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Sichot 5738 - 5741

Chof Dalet Tevet, 5738          273

Par 1. Lesson from the name of a Baal hillula "Shneur Zalman", good for Heaven and good for mankind. Torah and charity

Par. 8: Farbrengen on the Yahrzeit-hillula

Par 12: Connection to the Parsha of the week - Parshat Shmot and P. Va'era

Par. 14: Explanation in the beginning of Hilchot Talmud Torah of the Baal hillula ("although a minor is exempt")

Par. 17: Explanation in the beginning of Shulchan Aruch of the Baal hillula ("Yehuda Ben Teima said etc. (יהודה בן תימא אומר כוי).

Par. 23: The aspect of boldness in holiness and the lesson for the prohibition against returning the territories in the Holy Land that would be Pikuach Nefesh

Shabbat P' Bo, 8 Shvat 5740           298

Special preparation for the upcoming hillula of Yud Shvat

Preparation of boys and girls through gatherings and by explaining to them the dearness of Yisroel and the Torah and making good resolutions in deed

Sunday P' Mishpatim, 20th Shvat 5741 (to Tzivos HaShem) 306  

Par. 2: Essence of war of "Tzivos HaShem" and the Avodah of each soldier

Par. 7: Lessons from this from the Parsha of the week "In every place which I will mention My name"

Par. 8: Lessons from Parshat Mishpatim

Sunday P' Terumah, 28th Shvat 5738 (to Shluchim to Australia        315  

Aspect of the founding of the "Kolel" in Australia and the connection to Parshat Terumah

Monday 6 Adar I 5738 to Shluchim to Australia   317

Teaching and empowerment from Zayin Adar ; increasing the aspect of the study of Torah  

Sunday, 12 Adar 5738 to the students of the first grades of the Yeshiva         319

Par. 1: Virtue of gathering many Yisroel in conjunction with Torah and Mitzvot adding blessing and peace, especially in proximity to Purim

Par. 4: Lesson from Purim - nullifying all the decrees and evil thoughts of "Haman" and his counterparts in our generation  

Purim Katan 5738     326

Par. 1: Beginning the second yovel (century) from the reciting of the Maamer "Vkibeil HaYehudim" 5687 by the Rebbe Rayatz. Explanation of the nature of "second Yovel" ( יובל שניי"). Point of the Maamer: Educating Jewish children in a manner of establishing strength ״יסדת עוז״ from strength

Par. 8: Connection to the daily Torah portion - "so that we are distinguished, I and Your people" (וְנִפְלִינוּ, אֲנִי וְעַמְּךָ)

Par. 12: "Thirty days" before Purim

Par. 13: Shluchim traveling to the holy Land with their families  

Purim Katan 5741 to "Tzivos HaShem"      339

Par. 2: Connection of Purim Katan to boys and girls and the small luminary (״המאור הקטן״)

Par. 8: Lesson in the Avodah of Tzivos HaShem from the Maamer s.v. "Vkibeil HaYehudim" 5687 - "You founded strength" (יסדת עוז)

Par. 15: Daily Tehillim portion - the kingdom of David and King Moshiach

Sichot and Letters

Shmot            351

Virtue of Moshiach over Moshe Rabbeinu

Virtue of Jewish women in the footsteps of Moshiach (בעקבתא דמשיחא)

Why do the females precede the males in the verse 4:20: "And Moshe took his wife and sons";  

Chof Dalet Tevet        352

On this day the merit of the Alter Rebbe, Tevet overpowers to draw blessings though the actions of the descendants as is his hope.

Rosh Chodesh Shvat             353

The aspect of Rosh Chodesh Shvat where: "Moshe began to expound this Torah" especially in the Hakhel year

Bo        356

The name "Agudas Chassidei Chabad" and its aspects

Covering the Tefilah Shel Yad during prayer

Length of the Head Tefilin straps

Time to start putting on Tefilin before the Bar Mitzvah (when the Chol HaMo'ed is two months the Bar Mitzvah)

Checking Tefilin

Tefilin of Rabbeinu Tam

Time put on Tefilin d'Rabbeinu Tam

Advisable to (also) put on Tefilin d'Rabbeinu Tam

The Kavana (intent) of Tefilin d'Rabbeinu Tam

Rectification for one who forgot to put on Tefilin d'Rabbeinu Tam

Tefilin of Shimusha Rabba and Ra'avad

Yud Shvat       360

Encouragement to engage in the work of the Rebbe Rayatz (Baal Hillula) according to the way he taught

Impact of the Baal Hillula after his passing. After nine months etc.

