Vol 1.43 - Bechukotai (Lag B'Omer)
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1. "If you follow My statutes" - request and promise like "And you shall love" (V'Ahavta) the root of all Mitzvot

3. "If you follow My statutes" - teh expression "Statues"- accepting the yoke [of Heaven]

4. "And I will give you your rains (gishmaichem)" The Torah of Moshiach and also in simple physicality

5. The verses of the Rebuke are lofty blessings that were said in hidden wording like the explanation of Rashbi
        regarding the story with his son (Tal. Moed Koton 9a)

7. Discourse - the connection to Rashbi - the master of Pnimiyut HaTorah

8. In three places in Tanya (1:26, Iggeret HaKodesh 22 and 11) the advice of how to accept afflictions is explained. The innovation in each of them  



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