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Vayikra 141

A Shochet must be G-d fearing.  "Ein v'Shachat Ela u'Mashach (Chulin 30b)

(Note: In the laws of slaughtering an animal, the cut in the neck must be made by drawing the knife over the neck and not by the pressing it against the neck. The Talmud derives this law from the word the Torah uses for slaughter “ve’shachat” which is related to the word “mashach” translated as “draw.” It proves this by citing two verses where the word “shachat” is translated as “drawn”. Homiletically, v’shachat means u’mashach, meaning that the Shochet takes the life force of the animal and draws it after him, transferring it to a higher spiritual place.)

Schechitah- raising the animal soul to the level of the G-dly soul

Demanding Yiirat Shamayim (fear of Heaven) from a Shochet – more than from a Rabbi

Nisan 143

Debate between R’ Eliezer and R’ Yehoshua whether we will be redeemed in Nisan or Tishrei (b'Nisan Nigalu ub'Nisan Asidin Lehiga'el)  is dependent on their debate whether  we will be redeemed specifically through Teshuvah

“In Nisan we will be redeemed” (בניסן עתידין להגאל) preparation similar to the exodus from Egypt

A month of Geulah in all aspects that confuse (המבלבלים)

Beis Nisan 146

Hilulah of the Rebbe Rashab and the beginning of the Nesiut/leadership of the Rebbe Rayatz. Time to strengthen Hiskashrut (spiritual connection)

In the Maamer Basi l’Gani chapter 19 regarding the Avodah of the ministers and officers and the Avodah of the soldiers -two modes in Avodah that is demanded from everyone

Shluchim of the Rebbe Rashab – three levels of Shlichus

His saying that we must be “Neirot l’Ha’ir” (candles that illuminate)

His saying the in our times one must not make cheshbonot (calculations) But rather to “grasp everything that comes” (בזמננו אין לעשות חשבונות אלא לחטוף מכל הבא)

Tzav 152

Birkat HaGomel and Tefilat HaDerech prayer on the airport runway

Yud-Alef Nissan 153

Blessing to Anash 5736

Letter of blessing

154 Shabbat HaGadol

Strengthening the Mivtza of Shabbat Candle lighting

Pesach 155

One must see himself as if he went out of Egypt etc. - In Avodah

Necessity of purifying the air from communicable diseases. Like in the exodus from Egypt where the people fled.

 Virtue of the aspect of Chinuch and the connection to Passover

Campaign to distribute Shmurah Matzah and with increase

The amount of Shmurah Matzah that one is to distribute

On break from yeshiva one should increase in lessons in Chassidut

Lesson from the “Time of our Liberation” (zman cheiruseinu) especially in our time, spiritual freedom,

Mivtza Pesach

General letter 5737

Passover is skipping and leaping from slavery to freedom

 Difference in levels between the exodus from Egypt and the Splitting of the Red Sea according to the Maamer “U’sefartem” 5673

Awakening the Jewish people from the fainting also through the Ari, the level of strong odor

Every day one must see himself as if he went out of Egypt etc. – not to have domestic attitudes (בעה״בישע הנחות)

Lesson from Shevi’i Shel Pesach - Splitting of the Red Sea

Days of Sefirah 167

Aspect of the days of Sefirah and Lag B'Omer -drawing down intellect (Mochin) into Middot. Revelation of the face of Torah;

Sefirah has no makeup (Tashlumin) – in Avodah

Sefirat HaOmer for one crossing the International Date Line

Aspect of Sefirat HaOmer in Avodah – rectifying Middot, specifically now after Matan Torah

Connection of Sefirat HaOmer to women, in whose merit Yisroel went out of Egypt

Lesson from Sefirat HaOmer - a Mitzvah every day, raising in holiness

Between Pesach and Shavuot – a time of joy, as a soldier that goes out with a march of triumph

Difference between Tifferet and Hod (even though the explanation of both is beauty)

Nusach of the Sefirah blessing “LaOmer" (and, not “BaOmer”)

Shemini 175

After the catastrophe in Kfar Chabad (in 5716) - and Aharon was silent

The pig will be purified in the future - sources

Explanation in the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch (O.C. 157:7) (regarding when honeycombs (Chalos Devash) are considered liquid)

In Likkutei Torah Parshat Shemini –the nick (pegimah) of the Shochet knife a parable for battle (קניגיא) (with Leviathan)

Tazria 178

 In the future, a woman will give birth every day from one encounter even though the prohibition of impurity will not change.

