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Chumash-Shmot    Chumash-Shmot


(5742) The difference between the two comments of Rashi (Ex.33:2, 34:11) concerning the six Canaanite nations etc. "These are only six nations. because the Girgashite nation got up and cleared out on their own from before them"  



The Canaanites, the Amorites…: Only six of the seven nations are mentioned here. As was noted previously,76 this is because in this passage, G-d is reassuring the people that even though they sinned and therefore forfeited the privilege of being led directly by G-d's presence, the leader He will appoint as a substitute will still succeed in driving out the resident nations from the land promised them. Since the Girgashites fled on their own, there is therefore no need to mention them in this context.77

Nonetheless, should any Girgashites return to the land of Israel, they would still be subject to the directives given here. For this reason, when these directives are repeated later,78 the Girgashites are mentioned.79

As was mentioned previously, the six Canaanite nations allegorically personify the six unrectified emotions of the animal soul from chesed throug yesod and the Girgashites personify malchut of the animal soul, the drive to express these unrectified emotions in thought, speech, and action. When we rectify the six emotions of our animal soul, we will not have to worry about combating any drive to express them.

But until this process is complete, the individual must control his faculties of thought, speech, and action in order to ensure that they serve only holy purposes and not those of his six unrectified emotions of his animal soul. This verse therefore enjoins us to "guard yourself…"80

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