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(5737) Rambam (Hil. Shofar, Sukkah, vLulav 8:12 etc) "There was an additional celebration in the Temple on the festival of Sukkot" .."It is a great mitzvah to maximize this celebration".. "the greatest of Israel's wise men: the Rashei Yeshivot, the members of the high court, the pious, the elders, and the men of stature. They were those who would dance" ... "The happiness with which a person should rejoice in the fulfillment of the mitzvot ..is a great service"

The boundary of the "additional celebration" on the festival of Sukkot. The source of the six types (of participants in the celebration) that Rambam mentions. and the connection to Simcha shel Mitzvah (happiness in the fulfillment of a Mitzvah) in general.




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