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(5734) Rashi (Num.14:36) [As for the men whom Moses had sent to scout the Land,] who returned and caused the entire congregation to complain against him"

Moshe’s prayers saved the nation from immediate death, but his prayers were unable to save the Spies themselves, since they challenged Moshe

The Moshe of each generation prays for all Jews, even those that can pray for themselves, connecting them to HaShem 



who returned and caused… to complain against him: When they returned from scouting the Land, they caused the entire congregation to complain against him by spreading slander-those men died. The expression הוֹצָאַת דִבָּה implies instructing to speak, for they ply the tongue of a man to speak about something, as in,“making the lips of the sleeping speak (דּוֹבֵב) ” (Song 7:10). It may be for either good or bad, and that is why it says here (verse 37),“who spread an evil report about the Land” because a ‘report’ (דִבָּה) can [also] be good.


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