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(5738) The prophecy of Moshe and the Torah of Moshe in Rambam (Hil. Yesodey HaTorah 7-8)

Torah & Prophecy 
Torah is superior to prophecy in that: 

  • Torah teaches the ultimate purpose of existence. Prophecy is a "means to an end," to encourage people to observe the Torah. 
  • The Torah is constantly evolving and expanding through the innovative Torah ideas of the Jewish people. However, "a prophet may not make any innovations of his own," in the prophecy that he receives (Laws of Foundations of the Torah 9:1). 

However, prophecy is superior to Torah in that: 

  • The Torah is inherently an incomprehensible G-dly wisdom (although it has been expressed in human terms). The prophet speaks to the people in a language to which they directly relate, so its immediate impact is greater. 
  • What a Torah scholar perceives in the spiritual realms through the Torah will not necessarily materialize in the physical world. However, what a prophet predicts will definitely come true, in the literal sense. 

From Gutnik Chumash (Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 19, p. 182"; vol. 34, pp. 116ff;  "Short Ma 'amarim' of the After Rebbe, p. 355) 




Gutnick Chumash pp. 182
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