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End of Tractate Pesachim

Discussion of argument between Talmud Bavli And Yerushalmi concerning the law if a father did not redeem his son (Pidyon HaBen), whether the son is obligated to redeem himself. Siyum of Tractate Pesachim.

Talmud - Mas. Pesachim 121b
R. Simlai was present at a Redemption of the Firstborn,1 He was asked: It is obvious that for the
redemption of the firstborn it is the father who must recite the blessing, ‘who hast sanctified us with
Thy commandments and hast given us command concerning the redemption of the first born.’ But as
for the blessing, ‘Blessed . . . who hast kept us alive and preserved us and enabled us to reach this
season,’ does the priest2 recite it or the child's father? Does the priest recite the blessing, since the
benefit redounds to him; or does the child's father recite it, since it is he who carries out a religious
duty?3 He could not answer it, so he went and asked it at the schoolhouse, and he was told: The
child's father recites both blessings. And the law is that the child's father recites both blessings.4

(1) V. Ex. XIII, 13; Num. XVIII, 16.
(2) Who receives the five shekels of redemption.
(3) The religious duty is primarily his, since any priest could receive the redemption money.
(4) Rashbam: this story is quoted here because the Mishnah too treats of two blessings.



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