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Learning the maamer s.v. "Asarah SheYoshvim" on the Fiftieth annaversary of the redemption
Reciting Tehillim
The eightieth year of the bithday of the Rebbe Rayatz
The innovation of the Geulah of Yud Beit Tammuz
The thirtieth year of the Geulah
The thirty-second year of the Geulah
The Avodah of establishing centers of learning by the Rebbe Rayatz after his histalkus
The farbrengen on the fifteenth year after founding Kfar Chabad
Encouragement to Beis Rivkah
The lesson from the self-sacrifice of the Rebbe Rayatz, specifically at the hundreth year of his birth
Saying the chapter of Tehillim of the Rebbe Rayatz after his histalkus
His "miracles' at the end of his life
Explanation of the words in maamer s.v. "Isah b'midrash Tehillim": "And the L-rd awoke as one asleep" why does it state "G-d (Havaye) as one asleep"
Telegrams for the approach of Yud Beit Tammuz, 5738, 5739 and 5740





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