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 Par 1)  The connection between Matan Torah and the "third" month - peace
             between separates, unity from multitude.
Par  5)  Advantage of Shavuot over Pesach and Sukkot; Two advantages in the
            middle line (kav HaEmtzai) of Shavuot and Torah; Study of Torah for its
            own sake, even when exempt halachically.
Par 17) Shavuot  - a auspicious time to strengthen the rule of learning Chitas

Par 18) The giving of Torah specifically in a desert - the lesson.

Par 21) "If you have troubled your feet for the poor or for the sake of a Mitzvah, 
             it has been fulfilled on you the verse: "You shall be blessed when you
             come,  and you shall be blessed when you depart"(Deut. 28:6)"
             (Derech Eretz Zuta Chap 9). The advantage of Kaballat HaTorah




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