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"And all the daughters you should let live" - that they receive their vitality from Egypt



1. On the verse “Every son that is born shall be thrown into the river, and every daughter shall be kept alive.” It is asked because of what did Pharaoh need to conclude: “and every daughter shall be kept alive” - he was only intending that the newborn boys they should cast into the river, and that which will be with the girls did not interest him, and from this that he concludes “and every daughter shall be kept alive” is therefore implying that “every daughter shall be kept alive” is also a decree.

The explanation of this is: the interpretation and specific [meaning] of “Kept alive,” You should allow them to live- [to] enliven them. The same Egyptians whom Pharaoh told to drown the Jewish children in the river, in order to kill G-d forbid their bodies, he told them that the remaining children who remain alive (physically) [that] they should- the Egyptians- [should] be [the ones to] enliven them- pull them in their ways, in the Egyptian lifestyle, in order to kill G-d forbid their soul.

By means of this [explanation] it is also understood the difference in [the] expression, that to the Jewish mid-wives Pharaoh said only regarding not touching the girls- in order to make it easier for them to implicate the decree of killing the sons- but he did not say to them you should enliven them - rather “[and if it is a girl] and she shall live”- she shall remain alive.

And from this that the Torah says, both decrees together in the same verse. [This] is a proof that “Every daughter shall be kept alive” is not any less of a decree then “all the sons should be thrown into the river” To kill the soul Gd forbid is [just] as harsh as to kill the body, and even harsher. Because: spiritual death is worse than physical death.

2. The mentioned decree of “Every daughter shall be kept alive” to pull Jewish children into the Egyptian lifestyle, is also eluded to in “every son born shall be thrown into the river”

The Nile River was the Idol Worship of Egypt, to whom the Egyptians had served. The simple reason was, because the Nile was the well of their livelihood. In Egypt rain does not fall and the fields become irrigated from the Nile River.

And this is “Shall be thrown into the River” which signifies two points: 1) the physical Egyptian exile – to kill G-d forbid the Jewish body, 2) the spiritual Egyptian exile- to thrown them into the idol worship and pleasures of Egypt - to kill G-d forbid their souls. Since a river consists of water which is the concept of pleasure (since water makes all kinds of pleasures grow).

3. The Egyptian exile is a source to all exiles. That from this it is understood, that the decrees which were in the Egyptian exile, exist in all exiles, also in the current exile, and also in our generation.

Also today, there is the Pharaoh King of Egypt i.e. the and [the supposed normal] behavior of the land, which claims that we should throw the Jewish children into the river of [the] customs and practices of the land, the children should dip themselves and drown in the river, which according to their opinion this gives livelihood.

And one should “cement” Jewish children into the walls of Pisom and Ramsees, i.e. place them into the concepts that are the strength and the main involvement of the land.

One needs to know, that all the claims of “Come let us deal cunningly with Him – with their G-d” comes from Pharaoh King of Egypt, that wants, that there not remain any survivor and refugee, G-d forbid, from Judaism, of Jewish souls, and through this also of Jewish bodies.

And consequently, one needs to pose himself with the greatest strength in opposition to his decrees [true Judaism], and educate the children in the true spirit of grandfather Israel.

4. In action this means: When dealing with pulling children, one needs not and is prohibited to drawn them in the Nile- the idol worship of the land. One is prohibited to drown G-d forbid the children in the seeking for the “bottom line.” The only way to life is the full standing education in our Torah - the Living Torah.

There isn’t any [point] to look at other parents, that their children will grow up taken care of, this one will have a house, that one a car, this one will be a doctor, that one a lawyer, and at the least a shoeshiner. But when she will send her child to a Yeshiva, [her son] will be an idler, he won’t even be able even to polish shoes, he will not even know how to hold a brush in his hands.

One needs to know that G-d is the one who provides sustenance to all, and when one will that [which] He wishes - “You shall teach it [Torah] thoroughly to your children, and you shall speak of it to them when you sit in your house, when you walk on the road, when you lie down and when you rise,” - He [then] Will do that which we ask of Him- for oneself and for one’s children.

One needs to enroll the child to a teacher, that is himself alive [spiritually], through our Torah, the Living Torah “And you shall live by them”- in the mitzvahs of Torah, and the teacher should pull the children in the life-path of Torah and mitzvahs, and through this specifically one saves his own children and through them also the entire Jewish Nation.

5. Just as the Egyptian exile is the source of all the exiles, and therefore the decrees that were [decreed] then, exist also today, as aforementioned, so too regarding the Redemption it states, “As in the days when you left Egypt I will show you wonders” that the future Redemption will be similar to the Exodus from Egypt. This means, that also the preparations and concepts that bring This Redemption, need to be similar to the concepts that brought about the Egyptian Exodus.