Recitation of Tehillim for the healing of the Rebbe Rayatz (in 5705)

Explanation of his connection to the aspect of healing according to Pnimiyut

Virtue of the girls’ educational institution: “Beis Rivkah" of the Baal Hillula

Role of qualified Jewish women in influencing other women

Utilizing ones strengths to educate children, especially in the Holy Land  

A small benefit in Chinuch incomparably adds to the student afterwards

Thanks for the greeting for the Thirtieth year

Increasing in Chinuch and supporting Judaism

The hint that the saying of the Sages "Good for Heaven and good for mankind" (טוב לשמים וטוב לבריות) is in tractate Kiddushin 40a

Blessings to the incoming class of the technical school in Kfar Chabad

Summary of the contents of the letter. And primarily to utilize it for additional explanation in aspects that are alluded to, and for spreading Chassidut

(Torah) Aliyah on the day of the hillula each year also for those who follow in his ways

Making a public Siyum

Reciting Kaddish d'Rabbanan

Resolutions connected to the Hillula

Reproof concerning not to pause the work of spreading Chassidut

Telegram to Kfar Chabad - 5714

The way to get a response from the Baal Hillula after his passing

Telegrams to Anash in the years 5741, 5742, 5743

Yechidus 5742

Beshalach       379

Necessity of Girls' education at this time because it is the time to act for the L-rd, and the establishment of women's groups for the ways of Tzniyut, and the reward in the future that "Once again elderly men and women will sit in the broad places (streets) of Jerusalem"

Our custom for Seudat shlishit meal

Tzedaka before Shabbat Candle lighting and the prohibition of moving (muktza)

Shabbat Candle lighting of young girls

Shabbat Candle lighting with oil

Shabbat Candle lighting of young girls against the custom of family members (newspapers, make-up)

Segulah after an undesirable event

Speakers (רם־קול) in a synagogue on Yom Tov

Debate in the saying of the Sages that in the Future the clouds will bring Yisroel to the Holiday on each Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh  

Debate in the laws of Eiruvin and the aspect of a Public Domain (רה״ר) in our time

Conduct of Anash at the farbrengens

Correcting errors in Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch 336:18 and 271:23

Sabbath observance in business (with different locations)

Punctuation of "Zecher Amalek" (״זכר עמלק״)

Yitro    386

"Our children are our guarantors" (בנינו עורבים אותנו״)

Directives in the manner of influence on children and youth in our generation

Despite the greatness of learning - its purpose is to facilitate action

Instructions to those who are in Military training (בצבא באמונים)

Jewish identity in is not given to choice but rather deed

One who chooses to live contrary to his essence causes severing from the source of his life

Directives for the youth branch of Agudas Israel

Source for Reincarnation (גלגולים)

Spreading Pnimiyut HaTorah outwards

Saving Jews in our time from the tide of ignorance ( מים העם הארצות)

Telegram for the main convention of Agudas Israel 5714; to the leaders - negating compromise

Utilizing the power of influence that one has undesirably and to transform it into positive

Not to be ashamed from scoffers

The way to return someone to Teshuvah is by supporting doubts in his errant ways (And the sign from a dream) without debate

Study is not primary but rather deed (לא המדרש עיקר אלא המעשה)

One who enters the garden of Chasidut should improve his condition with physical Mitzvot

Regarding the Holocaust "Sho'ah" as an example of an "operation" (ניתוח״")

Mixing religion and politics

Source for the Seven Rabbinic commandments

The order of the Alef-Beis and the Nekudot in the Siddur of Merkos L'inyanei Chinuch  

The damage of publicizing the words of the Radak regarding the Kri and Ktiv that are in Tanach

Adoption of Children

On the Law of "Who is a Jew" (Mihu Yehudi) in the Holy Land

Prohibition of joining coalitions in the Israeli government and the necessity of participation in elections

Virtue and necessity of a Religious Front (חזית דתית) in the elections in the Holy Land

Lengthy explanation in Tanya Shaar HaYichud V'HaEmuna end of Chap. 4 end chap. 5. Many key questions regarding Yichud/unification that are answered by the explanation that Chayot are called Keilim

Lengthy explanation in Shaar HaYichud V'HaEmuna end of Chap. 10 regarding the distinction between an actual Sun and the light that is in it (גוף השמש וה״מאור״ שבו)

Mishpatim 446

Virtue of learning Tanya in Yiddish on the radio

Reason that it does not state at the beginning of the Parsha: “And G-d spoke etc."

