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(5739) The difference between Yishmael ben Avraham who does not have the status of a Jew (even though he repented) and Esau ben Yitzchak who is a Jew (Tal. Kiddushin 18a)  


On the verse(Gen.25:19) “And these are the descendants of Yitzchok”, the Midrash states:

“And these (v’Eileh) adds to the first ones, on what was previously written before this (concerning) Bnei Yishmael. And who was this? Eisav and his children who was the son of Yitzchok”

– namely with the words “And these are the descendants of Yitzchok” it means Eisav who was a Rasha just like the “Bnei Yishmael”

( which is why the word “Toldot/descendants of Y “ is written defectively (without  a final vav) to exclude J from the group of evildoers.)

One must U :

Since the Midrash explains “And these are the descendants etc” as referring to “ E “, one must conclude that the main emphasis of the verse ( according to the explanation of the Midrash) is on E. This is problematic:

  1. Where do we find in the Parsha that the emphasis is more on E than J ?
  2. More importantly: How can we say that “And these are the descendants of Yitzchok” -  “refers to Eisav” (and not to J )?

The general explanation in this is:

The topic of Parshat Toldot is the aspects (and Avodah) of Y - his children, going to Gerar , digging wells and the blessing of Y.

And since the innovation in Y ‘s Avodah over that of A’s Avodah (in the previous Parshiot)  is noteworthy,

 in that the (spiritual) relationship between Y and E was different that the relationship of A to I (as will be explained).

therefore the Parshah opens with the words “And these are the descendants of Yitzchok” (this refers to  E )“

This means that the (name and ) topic of the Parsha -  “Toldot/descendants”

                which (also) means his “descendants” in the context of his (Y’s ) Avodah and deeds etc.

is recognizable (even) in (the interpretation) that: “And these are the descendants” -  “refers to  E “.

2,  There are two extremes In the difference between I ‘s connection to A and E ‘s connection to Y:

On one hand I was (spiritually) closer to A that E was to Y. For I repented during the “life of his father’.

                (And it is reasonable to say that this was due to A ‘s influence on him)

However we do not find that E repented. On the contrary, according to the Sages’s  commentary – which is cited by Rashi in our Parsha, (attempted) to prevent  Yaakov's burial in  cave of Machpeilah, on the day of J ‘s death.

On the other hand, A “went out/yatza (and separated from I)





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