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Sichot: 5740-5742

Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5740 – to Talmidim and Talmidot  175

Standing in Rosh Chodesh Nissan one should contemplate in Avodat Yisroel that in its merit we went out of Egypt

Relationship Yetzias Mitzrayim to the Jewish children – “They recognized Him first”

On Rosh Chodesh Nissan the Tabernacle was erected and its Nassi was Nachshon ben Aminadav

Practical Directives - Preparations for Pesach

Preparation for building the Third Temple

Nissan 5741   184

Beginning of the 150th year of the Histalkus of the Rebbe Rashab, Connection to distributing sefer Tanya. Year of Hakhel and blessing of the sun

Nissan 5741 – After Birkat HaChamah 191

Virtue of the gathering of a community of Yisroel in connection with Torah prayer and charity

Connection of Birkat HaChamah with the fourth day of the week

Connection with the Nassi of the day - Reuben

Connection with the daily Torah portion - lesions of houses

Connection to Jewish children. Tzivos HaShem"

201 – Addition- order of Birkat HaChamah according to Chabad custom

Yud-Gimmel Nisan (evening of the fourteenth) of Nissan 5740 203

Beginning with a blessing. One who is careful concerning a minute amount of Chometz is guaranteed etc. Auspicious time on these days concerning “g does not slumber” and returning the hearts of the fathers

The world (and in particular Eretz Yisroel) shakes () with the aspect of Bitachon and sustenance. Repair of the thing by strengthening Judaism, the prohibition of returning territories and the holiday laws

Increasing the study of Torah and observance of Mitzvot

Relation to the Avodah of Jewish children especially

 Conclusion. Strengthening the completeness of Torah, the land and the people through men, women and children

Fourth day of Pesach 5740 212

Continuation. Awakening regarding the strengthening of Torah and Mitzvot – in connection with the last days Chag HaPesach.

The special relationship the Jewish children for 'they recognized Him first”

Connection to the daily Torah portion. Pesach Sheni, Avodah of repentance

Conducting rallies for Jewish children on Shevi’i Shel Pesach

Evening of Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5740 – to the Shluchim to Argentina and Venezuela 220

Cancelling the “shaking” () of the world through Torah, in the lower hemisphere from north to south

Shabbat Parshat Shemini, MVCH Iyar 5742 2 2 4

In connection with the annual convention of Tzeirei Agudat Chabad on Beit Iyar. Gatherings of Torah and printing Torah journals

Sichot and letters

Nissan 229

Explanation Rambam (Beginning of Hilchot Kiddush haChodesh) “the months of the year are lunar months . . and the years that we calculate are solar years”. Resolving the express difficulty of the words of Rambam (7:10) that in the completion of the Machzor/cycle there remains a surplus of 1485 chalakim (time parts) – therefore after many years the Tekufah of Nisan will be in the month of Iyar. The reason that we follow as Halacha the calculation of Shmuel even though R’ Ada “more correct” (Rambam ibid 6:6)

Beis Nissan 238

Virtue of Tomchei Tmimim and awakening for strength on the day of the hillula (whose aspect is bitterness () and not sadness ())

Tzav 239

Birkat HaGomel for women

Yud- Alef Nissan 240

Blessing 5741, Blessing 5742- matter – aspect of “Open your mouth and I will fill it“ according to the Talmud Yerushalmi (Taanit 3:6) Blessing 5743


General Letters 243

Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5741: Two events on Rosh Chodesh Nissan: (a) in Egypt – Mitzvah of “This month is to you” and the Korban Pesach, (b) After Yetzias Mitzrayim - erecting the Tabernacle; Both in the condition of slavery (body) and the condition of freedom (Soul) there must be completeness in Avodat HaShem.

'Yisroel counts according to the Moon: that receives its light from the sun, and the body receives its life from the soul

Yud Alef Nissan 5741.