Source that the world will exist for six thousand years (״שתא אלפי שני הוי עלמא״ )

Mitzvah of Onah (relations) after chatzot in our time

Necessity of keeping Mitzvah of Onah

Negation of celibacy in marriage (הפרישות)

Permission for a doctor to heal

Negation of cutting the gums (חתיכת בשר החניכיים)

Open heart surgery

Healing for one who does not know how to form words (speech)

Alternative medicine

Vegetarian (Naturopathic) medicine

Health of the heart is associated with spirituality

Advice and Segulot for blood flow illness

Advisable to consult with medical expert

Advice to a teacher, that doctors advise him to minimize his speech

Educational work - segulah for health

Good thoughts will bring good

Delaying a medical procedure


Removing despairing thoughts

Segulah for nerves

Bitachon and many Segulot for health

Letters for Gemach Shomrei Shabbat; 5741 - Hakhel and the connection to Gemach: 5742 - connection to Parshat Tisa and the month of Adar; 5743 - as above

Letter to the directors of the Gemach in Montreal - Necessity and precaution for health

Dietary workers in the Hospital ("Beit Refuah" and Not "Beit Cholim") ( בית רפואה ולא.,בית חולים״)

Caution to maintain physical health, especially in our generation

Notes on the sefer Tosfot Chachmei Anglia   תוספות חכמי אנגלי׳ ל מס׳ סנהדרין

Order of Avodah - step by step, gradually

Advice for lack of order/seder

Virtue of Chassidic stories

Adar   479

Lessons from the leap year for the aspect of fulfilling and rectifying past deficiencies

The highlight of the month of Adar - Purim  

Terumah         481

Note on the sefer "Beit Hamikdash" (sefar)

Directive from Parshat Terumah regarding the aspects of "Beis Rivkah" and Jewish women

Time for saying Parshat Terumah and Tetzaveh (before the Sin of the Calf or after)  

Tetzaveh         483

In lighting the Menorah - after the initial deed the light burns by itself  

Tisa     484

Source for the saying of the Sages "With difficulty they allowed words of Torah to be spoken on Shabbat" ( בקושי התירו ל דבר ד״ ת בשבת״ )

Form of the Luchot/Tablets - square and not rounded on top  

Purim 485  

Lessons from the Purim story regarding the virtue of Jewish children

Directive to "Tzivos HaShem" from the days of Purim

General letter for Purim (5741)

For the upcoming Purim in the Hakhel year one must endeavor to spread observance of Purim by all Jews and also children  

Adding in Joy on the first day (15th Adar) which contains the laws of Purim in Jerusalem

If one fulfills the obligation to "to become intoxicated on Purim" (לבסומי בפוריא״") through a Shliach  

Allusions in the mitzvah of the half-shekel and the connection to nullifying Haman's decree

The law that the "Megillah is read on the Eleventh" (מגילה נ קראת בי־א וכוי״”) is connected with Ahavat Yisroel

Virtue of the yeshivah Tomchei Tmimim and its students

Allusions in the Bar Mitzvah's name Mordechai, Efraim, Yehudah and Menachem to Purim and the greatness of Torah  

Virtue of "Machne Israel"

The half-shekel - the sockets of the Tabernacle and the hint of it

The Avodah of "U'faratzta" in the Holy Land. Light and joy as the Sages expound and literally

Debate concerning hearing the Megillah by phone

Telegrams for the years 5741, 5742, 5743

 Vayakhel        499

Convention of Shluchim in the Holy Land in Shnat Hakhel

Response to the claim that lighting a fire (on Shabbat) in our time is not work (אין בה טירחא)

Concerning printing the aspect of the allowance of work in the Beit HaMikdash on Shabbat in an English publication

Travelling on an Israeli ship on Shabbat

 Pekudei         505

Siyum and dedication of a Torah scroll in London

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