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Par 1) The Flood effected purification in the world like a "Mikvah". Struggles over livlihood (Tirdas HaParnassa) "turbulent waters" (mayim rabim)

Par 4) Two aspects of the Flood: "the springs of the great deep" and the "windows of the heavens". And both of them are "worries over livlihood" (Daagas HaParnassa)

Par 5) Deliverance from the Flood - through "coming into the Ark". Words of Torah and Tefilah

Par 6) "Come into the ark, you and your wife etc" The obligation to influence one's family and educate one's children

Par 10) Two levels of purity (tahara); "before Who you are purified", "Who purifies you". The Teshuva on sins and the Teshuva of "And the soul will return to G-d" (v'ha-ruach tashuv)






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