Continuation. in two matters of Rosh Chodesh Nisan ( Mitzvah of Korban Pesach and the erecting of the Tabernacle) it highlights the aspect of the overpowering of the soul over the body: “Pesach did not come at the outset except for eating”. And the Mishkan was erected from physical things: This thing is connected to the future event which will be Rosh Chodesh Nissan - the construction of the Third Temple, through our deeds and service in the time of Galut

Connection to Mizmor eighty in Tehillim. Motzai Shabbat Kodesh MVCH Nissan 5742

The common structure between the Purim and Pesach redemption which are in proximity to each other - unity of Yisroel and the importance of all parts of Israel

Yud Alef Nissan 5742

Continuation. “As in the days of you leaving Egypt” – days in the plural – Geulah is a daily operation () .Complete Geulah of the community and of the individual .redemption of the community () is associated with the redemption of the individual: This issue is highlighted on the night of Pesach

Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5743

Two names of the festival “Time of our freedom” () and “Festival of Matzot” () True liberty from all restriction: "matzah" and the negation of Chometz - Absolute denial of pride, Yetzias Mitzrayim every day Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5743. Continuation. Matching these two aforementioned opposites - freedom. Strength of being and "matzah" (prohibition of Chometz), epitome of bitul – for through the epitome of the devotion to G-dliness, it is possible to have the strength of being. The struggle in this brings miraculous Success

Telegrams 280

5741, 5742, 5743

Blessings before making the Seder - 5741 282

 In Tomchei Tmimim - studying Pnimiyut of Torah. looking at the Yom Tov candles during the Kiddush;

 In Hadar HaTorah

To the emigres of Persia

To the emigres of Russia (in Russian and Yiddish translation)

To the Children that emigrated from Russia (in Russian and Yiddish translation)

To Machon Chana

Aspects of Pesach 288

Negation of adding mention of the Shoah in the Pesach Haggadah

It is not our custom to hand over the key in the Chometz sale

Distribution of Shmurah matzah

Increasing distribution

Actions of the rabbi in his community on Chag HaPesach

Equating the Pesach blessing and the sacrifice (end of tractate Pesachim) with the blessing Shehechiyanu of Pesach that exempts the Mitzvah of burning Chometz

Days of Sefirah 293

Lesson from the days of the Omer – the desire to receive the Torah. Oholei Torah- Educational institution

Reason for learning tractate Sotah during the days of Sefirah

Commencement of Beis Rivkah

Deed is primary “prefacing we will do to we will hear”, gathering of women

Days of Sefirah - segulah for an increase in health

To students traveling to Caracas, 5742

Shemini 297

Debate in the explanation of Rashi to Talmud (sukkah 53a) “David did not show the halacha in front of his teacher” ()

Drinking liquor specifically in an appropriate manner

 Notes to the sefer “Mapat HaTaharah”

Explanation of the language of the Rebbe Rayatz (Iggeret Kodesh 1:100) that “all Chasidim are accustomed to take the vessel with the right hand” ()

Tazria 299

Spreading Chassidut is a segulah for having children

Emigrating from the diaspora to Eretz Yisroel is a segulah for having children

Family purity - segulah for having children

Shalom Bayit – through caution from prohibited closeness

Conditions for the permission to use a contraceptive sponge (moch)

Method of testing semen to determine if he is able to bear children. The directive to have Mesirat Nefesh in this matter

Metzora 302

Band-Aids () in the Mikvah

How to fill the Mikvah (Hashaka). Band-Aids

Necessity and virtue of fixing and building Mikvah’s - aspect of purity in pnimiyut

Explanation of the wording of the Mishnah (Mikva’ot 7:2) “these invalidate and do not increase the water whether they are impure or pure” ()

Rectification for the sins of youth

Explanation of the wording in Likkutei Torah (Shlach 42b) “to a Niddah and Zavah, their purity is in spring water ()

Acharei 306

Law of a sick person that needs to eat on Yom Kippur

The lack of mentioning “Lechem HaPanim” (showbread) in the poems of the Avodah, has within it the aspect of “and our lips complete (are in lieu of ) the sacrifices ()

Receiving God's blessing though Mitzvot “you shall live by them”

Mitzvah to desire long life and not the opposite (G-d forbid)

Canceling the “national service” () for girls in the holy land

Explanation of the words of the Ramban (end of Parshat Acharei) regarding three aspects of Karet and matching it with the words of the Alter Rebbe in Iggeret HaKodesh ep. 4; debate in the words of Rashi (Kiddushin 40 s.v. Amar) – one who cohabits with a Aramit is fitting for impure food” ()

Kedoshim 309

Regarding what is written in Tanya Chap. 8 concerning secular wisdom that it is not just philosophy Virtue in the occupation of creating harmony

Hint and explanation of Tanya chap. 32 in the aspect of Ahavat Yisroel specifically in Eretz Yisroel

The method of Chabad - non-partisan, united zeal and love (מאחדת קנאות ואהבה)

Planting a forest in the name (memory) of a person – the debate whether it is appropriate according to Torah

Debate of what it written in Iggeret haTeshuvah chap 3 “ and also one may eat a few hours before the dawn ()

Virtue of growing the beard for a yeshiva student that is occupied with making Tefilin

Growing the beard - a conduit for God’s blessings

Explanation of the contradiction in the words of Rambam (Hilchot Avodah Zara 12:1 and the Teshuvot HaRambam 2:244) regarding shaving the beard

Seventy years for old age ()

Emor 316

Kohanim visiting the tombs of Tzaddikim and the custom of the kohanim in the Ohel of the Rebbe Rayatz concerning one who always permits matters in his Torah writings etc.

