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(5736) Siyum tractate Chagigah: Debate of R. Eliezer and the Sages (in the reason that the Altars did not impurify) "becasue they were accounted as the ground" or "because they were overlaid [with metal]";

Explanation of the debate of Rashi and Rambam on this; According to the opinion of Beis Shammai and Beis Hillel if the general nature or the specifics establish, and the examples of each of these from the six orders of Mishnah.

Talmud Chagigah (26b)
All the vessels that were in the Temple required immersion, except the Altar of gold and the Altar of bronze, for they were accounted as the ground: this is the view of R. Eliezer. But the sages say: because they were overlaid [with metal]  




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