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Bamidbar 423

  1. Lesson from counting Bnei Yisroel in desert
  2. "Tzivos Hashem" advantage of the individual - specifically concerning Jewish women through their connection to Moshe Rabbeinu
  3. The lesson from the above in conjunction with Education according to Taharas HaKodesh (Torah-true Jewish education)
  4. Talk to the Shluchim of the yeshiva in Miami

Chag HaShavuot 428

  1. "I am the L-d your G-d who took you out of Egypt" - going out of Egypt in holiness, through the connection to Moshe
  2. Matan Torah is dependent upon all Yisroel special quality;
  3. Explanation of Rambam (Hil. Tmidim uMusafim 7:11) : "And if one would presume that in that year Pesach fell on the Sabbath as these fools have supposed"
  4. Graduation of Beis Rivka in the third month
  5. Graduation of Beis Rivka - related to Parshat Shlach where the women held the Land dear
  6. "Our children are our guarantors"
  7. Sefer Torah to greet Moshiach
  8. Reciting Mishnayot Baal Peh (by heart)
  9. The main aspect of Chag HaShavuot in the future
  10. There is no reason to rule leniently to physically force someone (לכפות בשוטים)
  11. Chitas
  12. Torah and Mitzvot - a Segulah and it is impossible to absolve in any manner
  13. Completing Chitas at night, the order of learning
  14. The necessity to learn Pnimiyut HaTorah
  15. Explanation of Tanya Chap. 29 "where everything is timeless and it is as if he had caused his blemish and defilement this very day, G-d forbid"
  16. "Thoughts help another"
  17. Two aspects to Torah: Above time and connected to time
  18. Reviewing Talmud Baal Peh (by heart)
  19. The manner of learning Gemara
  20. Setting times for Torah study in the Beis HaKnesset
  21. The advantage of reading Zohar etc.
  22. Awakening and encouraging learning of Torah
  23. The need to learn all parts of Torah
  24. Reciting "about one hundred pages" of Talmud Baal Peh (by heart)
  25. Divine Providence and faith
  26. The two hundredth year since the Histalkus of the Baal Shem Tov - regarding the students of Lubavitch Yeshivot
  27. The beginning of the period of division of Yisroel into Torah Scholars and simple folk
  28. The lesson from "chemistry" to the aspect of Divine Providence
  29. The choice to live outside of the confines of Judaism id contrary to one's nature and existence as a Jew
  30. Telegrams for Chag HaShavuot 5738, 5739, 5740

Naso 446

  1. The necessity of wearing a wig
  2. The manner of cutting the hair of married women. The length of the bangs; the necessity of Tzniut
  3. The age that one is obligated in Tzniut
  4. Blessing of the Kohanim every day in Eretz Yisroel
  5. Making a Chanukat HaBayit (home dedication)
  6. Purchasing a home
  7. Explanation in Talmud (Menachot 29a): "R. Jose b. Judah said, It once happened that the candlestick which was used in the Temple was found to be larger than that made by Moses by a golden dinar"
  8. Source of the Sages’ statement: "we only encourage those that have zeal"

Behaalotecha 451

  1. The lesson from "When you light the lamps" that "the flame should rise from itself"
  2. Ahavat Yisroel - lighting Shabbat Candles
  3. Chinuch
  4. Graduation of Tomchei Tmimim Montreal
  5. In Galut the time of the lighting and in the future it will rise by itself
  6. The lighting of the "candle of G-d is the soul of man"
  7. Levites in their Mishmaroseihem (their watch) or bDuchanom (their service)

Shlach 457

  1. The connection of Matan Torah to the mitzvah of Challah, Lighting Shabbat Candles and Chinuch - for Jewish women
  2. Tzitzit machine
  3. If the command "you should not follow" is one of the 613 Mitzvot
  4. The huge breach of television

Tammuz 463

  1. The explanation of the saying of the Sages: "A donkey is cold even in Tammuz" in Avodah

Korach 464

  1. Explanation of the Mishnah in Tractate Middot (beg. ch.1 ) "in three places the kohanim keep watch"
  2. Explanation of Mishnah in Tractate Middot (1:2) " he has permission to burn his clothing"

Chukat 467

  1. The lesson from the verse: "And Moshe sent messengers from Kadesh etc." in conjunction with the graduation of Tomchei Tmimim Montreal

Yud Beit, Yud Gimmel Tammuz 469

  1. Learning the Maamer s.v. "Asarah SheYoshvim" on the Fiftieth anniversary of the redemption
  2. Reciting Tehillim
  3. The eightieth year of the birthday of the Rebbe Rayatz
  4. The innovation of the Geulah of Yud Beit Tammuz
  5. The thirtieth year of the Geulah
  6. The thirty-second year of the Geulah
  7. The Avodah of establishing centers of learning by the Rebbe Rayatz after his Histalkut
  8. The farbrengen on the fifteenth year after founding Kfar Chabad
  9. Encouragement to Beis Rivka
  10. The lesson from the self-sacrifice of the Rebbe Rayatz, specifically at the hundredth year of his birth
  11. Saying the chapter of Tehillim of the Rebbe Rayatz after his Histalkut
  12. His "miracles' at the end of his life
  13. Explanation of the words in Maamer s.v. "Isah b'midrash Tehillim": "And the L-rd awoke as one asleep" why does it state, "G-d (Havaye) as one asleep"
  14. Telegrams for the approach of Yud Beit Tammuz, 5738, 5739 and 5740

Balak 480

  1. Answer to a sefer on the aspect of ghettos

Pinchas 481

  1. The reason that Er, Onan, Dathan and Aviram are specified in the counting in Parshat Pinchas

Bein HaMetzarim 485

  1. Increasing in learning Torah (and specifically the laws of the Temple) and Tzedaka
  2. Decreasing the destruction through building
  3. Spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut outward brings about an overturning of these days to simcha
  4. The rectification to the cause of the Churban - Ahavat Yisroel and love of Torah
  5. Concerning the situation in Eretz Yisroel

Menachem Av 490

  1. The name Menachem Av - for everything has its root in Supernal mercy
  2. Telegram of Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av 5738

Summertime 492

  1. Summer camp to strengthen health of the body - together with strengthening the Soul
  2. Telegrams and letters to camp "Gan Yisroel"
  3. Completion of the first term of Beis Chana in Jerusalem
  4. Utilizing "vacation" to increase in true freedom - Torah Study
  5. Merkos Shlichus (5711)





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