Pesach Sheini 318

Blessing to the Shluchim to Seattle, 5740

Lag B'Omer 319

Virtue of Lag B'Omer - the day of joy of the Rashbi to continue inner happiness

General letter - 5741: improving the condition of the deteriorating state of the world - by strengthening Torah and Mitzvot .Particularly through “Hakhel” gatherings of Torah, prayer and charity, even for children and in a manner of Ahavat Yisroel

To Neshei Chabad – lesson from the Avodah of the Rashbi who said that “Is there something that needs repair” – in the work of Chinuch, and in particular of women

Ditto. The Avodah and Mesirat nefesh of Rabbi Shimon bat Yochai to deal with even minor detail of the Jewish people

The book “Zohar Torah”

Explanation of what is written in Iggeret HaKodesh ep. 26 (143a) that “that their main occupation in the cave was with the Torah of the Mishnayot ()

Special day of Lag B'Omer that occurs on Erev Shabbat

Virtue of the “parade” of Lag B'Omer

Custom of cutting the hair of a three year old

Source for the statement of R’ Aharon Halevy that they said "comfort/Nacheim" (נחם) every day and when they said it on Lag B'Omer the Rashbi was upset

Behar 332

When it is possible, one should fly El Al according to what is stated “purchase from your people”

Bechukotai 333

From the History of Yisroel one can see that which is written in Parshat Bechukotai – that only by walking in the path of righteousness did Yisroel succeed, whereas one who deviated and stumbled in strange and varied methods

The deed is the main thing

Jews fleeing from Jewish neighborhoods

Returning Land in Eretz Yisroel

Explanation of the sign of the heels of Moshiach (end of tractate Sotah) in a positive light

Punishments of the Torah - repairing the flaw in man and his surroundings

Chinuch matters

1. The merit and duty to engage in Chinuch 339

Educating the young generation in our time, especially in Eretz Yisroel, concerns the existence of the people

In our time it is an emergency regarding educating the younger generation and an increase in quantity brings quality

Alacrity and saving time, And not to wait for financial resources for Chinuch

aspect of “Merkos L’inyanei Chinuch” and the duty to support it

War against assimilation and the support of “National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education” ()

Dedication for the institution “Oholei Yosef Yitzchak” for girls in Morocco, particularly in the year of Hakhel and during Chanukah

Institution “Migdal Or” in Eretz Yisroel

Auspicious time to educate the younger generations. Pikuach nefesh and timely ()

Relationship of Chinuch to nullify the cause of Galut

Role of youth in the days of the creation of the world and in particular in Eretz Yisroel - educating the younger generation

The way to bring close the youth - outreach and raising the student and speaking softly and not through negativity

Negation of despair from that which one occupies oneself with educating others over the account of rectifying one’s own self – the mission of our generation is to bring close all Yisroel through their education. And this is a Mitzvah that one excels in ()

Torah of the Baal Shem Tov on the verse “Kumi Ori” through the leaders of (Nesi’ei) Yisroel

All Educational problems etc. are not a reason for leaving the field. The story of Rabbi Yosef the Mashpia that became a wagon driver (Baal Agalah)

Complaints were in all times and “be whole/Tamim with the L-rd your G-d”: Mitzvah that one is more scrupulous in ()

Negation of “unfit thoughts” (מחשבות פסולות׳) of closing a school

Handing over a school to another organization – because of despair etc. over its condition:

The level of the fruits of Chinuch

abandoning the management of a school – impossible, especially in our time

That which a part of the student body in the school are grasped by the current flow is not a reason to stop the activities

Negation of the claim that one does not see the results of the work of Chinuch

Sometimes the work is not recognizable, however no one knows what is in the heart of his fellow

It is hard to imagine the future and the ability of students therefore one must continue the work of Chinuch out of Bitachon

Virtue of classes for youth, specifically

The main aspect Chinuch of youth is similar to planting a sapling

Educating the younger generation is similar to handling a seed that was planted

Meetings and conferences of the faculty of “Reshet Oholei Yosef Yitzchak”

According to the effort is the reward () and certainly for one that the education of the younger generation is dependent upon.

