Table of contents:
  • Vol 1.38 - Pesach : Explanation of sections in the Hagadah (Mah Nishtana etc.) Explanation of the order of the Four Questions according to the Chabad custom (10)
  • Vol 3.33 - Chag HaPesach : The section "Hei Lachma Anya", "What does the wise son say" (10)
  • Vol 3.34 - Shevii Shel Pesach : Two aspects in the Splitting of the Red Sea: The completion of the exodus from Egypt and the preparation to Matan Torah (8)
  • Vol 7.06 - Chag HaPesach : Debate why they did not decree not to eat Matzah and Maror etc on Pesach that falls on Shabbat because of the "Gezeira d'Rabba" (6)
  • Vol 12.05 - Chag HaPesach : Complete-"In every generation one is obligated to view himself etc" (Rambam) Explanation of Rambam and the differences to the Altter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch (10)
  • Vol 17.09 - Erev Pesach : Debate in the Halacha of the Fast of the Firstborn (taanit bechorim) on Erev Pesach that falls on Shabbat; Siyum (5)
  • Vol 17.10 - Chag HaPesach 1 : Synopsis/Links-Three names to the holday: "Chag HaMatzot", "The time of our redemption (zman Cheiruseinu)", "Chag HaPesach" (7)
  • Vol 17.11 - Chag HaPesach 2 : Resolving the expressions (diyukim) and questions on many of the sections in the Hagadah of Pesach (14)
  • Vol 22.05 - Yomim Acharonim d'Chag HaPesach : The scrupulous custom of eating "wet matzah" (matzah shruya / Gebrokts) on the last day of Pesach (9)
  • Vol 27.08 - Chag HaPesach : Links-The boundary of the "Fifth cup" according to the opinion of Rambam (8)
  • Vol 32.06 - Erev Pesach : Complete - The wording of the Alter Rebbe in his Siddur before the section "Seder Korban Pesach" and the differences to other commentators (8)
  • Vol 32.07 - Chag HaPesach : Debate between Rambam and Raavad if we dip the Matzah in Charoset (10)
  • Vol 37.03 - Yomim Acharonim d'Chag HaPesach : Complete-Debate in the nature of the "Shehecheyanu" blessing on festivals and the difference to the aspect of Shv'i Shel Pesach (6)