support him physically, and on the contrary.

A person’s talents are not created for naught, G-d forbid

The past belongs to reward and punishment – and teshuva; The main thing – the present and future.

"Weakness" is not an excuse but rather a cause for redoubled strength.

Necessity for increasing activities

Awakening according to letter of the Rebbe Rayatz

The need to advance in holiness with an evening yeshiva

Utilizing one’s talents

Necessity for activities especially in the Holy Land

Public service - a suitable preparation for marriage.

Dealing with another and dedication to the family – are both fitting

Divine Providence that because of the situation, one cannot return home.

Shluchim visit to the Holy Land (in the year 5716); plowing and sowing- and there must be a continuation

Virtue of activities in a manner that there will be students of his student.

"Geshmakke" (enjoyable) activities after breaking out the main Shlichus

Negation of changing one’s place

Negation of the supposition to resign from the faculty of the yeshiva

Things that cause depression are the work of the Yetzer

Even those who find it difficult to join in activities with others in an orderly fashion - must utilize his talents: Success pours ("gist") from Above in all his Chabad activities

Negation of the supposition to leave a place where one sees success, because of financial problems.

Those who are accustomed to have Mesirat Nefesh in that country, will certainly not be affected by difficulties etc.

Perfection is only for Above. One must look at the positive side of everything

One should not be affected by difficulties

“Tests” (nisyonot) are from the word “banner” (neis) and uplifting

Negation of "we were like grasshopper in our eyes”

Any question (קושיא) is from the “Sitra etc.”

Not to be affected from the absence of assistance.

It is an axiom that any positive effort will not be rewarded empty handed

Sometimes the result of an activity is not recognized. However it certainly influences

Not to be affected from the mistakes of the past.

Manners and ways of Hishtadlut (השתדלות/public effort) 482

Virtue of study on the radio.

Virtue of radio broadcasting, especially in the Holy Land

Publicizing via bulletins

Disseminating printed material

The writing style in printed material must be light and simple.

A Sicha that is publicized in a pamphlet – without editing and inaccurate.

Virtue of printing a booklet concerning the Neshei Chabad convention.

Virtue of the magazine of the Beit Chabad in Brazil.

To give written material to someone about the essence of Chabad Chassidut


Advantage of a synagogue over a minyan in one’s home because of Hafatza

Virtue of solutions to strengthen Judaism versus Torah lessons

Better to spread activities in many places versus many in one place

Virtue of the talent of speech.

Prefacing youth to adults.

Virtue of summer camps, etc. The touchstone of everything is the result.

Utilizing and creating opportunities to strengthen Judaism.

Learning with those who make a condition that they not need to act

Negation of learning with someone who does not cover his head, and especially if it is not under duress.

Studying pertinent Halachot

After a meeting, one should strengthen the connection through writing.

Special caution when traveling to certain places etc.

Any gathering that has the potential to strengthen Judaism is worth participating in

Establishment of the “Oholei Yosef Yitzhak" institution in Africa.

Engaging with Moroccan immigrants in the Holy Land

Kosher education for the children of Yemen.

A teacher must utilize the possibility to spread Judaism.

A new organization in the area of economy - should be utilized for Jewish affairs.

During Purim, all were in agreement - "Who is a Jew"

A business owner can have more influence than a scholar

Even those that are engaged in economy, must study Torah

A music teacher must utilize this for strengthening Judaism.

Request to draw close an individual

Activities in the Military.

Every Individual is a "many”.

“I will drive them out little by little”

Benefit of organized programs.

Necessity for activities in a pleasant manner

In the G-dliness of all creation, there are two opposites – separation and closeness, and one may learn from this how to engage in Avodah with others.

Spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut outward (Hafatzas Mayanot Chutzah) 507

A Mitzvah that cannot be done by others

“My own vineyard I did not keep". Necessity of Anash in Hafatza (my own vineyard)

Learning a kal v’chomer from the successes in other areas of spreading Torah

Printing outreach material (Mayanot) in the language of the country

The descent of the soul from the purpose of Hafatza; Chassidut for all of Yisroel.

Yeshivat Tomchei Tmimim for everyone.

Utilizing opportunities to do Hafatza.

Learning from the activities of others in spreading Torah

The true purpose of each and every one of Yisroel

Nullification of all worries regarding studying Chassidut with another

One who merited, by the grace of G-d, to know Chassidut must spread it

How long will you split the people into the “public” (״עמא דבר) and “Anash”

The saying of R’ Hillel of Paritch that everything is so one may understand Chassidut

There is no debate or battle, just the spreading of light.

Manner of influencing others – all that is simplified helps

Even a business owner must help in Hafatza

In the military, the matter is most urgent

Studying Chassidut and discussing it in the surroundings (ארום) during Yarchei Kallah

Necessity of the hour to study Chassidut and especially for those related to the Rebbeim

Necessity of Hafatza to our Sephardic brothers

Choosing a position that has a connection with Chabad matters

Not to be affected by hardship

Virtue of many Chabad synagogues in a city

There is no benefit to travel to the Rebbe (when one has the task of influencing many)

Every moment is precious.

One must repeat Mamarim of Chassidut exactly without skipping

One who repeats Chassidut should not stop in the middle.

Learning Chassidut in a synagogue.

The selection of those who will repeat Chassidut must be of their own volition

Chassidic customs are relevant to all Yisroel.

Merit 524

Even though the Avodah is connected with physical bother – according to the pain is the gain (לפום צערא אגרא)

The work of Tzach is not an obligation but a merit and a conduit for all blessings.

This Mitzvah (Hadracha) is the "gate" of all the commandments

When one requests a blessing, he should mention his activities

The trouble of printing books of the Mamarim of the Alter Rebbe

Success in personal matters and the manner of Avodah are dependent upon each other

Activities do not exempt one’s Avodah with himself

Activities are a conduit for blessing

Hafatza - the inner purpose of Anash and accordingly the addition of blessings

Activities in a certain place are a conduit for blessing and therefore one should not change his place of residence

Making one’s mind and heart a thousand-fold purer

Aharon tied an iron rope around his waist (in order to teach Yidden)

Exactly a thousand-fold.

Not to rack one’s brain (גריבלען). We are day workers and the Avodah with another will also have an effect on himself

Difficulties in Hafatza – “test” comes from the word “banner” and uplifting, a thousand-fold more

To answer the claim of the Yetzer that this has no purpose, G-d created Torah, spice

The Holy One, blessed be He, does not remain a debtor.

Through utilizing one’s talents, they increase

The reward of a Mitzvah is the Mitzvah.

Torah for those who help.

Miscellaneous      540

After a young man’s wedding, he must be close to a place of Torah

After a wedding, a person should study Torah for at least one year

There is no room for training in English for the purpose of Hafatza

Manner of influence on young men that they should go on "Shlichus”.

Utilizing a letter for the purpose of collecting charity

Individual directives are dependent on the public servants in that place

Virtue of writing Chassidut (Dach)

Virtue of writing Chassidut from one place to another for the purpose of strengthening etc.

Necessity of peace between those who deal with the community

“An onion should become of you but teach others what you must teach them”

The main purpose of speaking in public - is having influence on them.

Despite the state of ”mourning” one must deal with the community out of joy

Even Tzedaka which is not for its own sake, accomplishes its effect



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