Awakening from below of the students () affects the Mashpia to reveal his hidden talents

Utilizing the talents of a Jewish girl, saved by a miracle, - to educate the younger generation

Even someone who feels himself deficient can affect others

Occupation in the field of Chinuch with joy and good heart

Occupation in the field of Chinuch will diminish העלמות and increase success

Working at an agricultural school and a trade school in Kfar Chabad

Advice to change Negative attitude towards study. Founding a “Mesibos Shabbos”

Virtue of working in the field of Chinuch of Jewish children – the only son of G-d

Virtue of working in the Chinuch of veterans and the negation of depression that comes from the Yetzer hara. Visit to the Rebbe must be with “great wealth” (), with the teachers (with their Spirit) Concentrating on the activities of the Oholei Yosef Yitzchak schools in the holy land

Through kosher Chinuch one’s mind and heart become refined, etc.

Virtue of adding Students in kosher schools: It does not exempt one from his own study and increasing his intellect etc.

Raising in Holiness concerning Chinuch

Whoever increases in the aspects of Avodat HaShem in Chinuch – is added to him etc.

Virtue of our generation that the connection between physicality and spirituality was revealed, and therefore, endeavoring in a school will effect physical good Chinuch

Adding students to the “Reshet” institutions

Success in Chinuch must cause adding; Virtue of saying Chassidic talks to the students

Increasing in Chinuch

Start of the school year in a manner of U’faratzta and lechatchilah ariber

One who teaches Torah to students must put it all his efforts in this and let G-d take care of him

In our time, the beginning of proper Chinuch from starts from and extremely early age

Occupation to increase the number of students in a yeshiva must be similar to the business of acquiring wealth

Competition from another school that is not according to Taharat HaKodesh must result in adding activities

Necessity to increase the number of students - and that will bring quality

Dedication of the educator 376

Occupation in the field of Chinuch in “Reshet” is a receptacle for blessing. Devotion of the educator must be with his whole being

Watching one’s health for success in Chinuch

Conflict between teachers and management is not reason to punish the students and destroy the morale of the educators

The whole essence of the educator must be devoted to the business of Chinuch and there is no place to be involved in commerce

Worries of Parnassah is no reason for the lack of involvement in Chinuch

Proper Chinuch is when the educator considers the state of the students when they are outside of the yeshiva

Special responsibility of a “Mashgiach” in a yeshiva.

Obligation of a Mashgiach in a yeshiva to answer students' questions; G-d forbid, one must not say that the effort that is placed in the students is in vain

Aspect of loneliness "bdidot" () does not exist among Chassidim, especially in educators who are united with the students

Manners of Chinuch 382

Virtue of studying at a school that exclusively teaches religious subjects

An obligation on everyone to endeavor that the Chinuch should be exemplary and that it goes from strength to strength ()

Virtue of studying Limudei Kodesh the entire day

Virtue of studying at a school that exclusively teaches religious subjects, and in the inner aspect where the air is special

Necessity of studying at a school that exclusively teaches Limudei Kodesh and in a Chassidic institution

Marriage with a girl who does not observe Torah and Mitzvot; This

The condition of a young man stems from the fact that they learned in schools that do not observe Torah and Mitzvot

Blessing to a Bat Mitzvah and the directive that she study in the most religious school possible

Negation of the claim that a child must learn secular subjects in order to arrange his life

Reasoning to a yeshiva student that he should continue his studies in a yeshiva

Whether studying in a yeshiva will prevent him from finding Parnassah

Whether to leave yeshiva in order to study a trade

It is better to remain in yeshiva and not to worry about the way to arrange his future

To the Iggud HaRabbanim (5723) saving the awakening of youth to return to the sources: strengthening the study of Limudei Kodesh the entire day; mentioning G-d () in public schools: receiving aid from the government

Manner of education in public schools causes a lack of restraint () in desires etc. the advice - planting reasoning in their hearts through faith in the Creator of the world.