Not to publicize pregnancy until after the fifth month

Custom to immerse in a Mikvah in the ninth month of pregnancy

The delay in pregnancy from the lack of adherence in Family Purity

Segulah for male children – Ahavat Yisroel

Permissibility of testing seminal viability in certain ways

Ways to provide anesthesia for a Brit Mila for one who is older than the age of Mitzvot

Naming a daughter immediately in the first Kriat HaTorah

Names of children come from Divine Inspiration from Above (ברוה״ק מלמעלה)

Metzora 183

Prohibition of speaking Lashon Hara

Necessity of baseless love (Ahavat Chinom)

Necessity to stand firm regarding the building of a Mikvah according to the regulations of the Rebbe Rashab.

Virtue of supporting a Mikvah

Rectification for the known sin

Beis Iyar 186

Lesson concerning "l’chatchila ariber" (לכתחילה אריבער -leaping over adversity it in the first place!)

The Rebbe Maharash used to write prescriptions using medical terminology

Acharei 188

Rambam Hilchot Avodat Yom Kippurim 1:3 “after he offered his sacrifice “, “the performance of the sacrificial service of the day installs him“

Prayer of the Koen Gadol “Shechunah Geshumah” (if it is hotter than usual, it should at least rain).

Reason that Birkat Kohanim is not mentioned in the Avodah of the Kohen Gadol

Rambam Hilchot Pesulei Hamukdashim – (1:15) in the law if one slaughtered [a korban while it was located entirely in the Temple Courtyard and afterwards, it moved one of its feet outside)

Explanation of “Pikuach Nefesh” in Tanya chap. 24

Explanation of the saying of the Sages “If the matter is as clear to you as is the prohibition of your sister in marriage, give your decision, but not otherwise. Sanh.7b)

Regarding adoption

In Likkutei Torah – Parshat Acharei – regarding the mentioning of R’ Shimon bar Yochai in every Perek in the chapters of the tractates in Talmud

Kedoshim 196

Studying the books of Avodah Zarah of Rambam. Explanation of Tanya (chap. 8) in the aspect of studying secular wisdom of Rambam and Ramban.  Six ways regarding the permissibility of studying secular wisdom

Continuation. Connection of inanimate (domem); the vegetative (tzomeach); the animal (chai); and the speaking (medaber) to Klippat Nogah or to the three Klipot of impurity and the manner of their refinement.

In our time it is forbidden to flee from engaging in communal institutions, rebuke etc.

Necessity to engage in communal service (Askanut)

Difference between the view of Chabad in bringing people up to Torah etc. and the view to bring Torah down to the people

Necessity forwarding letters here, because of Ahavat Yisroel

Bringing the word of G-d to our Jewish brethren is precisely the Mitzvah of Ahavat Yisroel

Peace through Ahavat Yisroel

Necessity to grow the beard according to all opinions, and the explanation also to a woman

Emor 209

To adjure the adults on the children –Chinuch

The merit of educational activities

Kohanim going to the graves of the Tzaddikim

Prostate surgery

Difference between Mesirat Nefesh to the other commandments

Two aspects of Mesirat Nefesh

If the cutting of the Lulav and Etrog is similar to building a sukkah

Virtue of Etrogim from Calabria


In the Future the Levites will be Kohanim

Pesach Sheini 216

5735 - Change in the situation regarding leaving Yerushalayim on Pesach Sheini

Debate regarding leaving Yerushalayim on the fourteenth of Nissan and Iyar

The lesson - it's never too late (Nita Kein Farfalen) (ניטא קיין פארפאלן), to Jewish women and girls

Ditto regarding Chinuch of children

Lag B’Omer 227

Virtue of the day and its segulah for studying Pnimiyut HaTorah and internal Avodah

Reasons for Lag B'Omer - Torah and Ahavat Yisroel;

Rashbi helped Yisroel in two areas: Pnimiyut HaTorah and physical needs. So too the Alter Rebbe - Shnei –Or ; two lights

Lesson from the reasons for Lag B'Omer to Jewish women and girls

Encouragement for the five Mivtzaim - in the year 5735

Custom of lighting fires on Lag B’Omer

Reason for sending Shluchim to Australia (5735)

Behar 244

When you come, and "Shich'chah" ("forgotten sheaves") - immediately Shabbat and the connection to Jewish women and girls

Going from strength to strength (הליכה מחיל אל חיל) like the order of the verses in the beginning of the Parsha

Time for making a Prozbul

Sicha regarding the Shluchim to Kfar Chabad in the year 5716

Bechukotai 261

Parnassah - “If you will walk in My statutes etc.” and “I will give”

Endeavoring to improve the condition in a synagogue;

Peace in the Synagogue

Permissibility to hold gatherings of girls in a Synagogue

“He called to the Sham­ash (sexton instead of sun) and it shined light” (קרא לשמש ויזרח אוד)

Explanation of “all Jews are guarantors for one another” (כל ישראל ערבין זה בזה)

Blessing for health



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