Regarding the Exodus from Egypt it states, “In the merit of the righteous women that were in that generation our fathers were liberated from Egypt.” What did the righteous women do? They established a generation of Jews. During the decree of Pharaoh, they claimed, that one must disregard Pharaohs decrees, that “Every sons shall be thrown into the River,” being as G-d commanded, one needs to do as G-d commanded, not making any calculations of what will be the purpose of this. And in this merit of these righteous women, our fathers were liberated from Egypt.

So too today, in every single land, and especially in America, one needs not place any care on the involvement [of the people] of the land, and make calculations what will be the purpose [of this]… One needs to educate the children as G-d had commanded and G-d will worry [and provide] for the children and also the parents. Specifically through this that one does not [take into] account the decrees of Pharaoh, one saves his own children, and one brings also the general Redemption to the entire Jewish People, through our Righteous Moshiach very soon!

Parshas Shemos

When Pharaoh made the sinister decree to drown all the first born males he told the Egyptians, "If the child is a boy kill him but if it's a girl let her live." (2:22)

At first glance, if he was only interested in killing the boys he had no reason to add the part about letting the girls live. Unless……. the girls were ALSO part of the decree!

In fact this is so. Pharaoh saw the boys as a threat to his power (his soothsayers prophesized that a male child born that year would depose him) so he wanted them killed. But, in fact, he also had plans to 'spiritually' kill the Jewish girls and thus totally destroy Judaism.

What he meant by, "Let the girls live" is that the Jewish girls be indoctrinated and 'sunken' into the amoral Egyptian hedonistic lifestyle thus destroying them spiritually.

The fact it was part of the same decree (kill the boys, let the girls live) meant it was equal to, or perhaps even worse than, killing the males. As is known; that spiritual death is worse than physical death.

Today just as back then, there also exists the decree of killing the firstborn by throwing them into the Nile River and making the Jewish girls 'live' as Egyptians.

The Nile was worshiped in Egypt as a god. The simple reason is there rarely, if ever, is rain in Egypt and because their livelihoods depended on the river, they bowed to it. Additionally it is explained in Kaballa and Chassidut that water symbolizes pleasure.

 If so, throwing Jewish children into the Nile meant not only physical death but also spiritual death; drowning their souls in the pleasure oriented culture of Egypt.

Pharaoh is the spirit of 'modern' society and just as the Nile was the source of livelihood so today Jewish parents have an unexplainable urge to drown their children in the god of making money. Even more,  in the Midrash it says that the Egyptians often put the bodies of Jewish children into the walls and bricks of the pyramids. So too today; Jewish parents want their children to be not only 'drowned' in but totally 'part' of modern society.

We should realize that these are all the ideas of Pharaoh to destroy the Jews and Judaism first spiritually and then physically (through intermarriage). And the only solution is to stand firmly and educate our children in the spirit of true Torah and Mitzva observance.

 This means teaching them Torah for the sake of the Torah and not worrying about the future.  

One of the spiritual diseases of our time is worrying about income and comparing ourselves with others; the size house or car, this one has a son that's a doctor, another, a lawyer etc. While the Torah doesn't teach us how to make money, not even to shine shoes!  

But the truth is that such a line of thought is destructive to the Jewish soul and body and is certainly not the message of Judaism to the world. The message of Judaism is that G-d is the creator, the ruler and provider for all His creations and that if we do what G-d wants; teach our children Torah and to speak the words of Torah constantly then we can be certain that G-d will provide for our and our children's needs.

 We must make sure that our children are being taught by enthusiastic teachers who live the Torah and inspire our children also to 'live in them' (Lev. 18:5). This is the only way to save our children and save Judaism.

 But there is a much more positive message here. Just as G-d sent Moses to help the Jews miraculously leave Egypt so we are assured that He will send Moshiach to take us out of our present exile "As the days you left Egypt, I will show you miracles" (Micha 7:15)

The Talmud (Sota 11b) informs us that the redemption from Egypt was in the merit of the righteous women of that generation. Namely that despite the evil decrees to spiritually and physically destroy their children nevertheless they not only had children, they gave them uncompromising, pure Jewish education to follow G-d's Torah and mitzvoth without worry for the future.  

So too today, especially in America, children must be raised and educated according to the will of the Creator without consideration of the world around us today or our income bracket tomorrow. We must be sure that the Creator will surely provide for both us and our familes.  ONLY by not reckoning with these decrees of 'Pharaoh' can we save our children and hasten the redemption of all the Jews (and the entire world). It all depends on us to bring…  Moshiach NOW!  

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