Directive in the manner of Chinuch of the children in the “Aliyat HaNoar” school in Morocco who have absolute faith in Torah and Mitzvot and complete obedience to their parents and teachers: relationship of the educator to the student's family

Interest in the work of the educators outside of School hours: The main purpose of a Chinuch institution is not the acquiring of knowledge but the fear of Heaven

Connection of Neshei Chabad with the mothers of the students in Chabad institutions

Technical schools must include study of Halacha and also imbue a desire to learn

Main study with Children – practical Halacha, to establish () in them the study of Chumash and accustoming them to pray

 virtue of volunteering to work in Chinuch, traditional Jewish Chinuch ()

Necessity to learn and Chinuch that for the fear of Heaven

Studying in a manner which leads to action, through one’s fear preceding one’s his wisdom

A student who has non-Jewish friends

Connection to books or teachers that have doubts in terms of fear of Heaven

Program, for a seminar for girls

Denial of access to unwanted books for students

Impossibility of compromise on the separation of girls and boys in Chabad institutions (and this should also be in all schools)

Chassidic study circles with mixed boys and girls

Manner of Chinuch - dependent on each institution according to its environment

Separation between students at different levels: the effect of diet and sleep and the state of the students

Students that are rebellious () should be expelled - for the good of the many overrides the good of the individual

Ditto. But not in a way that pushes him away with “two hands”.

It is impossible to intervene from overseas in relation to specific student, for it is overwhelming (). teaching in non- religious institutions must be in a manner that is not interpreted as an “endorsement”

Torah study without compromise

Specific directives 410

Whether to place a child in Cheder before the age of five

Studying Alef Beit and Kriah with Sephardim must be in their pronunciation

If one should specifically teach using Assyrian script

Not to cancel study on Sunday

Negation of teaching Hebrew with Hebrew

Changing the language of study in a Talmud Torah school: the main thing – behavior of the Students outside of the school walls

Stories of “adventures” (עלילה), while able to make a strong impression on Children, nevertheless are difficult for the child to understand the message hidden in the story

Quiz in Tanach must be together with a quiz in Mishnah – Oral Torah

Teaching must be in subjects that are sufficiently able to be grasped by all Students

Studying Chassidut with children before Bar Mitzvah

Lesson from “tests” in a school

Preparing a “provision for the way” for the vacation days

Debate regarding the Length of vacation and how they are utilized

Chabad Institutions 417

Chinuch of Anash sons and daughters must be in Chabad institutions

Rabboseinu Nesi’einu are the managers of Chabad institutions

Wonder on the daughter of a Chassidic home that is not learning in a Chabad institution

Cancellation of reasons not to educate a son in a Chabad yeshiva

Wonder at removing a son from a Chassidic yeshiva to reverse it

Teacher in a Chabad Institution must be recognizable that he is a Chassid even for teaching Alef Beit

Spirit of Rabboseinu Nesi’einu surrounds the institutions. And the Rosh yeshiva and Mashgichim are the conduit

Virtue of studying in the teachers’ institute of Beis Rivkah

Participation physically and monetarily in aiding our Rebbes’ institutions

Merit of teachers in Chabad Institutions

Work in “Reshet” is not a plain “job” but participation in the Avodah of the Rebbe

In Chabad institutions the main point is – not to compromise on the main ideals of Chabad

If one should be forced to pray in the yeshiva, necessity of studying Chassidut in our time

Response to the claim that in Chabad institutes, too much is demanded from the students

Negation of combining a Chabad institution with another institution

Appointment of Morim and Morot in Chabad institutions must be through members of (Anshei) Chabad

The quality that defines – fear of heaven

Constitution () for a yeshiva

Girls’ Chinuch 427

Directive of the Rebbe Rayatz concerning the duty of educating girls in our generation

Necessity to engage in the Chinuch of girls

Alacrity in the foundation of Beis Rivkah

Ditto. saving the souls of Jewish daughters; Mesibos Shabbos for girls.

Memorial book for the supporters of Beit Rivka in France

negation of the supposition that there is no importance of educating girls

endeavoring that even girls participate in classes in Chassidut

Chinuch of the household 432

Saying of the Rebbe Rashab concerning the duty to allocate time for the Chinuch of one’s household necessity of influencing “another” () includes one’s own household

Work in a school does not conflict with educating the children in the home

The parents of youth who did not see the past, must be concerned for their Chinuch the shock at sending a child to a school where there are non-Jews

Dealing with a “naughty” child ()

How to influence one’s child – to imbue Judaism without compromise for his surroundings

Raising a child must not fall only on the parents

Bringing one’s child close to Torah and Mitzvot

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