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(5741) The argument of Moshe (Num. 14:13 etc). "[The nations ..will say] the L-rd lacked the ability etc. [so] He slaughtered them". The exactness of the word  "slaughtered".

R' Eliezer's view that the Generation of the Wilderness has a share in the World to Come. (Tal. Sanh. 108a)

G-d’s love for the Jews, known to all the world, makes is obvious that the reason for the Jews’ “shechita”, would be a punishment done for their benefit; however, the fact that it would be done in the desert might indicate to the non-Jews that G-d lacked the ability to do bring the Jews to Eretz Yisrael

Our attitude towards every Jew, even one that appears like the Spies, should be to see each one as connected to G-d; our efforts to bring this out in every Jew, triggers the non-Jew to assist the Jews in all their needs



 Because the inhabitants of the Land are strong and powerful. Pharaoh cannot be compared to thirty-one kings. They will say this about the inhabitants of this land,“Since the Lord is incapable”-Because He did not have the ability to bring them, He slaughtered them.


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