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Explanation of the viewpoint of R' Yishmael that: "In the beginning, the meat of a non-consecrated
animal was forbidden to them. When they entered the Land, the meat of a non-consecrated
animal was permitted to them" and the viewpoint of R' Akiva: "In the beginning, the meat of Nechirah
animal was permitted to them"  And both of them are brought in Rashi on Torah (Deut. 12:20)

(Chulin 17). Nechirah refers to killing an animal not by Shechitah,
by rather by sticking a knife into its nostrils ("Necherei") and cutting its throat,
all the way down to its chest (RASHI here, DH ve'Hanocher, and to Bava Kama 78b DH ha'Nocher). (
Although Rashi later (85b, DH Nochro) explains that Nechirah involves "strangling" the animal,
it is clear from Rashi's words on the Mishnah (15b, DH she'Hem)
that "strangling" refers to any form of asphyxiation, including the tearing of the animal's trachea.
See also ARUCH (Erech Nachar), and RASHBA in Teshuvos (3:363).)






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